Leighton Meester make

Leighton Meester. Get Leighton's beauty look! Jul 1, 2009 Jim Spellman/WireImage. Whether or not you're going for prep school cool like Blair Waldorf, you'll be inspired by Leighton Meester's ... Leighton Meester is an American actress and singer. The “Gossip Girl” beauty is also known for her modelling career and is popular for her impeccable sense of style and makeup. She is often spotted with no makeup and sets an example to her peers who are caked in tons of powder. Such is the popularity of Leighton’s no makeup look that many ... Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are officially parents of two! The Single Parents actors have welcomed their second child, a baby boy, Brody confirmed on Twitch last week during Hold the Phone TV ... Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester has welcomed a baby boy. While Leighton and her partner Adam Brody ( The O.C) initially kept tight lipped on the news, it was confirmed the actress, 34, had given birth when Adam appeared on Hold The Phone Comedy Twitch show, The Fun Time Boys Game Night Spectacular. Hot photos of Leighton Meester's big ass are going to make you miss a pulse. While we are talking about her performances and the actress as a whole, we now want to guide you through the Leighton Meester bikini photo gallery. The sexiest Leighton Meester bikinis will be featured in this image gallery ... Adam Brody and Leighton Meester Make Rare, Super Cute Public Appearance TV // August 24, 2016 Rumer Willis Spills the Details About Her 'Awful' Gossip Girl Audition

Serena's beauty

2020.09.20 03:31 grandfell Serena's beauty

anyone find it strange that serena seems very beautiful from afar but once the camera is right up her face she looks average.
like a few, I was one of those people that it took a while to figure out Blair was actually prettier than Serena. I think this is also because the show drove the narrative that serena was prettier than blair and blair was jealous about it and insecure. Now, the character serena may be prettier than blair in the gossip girl world but Leighton Meester is prettier than Blake Lively and that could be very derailing to the story.
how would you define serena's beauty? I think Serena is indeed beauty but this is not the first time when the self proclaimed prettiest girl in a teen show does not have the prettier actresses in the show playing her.
and yeah I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this is what makes Blair's beauty more interesting and Serena's quite overrated to fans.
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2020.09.10 04:27 Soft-Future This unpopular opinion is probably more unpopular than Dair...

...but I honestly don't like blair's fashion sense. Leighton Meester is beautiful!!!! but the show just doesn't do a good job at making her look good. Sometimes Serena wears odd clothes but i Think Blake Lively can pull it off idk. But I never understood how everyone was so obsessed with her outfits and all like just no?
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2020.07.28 02:39 beeemkcl Blair/Dan would have likely lasted longer if the show wasn't soon going to cancelled.

What's in this post is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

Dan literally wrote a novel about how awesome Blair is and how awesome she is compared to everyone else in their age group in the Upper East Side. And Dan was becoming increasingly successful and would obviously end up very rich. And Blair was happy with Dan and she enjoyed the sex with Dan. And yet...

And remember how easily Lola Rhodes becomes the new "It girl?" Lola is an actress and Dan was seemingly in love with Olivia Burke. Dan dated Ivy Dickens for a moment.
Lola was given half of CeCe's estate. Dan probably considers Serena better-looking than Lola. But it was odd Dan never pursued Lola unless Dan was actually serious and committed to Dan/Blair.
It's kinda sad that Gossip Girl was cancelled because of low ratings. Nowadays, it would have likely lasted probably several more years. Both Leighton Meester and Penn Badgely liked the BlaiDan storyline and very likely wouldn't have minded it continuing.

Blair was seriously hurting her relationships with Serena and Chuck by dating Dan. Dan was a more important relationship to her than Nate Archibald and Prince Louis. She relatively quickly 'goes back' to Chuck and it doesn't really make much sense.
Dan was seriously hurting his relationships with Serena and Chuck by dating Blair. Blair was a more important relationship to him than Olivia Burke and Vanessa Abrams.

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2020.07.19 00:01 lauradenoves Blake Lively’s acting

So I’ve seen a poll about the worst GG actress here and Blake Lively won it. I did always have a feeling Leighton Meester was the true talent between the two but I also have this thing where I often mistake bad acting for nuances of a characterisation (for instance, when someone is overacting I usually think they chose to simply make their character a bit extra) so I was wondering is there any scene in which you thought Lively failed to drive her point home or that you thought would have been better if she had had more talent/worked harder?
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2020.07.10 17:54 Garlicknottodaysatan Why make Carrie Bishop so central to the plot/mystery of the movie if they couldn't get the same actress?

This is a very minor nitpick in the grand scheme of things, but I don't understand why the writers chose to make Carrie Bishop be the character that was Logan's murdered girlfriend if they weren't able to use the same actress. I understand that they wanted it to be a familiar name from high school so the audience had some connection to them and it didn't feel like they'd just made up a character solely for the movie -- but why choose a character who was played by a recognizable and fairly well-known actress when you can't get that actress back for the movie? Why not just choose a different Neptune High alum to play this role? There was nothing about Carrie Bishop the character that made her particularly perfect for that choice. It just seems like a strange writing choice to me because it took me out of the plot to see this different actor.
Does anyone know the behind-the-scenes about this? Were they originally planning on having Leighton Meester back but had last minute scheduling conflicts and it was too late to change the script? Doesn't seem like it would be completely unfeasible to get her for a day just to shoot a music video and some magazine cover photos.
Did anyone else feel this way?
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2020.05.31 18:01 throwaway46472 Scleral Show Is Not a Falio

Hi Ladies,
Wanted to challenge an assumption I am seeing on this sub about scleral show (whites showing under eyes) being objectively unattractive. While I do think “hooded/feline” eyes are attractive, I think large, round eyes are also quite beautiful. Depending on one’s aesthetic, a few mm of lower scleral show can make one look more attractive by making the eye look more sultry, innocent, or neotenous. There’s a reason most Disney princesses are drawn to have scleral show.
Scleral show often gives a doe-eyed look, which we see in many models. That is why so many women use white eyeliner on bottom eyelids. This phenomena honestly seems to be a product of shifting our beauty standards to a homogenous “instagram girl” aesthetic. Many beauty icons of the past (I.e. Audrey, Marilyn) were admired for their large, doe-like eyes and visible lids.
Let’s celebrate diversity when it comes to eye shapes - all can be beautiful - and avoid propagating narrowly defined standards of beauty. I agree there are some things that are objective unattractive, but this is not one of them.
Some examples below, let me know what you think. This is for a few mm of lower scleral show, as upper is quite uncommon.
1.Mila Kunis Mila Kunis 2
  1. Amanda Seyfreid Amanda Seyfreid 2
  2. Twiggy
  3. Shobitha D
  4. Deepika Padukone
  5. Audrey Hepburn
  6. Marilyn Monroe
  7. Cindy Kimberly
  8. Alexa Demie
  9. Lily Rose Depp
  10. Leighton Meester
  11. Bridgitte Bardot
Edit: I’m posting this as I was driving myself crazy thinking that my round eyes are not attractive, when they actually fit my face very well, and can be played up nicely with eyeshadow and liner. :)
Edit 2: Also edited to no longer say almond eye shapes are Eurocentric. Scleral show can occur with any ethnicity.
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2020.05.19 18:53 Mbvalie The Rachel McAdams Case

Hey guys!
As promised in this comment, I decided to take a deep dive into the endeavor to type Rachel McAdams. I've watched a few videos, looked at her body proportions in a few different weights and analyzed the fit of several outfits. So let's get right into the meat of this. Disclaimer: I try to "type" people by assessing what looks more harmonious/complimentary on their bodies, not necessarily by associating features with a specific type (eg. large eyes = gamine). My point is to not fit people into a box but rather see what bring their essence and beauty out.
Background: Rachel McAdams has long been thought of as a Theatrical Romantic. David Kibbe himself has claimed he does not think she's a TR at all, but other Kibbe Youtubers (who I do realize are "unofficial" sources) have continued to classify her as a TR. Why? Where does this confusion come from? What type is she most likely?
Height and Vertical Line: Rachel is reportedly 5'4" (1.62 m). Her vertical line appears moderate to slightly short. What I mean by this is that it's really easy for her to conceal this by hiding her feet and wearing elongating silhouettes (in a dress, or in dressy pants). Someone with an obviously super short vertical line would have a harder time doing this. However, as soon as you expose the ankles, you can tell she is on the shorter side pretty much immediately, like in this long pink dress and this aqua one. We can also compare her standing next to Ryan Gosling (6'0") to get a feel of how short she actually looks, here. Still, next to more petite actresses, like her Mean Girls co-stars Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert, she does look slightly taller than them. I'd argue both Lacey and Amanda have more obvious shorter vertical lines and Lindsay has a significantly longer one despite only being only one inch taller than Rachel (5'5").
Body Shape: Her body doesn't appear to change drastically at a variety of weights. This is the skinniest she seems to have ever looked in the public eye, and even then, we see a pretty defined waist and cinched figure, with slightly sharper shoulders that don't look particularly broad, nor sloped or rounded. This is the closest I could find to a swimsuit. She's definitely a little softer here, but I think it's in the arms rather than the shoulders, and the waist definition is still there, though not as prominent with more weight. Here we can see her in motion, but unfortunately the arms are hidden by the shirt. Her leg doesn't look extremely long even when she extends it, which contributes to the shorter effect we see above.
So, now for lines. Let's go by exclusion. Because of her waist definition and height I'd start by ruling out some of the more extreme Yang types, like FN or D. We really see that less constructed outfits don't do much in terms of highlighting her figure. This pink dress would be great for long vertical lines like D and also FN to an extent but I don't love it on her, and this emerald one I could see working for Ns, and it looks okay, but it's not a stunner. You can really see her shoulders are not particularly big or prominent in proportion to her body, even when toned, in this last photo. They slope somewhat but I still think they look pretty sharp.
Can we exclude Natural altogether? I'd say she's too short for FN, but let's see more. Is this a dated SN look? Yes. Proportion-wise this one just makes me think of how small she is. This is not incredible either. Rachel wears SN a lot in a street style way (I think not to get recognized) and really goes for more compact waist looks when in front of the camera. In fact, when she wears something a little loser that still has that more cinched element she actually carries it quite well. Still, these looks require an element of work to harmonize with her. It's not effortless. It needs styling. See here, an un-styled "Natural" look just doesn't seem right. I would discard the Natural family for Rachel.
Next, most obvious: Dramatic. The vertical line alone should be enough, so I won't spend a lot of time here. She rarely wears anything pure D. The tan pants and long pink dress that I already linked are the closest, and even then, lady likes her tailoring! (Edit: this also. Gives me a slight David Byrne vibe and I don't love it) This is more of an SD flavor. This is borderline Romantic but has that sharpness of Dramatic. This one also. I think we have a similar effect where we see how tiny she is first and foremost. I'm discarding Dramatic.
A brief intermission in how I decide what "looks good" to me. I assess this on how balanced it is in comparison to the body. If, for example, several lines hide or look awkward in a person's body, exaggerating or hiding features instead of complementing them, we are more likely to notice what is wrong with them. In Rachel's examples, her shortness is exaggerated by the wrong lines (even though 5'4" is borderline petite, spoken from a 5'1" person over here lol).
Moving forward!
Let's look at the classic family. Anyone can wear classic. Because it's "classic," classic won't look bad on anyone, it just won't look memorable as it does on the Classics. Once again, most Classics are balanced and wouldn't have Rachel's shorter vertical line, but let's give it a whirl. DC. Very basic, very classy. You can't go wrong, but you could go better. This one could work, but it just looks a little stiff. Another borderline moment (she really doesn't wear DC to be honest, this last one is really a stretch). But we can see as soon as we add that waist emphasis and feminine detail we get something really nice for her. As far as Soft Classic, I know everyone is thinking peak Notebook era, but I will have you know most of those outfits looked just a little too busy, vibrant and fun for a true Classic. This one, I guess would probably pass and doesn't look bad, but this is more of a True Classic. I know the picture isn't extremely high res, but I don't see this one being a standout. Here is Rachel in your everyday office look. I just think she looks a tad bland and once again her shortness really bleeds through. This is classic-ish but has several elements that make it look like a cute, everyday look for her: tulip skirt, fitted proportions, slight detailing. Here is the classic-est moment of the Notebook. Bad? No. Slightly suffocated? A tad. I'm going to discard Classic on Rachel.
Ah, we're now entering controversial territory: remember, this is just my personal point of view! Not gospel. I am not David Kibbe and I cannot speak for his assessment of her frame, but at this point I should make it clear that I have come to a conclusion and I hope you guys will at least entertain it! Let's go!
We have come to notice we need clothes that accommodate Rachel's short vertical frame and cinched waist the most. She is predominantly Yin and shines when the Yin features are highlighted. An example?
Let's take a look at her in FG, which is our only Yang-heavy type left. There's something to be said about how tall she looks here, but it doesn't really look like her. Her waist seems broader somehow, and we all know she is very narrow there! Here she looks like the skirt works nicely, but the fitted top is, again, giving her a slightly boyish figure. This is as FG the red carpet can get. You see here the problem isn't how short she looks, but that there's a part of her body that is hidden from view. This one has a more feminine bow detail but I just don't like the shape of the dress. She needs waist emphasis. Rachel is not a Flamboyant Gamine.
We're edging closer. Let's take a look at this hotly contented Romantic family and the only other type left, Soft Gamine.
I don't think Rachel is a pure Romantic. Point blank. Again the resolution is terrible, but look at this dress. All the lush and voluptuousness needed to fill out this dress are missing. Something similar happens to my body when I try to do this, and it has nothing to do with bewbs! Compare to Leighton Meester, who doesn't have a particularly generous chest size and I strongly believe to be an R or TR, when she wears a halter top. There's nothing "missing." Her delicacy is strongly accentuated by these drapes, even if she is a little skinnier than your average R (making me lean more more towards TR but this is not a Leighton post). Here is another close up of Rachel in a halter top. What do you see? I see slight sharpness (and note, she is by no means underweight here). Soft, draped Romantic lines swallow her. Another terrible photo, but the same idea, she looks a little separate in Romantic. Rachel is not a Romantic.
I promise this is the last disclaimer I will throw out there: I do believe some people can wear multiple lines if their bodies accommodate them. The next two types do have lines that work for Rachel's body so neither will look terrible... but one is more harmonious. Which one? Well, that's a matter of taste.
So, going by body proportions alone, Rachel, in my humble opinion is an SG. She has sharp and narrow Yang shoulders with a not-so-prominent bust, and a somewhat curvier bottom Yin part. I have a similar body type but my shoulders are more broad, so I am an SG who can do the SN vibe that is lost on Rachel. What she can do is the TR lines, because both of these styles complement the Yin/Yang balance of her body in different ways (again for her it's waist, waist, waist).
I see this dress as the main argument for Rachel being a TR. And I do have to agree, this is one of her best looks, but I think there was some bust emphasis and enhancement going on here because we never get quite the same effect in other outfits. This is another one. Can you spot the difference? People like to point to this as another TR fit, but I honestly think it could work for both types: the animated details are great on Gamines and the waist emphasis really does well in her favor. If anything, someone more obviously voluptuous may end up a little oversexed up in something like this... it doesn't happen here and instead we see her sharpness softened and emphasized, but in a way that complements her body type! I love out-there looks, so I adored this super-long mermaid dress with the birds. The quirky details give her a youthful vibe (yes, even in the Notebook), and because of her sharpness her body handles it well. Geometric detailing, as long as it has waist emphasis and tailored cuts, suits her. But so do the more feminine intricate details she chooses to incorporate. They'll make her look a little more glam and grown up, which is an image she goes for. As long as she doesn't stray too far on one end of the spectrum (overly Yin makes her Yang jump at you), she looks fabulous.
See her here compared to Flamboyant Gamine Penelope who's a little trimmer and straighter and looks cute in these tight dresses but not as great as Rachel. At the end of the day it's about the look she's trying to achieve. When she was younger trying to look older (let's ignore those jeans for a second), TR suited her, but she definitely has the bubbly, sprite energy of SG that handles the yin/yang balance with added sharpness, and see how much younger she looks already (Bonus Miley comparison. See how sharp Miley is and how that dress makes her sharpness jump out).
Welp, this was long but fun. What do you guys think? Do you agree? Do you not? Why? Do you want to see more Case Files? I've been playing around with other celebrities I'd like to analyze in depth. If anything, at least we rounded up some nice looks!
TL;DR: Rachel is most likely SG but can wear TR lines. Doesn't matter because like 99% of the population she wears casual SN, so who cares.
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2020.05.12 19:09 misanthropeint I would never send my kids to Neptune High

If you think about it, the place has the highest tv mortality rate, second probably to Sunnydale. Everybody is always dying left, right, and centre and it kinda makes it less of a believable show. Lily dies, Felix dies, everyone in the bus crash dies, Meg dies, Cassidy dies. Even after they leave, they’re still dropping like flies. Leighton Meester’s character and SK (can’t remember her name) dies I’m pretty sure. Heck even Gia, and that other kid who was in Being Human dies. Oh yeah, and then Logan dies. Seriously, Neptune is cursed. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cuz the writers are running out of ideas and killing everybody out here.
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2020.04.13 18:22 jayden695 I finally finished watching Gossip Girl for the first time. Here's how I'd rank the main characters:

For reference I'm a 26 year old male. I just finished it because I love teen dramas and I've always heard how great of a show G.G was. Here are my characters rankings from favorite to least favorite. TL:DR at the bottom
1) Blair: It’s a testament to how great of an actress Leighton Meester is. By all accounts I should absolutely hate the Blair Waldorf character, but I ended up loving her the most out of all the characters due to Leighton's performance. Blair is iconic, fashionable, witty, determined, insecure, afraid, but she knows what she wants and isn’t gonna let anybody get in her way. One of my favorite television characters of all time
2) Nate: He’s the least problematic character on the show(next to Dorota) which makes him one of the best IMO. Some might call him boring and stupid, and honestly, yeah I can't argue with any of that. I'm also not a fan of him humping his way through the U.E.S because that gets old and repetitive after season 3. Still, he’s a pretty good dude and he treats his friends much better than his friend treat him
3) Dan: Season one Dan Humphrey was probably my favorite character on the show but it seemed like the bigger his hair got the bigger his ego got. By the time season 6 starts, the lonely boy who was so easy to like and humble in season 1 is completely unrecognizable in favor of an egotistical weirdo. That being said, I did enjoy the Dair storylines a lot. They made a great couple.
4) Chuck: Chuck bass is a lot of things, drug abuser, alcoholic, narcissist etc. but he’s never boring and that makes for great television. I mean who really wants to watch a show about a well-adjusted billionaire living an every day life. I will say that season 3 Chuck is best version of Chuck by far. I appreciated a more mature Chuck
5) Rufus: I actually don’t have a lot to say about Rufus good or bad he’s just kind of there most of the time. Sleeping with Ivy was fucking dumb and creepy and that image of them in bed is scared into my brain. But, I did like him in seasons 1-4
6) Eric: Eric had the potential to be a great character in the show. I don’t know if it’s the writers or if the actor himself wanted out but his storylines got progressively worse as the show went on.
7) Lily: If sending your own daughter to jail wasn’t bad enough you also had her committed against her will, put an innocent man in jail, went back to a guy who’s clearly evil and who FAKED HIS OWN DEATH!!. In any of the show she would probably be last on my list but since this is the U.E.S...
8) Jenny: It was toss up between Serena and Jenny for this spot and I ended up choosing Jenny mostly because I did sympathize with her a little bit. I can’t defend teaming up with Juliet and Vanessa, or some of the other terrible things that she's done, but Jenny was a victim of the system and not a product of it. If Dan was the absolute best case scenario of what happens when an outsider tries to join the Upper East Side, Jenny was the worst case scenario. U.E.S chewed her up and spit her out. She didn’t deserve that
9) Serena: Where to even begin with Serena. If there is a more selfish character on the show then I have yet to meet them. Sabotaging your cousin because you’re not the IT girl for like a day, really?! Then there's the desperately needing validation from married and much older men, because she's the walking posting child for daddy issues which happens in every season. Also, to top it all off, sleeping with two of her "supposed" BFF boyfriends in a span of what 5 years because she couldn't stand to see her in a happy and healthy relationship for once makes her a terrible fucking person.
10) Vanessa: oh Vanessa oh Vanessa. Not since Julie Taylor on Friday night lights have a hated a fictional character more. I really wanted to like Vanessa at first, I did, but the more the show went on, the more I was able to see that the artsy, fartsy, hipster Brooklyn girl facade that she built up was all a lie and that deep down she was just an evil, manipulative, and controlling as the other upper east siders. The only difference is they had money and power and she was irrelevant
TLDR: Blair Waldorf is amazing, DAIR>>>CHAIR, all the blondes on this show are terrible people, Vanessa literally makes me wanna puke
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2019.12.31 17:02 jamesthegill Top 100

As I threatened yesterday, I'm posting my top 100 songs of the 2010s.
Pretty early on I made myself a limit of one song per artist, and then promptly found a loophole to that. An artist can only feature once under a particular name, but can appear again if the group name changes, if they have a "featuring on" credit on a song, if they have a solo release as well as one under a band name, and any other excuse I can think of.
/100. Garfunkel and Oates - The Loophole 99. Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up 98. Now Now - Oh. Hi. 97. Cherri Bomb - Shake The Ground 96. Florence + the Machine - Shake It Out 95. Melissa Benoist - Super Friend 94. Bon Jovi - Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning 93. Selena Gomez & The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song 92. Iggy Azalea - Fancy 91. Machine Gun Kelly ft Camila Cabello - Bad Things 90. Poppy - I'm Poppy 89. Nina Nesbitt - Chewing Gum 88. Miley Cyrus - Younger Now 87. Jenny And Johnny - Big Wave 86. Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer 85. Garbage - Automatic Systematic Habit 84. Against The Current - Another You Another Me 83. VersaEmerge - Fixed At Zero 82. The Subways - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 81. Charli XCX - Break The Rules 80. Billie Eilish - Bad Guy 79. JJAMZ - Never Enough 78. Bebe Rexha - Last Hurrah 77. Rebecca Black - Friday 76. Astrid S - Emotion 75. Rita Ora - For You 74. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes - Home 73. Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 72. Britney Spears - Clumsy 71. PVRIS - My House 70. Leighton Meester - Summer Girl 69. Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed 68. Glee Cast - Wrecking Ball 67. Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence 66. My Chemical Romance - Sing 65. Marmozets - Why Do You Hate Me 64. Rihanna - California King Bed 63. 78Violet - Belong Here 62. MNEK - Colour 61. Angele - Balance Ton Quoi 60. Mo - Final Song 59. Rilo Kiley - Let Me Back In 58. Troye Sivan - Dance To This 57. Iron Maiden - Empire of the Clouds 56. Gabrielle Aplin - Miss You 55. Rolo Tomassi - Cosmology 54. Sainte - Technicolor 53. Marina & the Diamonds - Bubblegum Bitch 52. We Are The In Crowd - Attention 51. Timbaland ft. Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again 50. Meg Myers - Sorry 49. Mean Girls - Apex Predator 48. Kylie - All The Lovers 47. The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die 46. Halsey - Nightmare 45. Anavae - Forever Dancing 44. Foxes - Let Go For Tonight 43. CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue 42. Aly & AJ - Church 41. Zedd ft. Foxes - Clarity 40. Rammstein - Deutschland 39. Kid - Boy (reprise) 38. The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE 37. Kesha - Praying 36. Nick Jonas - Close 35. Pale Waves - Red 34. Dagny - Love You Like That 33. Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart 32. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - You Stupid Bitch 31. Sia - Chandelier 30. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream 29. Little Mix - Shout Out To My Ex 28. Paramore - Renegade 27. Shawn Mendes ft. Camila Cabello - Senorita 26. Jonas Brothers - Sucker 25. Kacey Musgraves - High Horse 24. Fifth Harmony - That's My Girl 23. Jenny Lewis - Just One Of The Guys 22. Echosmith - Cool Kids 21. Bruce Springsteen - American Skin (41 Shots) 20. Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson - Symphony 19. Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth - See You Again 18. The Killers - Just Another Girl 17. Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks 16. Dua Lipa - Be The One 15. Tove Lo - Talking Body 14. Selena Gomez - Back To You 13. Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times 12. Zara Larsson - All The Time 11. Sigrid - Plot Twist 10. Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch 9. Ariana Grande - One Last Time 8. Hailee Steinfeld - Capital Letters 7. Lucy Rose - Bikes 6. Camila Cabello - Havana 5. Lorde - Green Light 4. Lena - Satellite 3. Robyn - Dancing On My Own/Call Your Girlfriend 2. Taylor Swift - All Too Well 1. Bella Thorne - Bitch, I'm Bella Thorne
Just kidding.
  1. Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away With Me
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2019.07.16 06:00 ClementineWillySocks Help - Looking for advice on suit fit and if tailoring would make this suit acceptable

I'm looking for a suit to wear to weddings (as a guest) and other formal events. I'm asking for help here because men's fashion subs tend to be my go tos for fashion advice, I dress fairly masculine and most of the subs geared toward women wearing masculine clothes are pretty dead. I've had good luck finding men's pants, athletic cuts with tapering tend to fit my waist and hips without being too baggy through the legs. I've had more trouble finding men's tops that fit, as my hips and chest are too wide for slim fits but my shoulders and waist are still small. I've had the best luck here with Bonobos button up shirts in size small-tailored-short, though the waist is still somewhat baggy.
I ordered the Spier & Mackay Navy Tropical suit in a size 36 contemporary, as it seemed to match my shoulder, hip, and pant measurements better than the other options. I can return the suit with free shipping if I need to. I really like the fabric, and the pants fit very well. I'm looking for tailoring advice - would it be worth it to pay for tailoring on this suit, and are my thoughts on what needs to be tailored doable? What would I expect to pay for tailoring this suit?
Here are the pictures of the suit.
My thoughts on what needs to be tailored:
Jacket needs:
My concerns:
Is this suit worth tailoring?
Edit: I apologize for not making this clear in the original post, but I am a woman. For a general idea of my style, think the basic bastard wardrobe on a woman who wears makeup and has shoulder length big curly hair. In this list Leighton Meester or Shailene Woodley are the closest to the look I'm going for. The rest of the suits have overtly feminine features such as ruffles, skin tight tailoring, etc or they are more fashion forward than what I'm looking for.
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2019.06.22 15:56 crazykatniss A few thoughts about GG as someone who was a teenager back in 2007

Gossip Girl’s whole shtick was to be the shocking, hardcore teen show, about teens doing risky things without their parents permission.
Now when people watch it you can see they went too far in many places because we changed a lot as a society, especially during these last couple of years.
Things like slut shaming, attempted rape, sexual harassment, abuse and parental neglect were not treated properly, partly because of bad writing, partly because of the writers’ need to shock the audience, partly because we, as a society, didn’t look at a tv show and those issues in the same way.
I actually remember teenagers at the time complaining it was way too tame!
A great example of this is Chuck.
Chuck was supposed to be the villain and a secondary character. A rich playboy sleeping with tons of girls and treating them like garbage is cliché and tame, so you have attempted rape, because this is the risky, hardcore teen show. You have to go the extra mile and stand out from the rest of the teen shows, without cursing and showing nudity.
But then GG writers began telling the story according to what the majority audience liked and a few episodes later it was decided that Chuck would be an anti-hero kind of romantic lead.
This change wouldn’t be possible nowadays without immediate backlash and you wouldn’t even have the attempted rape subplot in the first place, because you’d need good writers to handle it properly, since this is a sensitive subject that could give you bad advertising and kill your show. Not worth the risk.
It seems to me that the writers didn’t care as much about the characters’ natural evolution but rather changed the characters to fit the plot they had in mind, in order to get good ratings and those shocking “omfg” moments that were great for promotional teasers.
I think it could have been a lot better written and more consistent but it’s also clear that is very dated for our 2019 minds.
I see a lot of new viewers complaining about GG, but I see it as a time capsule of ourselves, the audience. And of myself, their target audience back in the day, when it felt actually different and kind of exciting compared to other teen series.
I thought GG was bad back in the day but I’ve watched the first two seasons as a guilty pleasure.
Season 3 was too boring for me, I like the first part of Season 4 and I don’t care about the rest. The writing went from guilty pleasure bad to ridiculous bad.
Bart was alive but then dies falling off a building with some creepy music? Seriously? Blair loses a baby in a car accident and makes a pact with god? Is this a soap opera or a teen show? I can’t even.
I guess when your whole shtick is to be shocking and your teen characters grow into adults doing things that are no longer shocking at all, you need to go down the soap opera route to keep it interesting.
It would’ve been great to cast actors a bit younger and have 4 seasons of GG following the characters through high school. We could see wild Serena sleeping with Nate but not going away.
ETA - I remember some controversy when they were filming the pilot, because of 14 year old Taylor Momsen (Jenny) and her subplot with 20 year old Ed Westwick (Chuck). Leighton Meester’s (Blair) alleged sex tape (with some pictures leaked) were also talked about a lot very early on.
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2019.02.02 06:00 ExtraEater Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Songs of 2009

Ten years.
It's been ten years since Barack Obama was first inaugurated, ten years since the death of Michael Jackson, ten years since the premiere of Glee and RuPaul's Drag Race, and other iconic events from the 2000s now stand as even older than ten years. As we approach the end of the 2010s, it's a good time to reflect on good ol' 2009, which I'm sure many can hardly believe was ten years ago. Did we mention that?
For your hosts, we have simultaneously gay and straight icon ImADudeDuh and me, the guy who made this. This month, we're rating the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Songs of 2009, a year which was likely a part of many popheads' childhoods, unless you're like 15 in which case don't stay up too late for this rate, or you might miss your bedtime! This rate is a successor to the amazing Billboard 2012 rate hosted by the lovely Nerdy_boy_chris just two years ago (and check out those mostly correct results). I hope you all have as muc fun doing this rate and getting wistful and nostalgic as we did doing the 2012 rate!

Pop Music's #TenYearChallenge

The throwback trend that is the #TenYearChallenge has served as a convenient way to remember 2009. Observe how careers such as that of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kanye West, and Katy Perry have changed for better or for much worse since then. To honor this very well-timed trend, your lovely host ImADudeDuh made a video commemorating how much some of our favorite pop stars have changed since the late 2000s, featuring artists and songs from this very rate!

Watch it here.


  • Listen to each song and assign each one a score between 1 and 10. Decimals are fine, but it can only be to 1 decimal place (7.5 is fine, 7.2 is fine, 7.58 is not).
  • You may give ONE song a 0 and ONE song an 11. Please reserve these ratings for your least favorite and most favorite tracks, respectively. You may not give your 0 or 11 to the bonus track.
  • You must listen to and score EVERY song in the main rate. Check to make sure you've scored everything.
  • Your scores and comments should NOT be considered confidential.
  • You can change your scores at any time! Feel free to PM ImADudeDuh or myself about it.
  • Please use the prepared link below to send in your scores. You must use the correct format. The link directly messages me.
  • If you want to attach a comment to a specific song (which is encouraged!) write it right after your score. Make sure nothing is separating your score and your comment except for a space!
This is the ONE AND ONLY correct format:
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: 9 outsold fifth harmony
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: 9: outsold fifth harmony
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: outsold fifth harmony. 9
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: I'm giving this a 9. outsold fifth harmony
Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down: 9-outsold fifth harmony

Here is the link to send in scores

If the link doesn't work, use this pastebin, go to RAW Paste Data, enter your scores, and PM it to me

The Songs

Playlists: Spotify / YouTube / Apple Music
  1. Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
  2. Lady Gaga - Poker Face
  3. Lady Gaga feat. Colby O'Donis - Just Dance
  4. Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
  5. Taylor Swift - Love Story
  6. Flo Rida - Right Round
  7. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
  8. Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  9. Kanye West - Heartless
  10. All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell
  11. Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me
  12. T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake - Dead And Gone
  13. Fray - You Found Me
  14. Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
  15. Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo - Knock You Down
  16. Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain - Blame It
  17. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
  18. T.I. feat. Rihanna - Live Your Life
  19. Soulja Boy Tell 'em feat. Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
  20. Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne - Down
  21. Miley Cyrus - The Climb
  22. Drake - Best I Ever Had
  23. Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
  24. Beyonce - Halo
  25. Katy Perry - Hot n Cold
  26. Shinedown - Second Chance
  27. Britney Spears - Circus
  28. Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite
  29. Miley Cyrus - Party in the U.S.A.
  30. 3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me
  31. Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West - Run This Town
  32. Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock
  33. Sean Kingston - Fire Burning
  34. Jason DeRulo - Whatcha Say
  35. Lady Gaga - Lovegame
  36. Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
  37. Jeremih - Birthday Sex
  38. Pink - Sober
  39. Britney Spears - Womanizer
  40. T.I. - Whatever You Like
  41. Mariah Carey - Obsessed
  42. Ne-Yo - Mad
  43. Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester - Good Girls Go Bad
  44. Kanye West - Love Lockdown
  45. Pink - So What
  46. Pitbull - Hotel Room Service
  47. Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent - Crack A Bottle
  48. Beyonce - If I Were A Boy
  49. Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne - Turning Me On
  50. Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part
  51. Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody
  52. Pink - Please Don't Leave Me
  53. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
  54. Akon feat. Colby O'Donis and Kardinal Offishall - Beautiful
  55. Coldplay - Viva la Vida
  56. Akon - Right Now (Na Na Na)
  57. Jordin Sparks - Battlefield
  58. Flo Rida feat. Wynter - Sugar
  59. Ne-Yo - Miss Independent
  60. Owl City - Fireflies
  61. Linkin Park - New Divide
  62. Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind
  63. Daughtry - No Surprise
  64. Shakira - She Wolf
  65. Mario feat. Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett - Break Up
  66. Beyonce - Sweet Dreams
  67. Young Money - Every Girl
  68. Colbie Caillat - Fallin' For You
  69. Veronicas - Untouched
  70. Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day
  71. Fabolous feat. The-Dream - Throw It In The Bag
  72. Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk
  73. Asher Roth - I Love College
  74. Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy
  75. Jason Aldean - Big Green Tractor
  76. Taylor Swift - White Horse
  77. Rihanna - Disturbia
  78. Green Day - 21 Guns
  79. Soulja Boy Tell'em - Turn My Swag On
  80. The-Dream - Rockin' That Thang
  81. Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried
  82. Beyonce - Diva
  83. Iyaz - Replay
  84. Brad Paisley - Then
  85. Rob Thomas - Her Diamonds
  86. Jesse McCartney feat. Ludacris - How Do You Sleep?
  87. Britney Spears - 3
  88. Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem - Forever
  89. Justin Bieber - One Time
  90. Lady Antebellum - I Run To You
  91. Kelly Clarkson - I Do Not Hook Up
  92. John Legend feat. Andre 3000 - Green Light
  93. Billy Currington - People Are Crazy
  94. Zac Brown Band - Whatever It Is
  95. Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
  96. Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye
  97. Michael Franti and Spearhead feat. Cherine Anderson - Say Hey (I Love You)
  98. Jim Jones and Ron Browz feat. Juelz Santana - Pop Champagne
  99. Maxwell - Pretty Wings
  100. The Fray - Never Say Never

Bonus Rate: DJ Earworm 2009

Just as iconic as the Year-End's Top 25 itself is the DJ Earworm mashup of its Top 25 songs, which is why we're honoring it by featuring it as the only bonus track in this rate. It's already a 100-song rate, after all, so we might as well keep bonus tracks to a minimum. We're curious to see its collective average score.
  1. DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It On the Pop)
And remember, you may not give this bonus song your 0 or your 11.


  • If you have any questions, please feel free to PM ImADudeDuh or me!
  • The due date for this rate is March 2. We'll be lenient with extensions, but you must PM ImADudeDuh or myself about it at least one day before the due date so that we know. Be sure to provide to what date/time you want the extension to last. It's a relatively short month and a 100-song rate, so we understand.
  • This rate is about six hours long.
  • Can we take a moment to discuss how impractical these headphones are?
  • Once again, here's the playlists:
  • [EDIT] If the links do not work (some have reported it not working, some have been able to send scores), use this pastebin to copy the Raw Paste Data, enter your scores, and PM it to me.
  • And here's another link to Dude's #TenYearChallenge video. (To anyone who just skipped to the message link, watch this)

Once again, here's the link to send in scores

If the link doesn't work, use this pastebin, go to RAW Paste Data, enter your scores, and PM it to me

Have fun getting nostalgic!
Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record, babe, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, gonna be okay, d-d-d-dance
Dance, dance, Just, j-j-just dance
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2018.08.20 00:57 08830 Making History

I’m finally watching Making History. This show is hilarious. A perfect vehicle for Adam Pally’s delivery. And Leighton Meester has never been better. It’s a shame it didn’t do well in the ratings causing Fox to cancel it.
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2018.08.07 23:00 autobuzzfeedbot 42 Facts About Celebrity Couples That'll Make You Believe In Love

  1. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen fell in love on a vacation to Lake Como in 2007. During the trip, a tour guide took them to a spot on the lake and told them to make a wish. Chrissy asked for John to be the man she marry and have children with. Six years later, they returned to the same spot for their wedding.
  2. Despite it becoming one of the most successful love songs of all time, "All of Me" was actually written by John Legend as a gift to Chrissy a month before their wedding. And, despite being known for her ~snarkiness,~ Chrissy cried when she heard it.
  3. David Beckham knew Victoria was his soulmate before he'd even met her. After seeing the Spice Girls' video for "Say You'll Be There," he pointed to Victoria and told his friend: "That girl there? That's the girl I'm going to marry."
  4. When they finally did meet in the Manchester United player's lounge, David plucked up the courage to ask for Victoria's number. She wrote it down on a London to Manchester plane ticket, and he's kept it to this day.
  5. Ryan Reynolds realised Blake Lively was ~The One~ while they were dancing together in a deserted restaurant.
  6. For Blake, it was the realisation that Ryan is her best friend — the first person she's ever been with who she "likes" as well as loves.
  7. But after Blake gave birth to their first baby, Ryan reached new levels of love for her. Speaking in 2015, he said: “I’m not one for declarations of sentiment across the airwaves, but when we had that baby, I fell more in love with my wife than I’d ever been in my entire life. I couldn’t believe it.”
  8. Blake and Ryan also show their love through the gifts they give each other. Blake once gave Ryan a book of short stories written by loved ones. And he once gifted her a video compilation of all the people who have had an impact on her life.
  9. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi met backstage at an awards show, and for Portia it was love at first sight. “She took my breath away,” she later recalled. “That had never happened to me in my entire life, where I saw somebody and experienced all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry.”
  10. When same-sex marriage was legalised four years after they began dating, the pair tied the knot. On their wedding day, Ellen described Portia as: "My anchor, my safety. I'm going to be with her until the day I die."
  11. In fact, Ellen still can't believe how lucky she is to have found Portia. Speaking shortly after they married in 2008, she said: "Sometimes I'll lie in bed at night before I go to sleep, and I just say thank you to whatever, whoever, is out there."
  12. And Portia showed the extent of her love for Ellen when, on her 60th birthday, she acknowledged her wife's dedication to wildlife and set up a campus in her name which would work to save gorillas in Rwanda.
  13. Adam Brody and Leighton Meester might be the '00s TV show pairing of dreams, but they're notoriously private. However, during a Reddit Q&A in 2015, Adam was asked: "How much do you love Leighton?" He answered: "Infinity."
  14. Justin Timberlake frequently finds himself gazing at Jessica Biel and thinking that marrying her was the best decision he'll ever make.
  15. Mila Kunis' first ever kiss was with her now husband, Ashton Kutcher, on That '70s Show. At the time, the pair were just friends and not romantically involved. 17 years later, however, Mila revealed there was something there from the start.
  16. But Mila and Ashton began their relationship as ~friends with benefits.~ Several months into the arrangement, however, Mila realised she was developing feelings for him and so called the whole thing off.
  17. The next day Ashton turned up at Mila's house at eight in the morning, and told her: "Let's move in together." At first, Mila protested that he wasn't ready for such commitment so soon after divorce but then he laid down his trump card and said: "I'm not going to lose you."
  18. Will and Jada Smith prefer the term "life partner" to "husband" or "wife," because they've reached a point where there are no deal breakers in their relationship.
  19. What's more, they even designed their house with a circular floor plan to symbolise their never ending love.
  20. And, this year, they'll have been together for more than half their lives.
  21. Neil Patrick Harris met David Burtka on the street in New York when he bumped into a friend who was hanging out with David. Neil described him as a “brooding James Dean type,” and admired him from afar for years until the relationship ended and the “stars aligned.”
  22. Two years into their relationship, the pair were on their way to an event in New York. David stopped the car and led Neil out onto the street. There, he got down on one knee and proposed. At first, Neil was confused. But then the penny dropped — they were in the exact same spot as when they first met.
  23. These days, the pair talk on the phone "at least eight times a day" and text "25 times a day."
  24. Michelle Obama once said that the key to her marriage lasting was being in a "true partnership" with Barack, in which they both respected each other equally.
  25. And he said that he'd come to learn how to be "thoughtful," and "introspective" so that every aspect of their relationship was equal.
  26. But ultimately for Barack, his love for Michelle can be summed up succinctly: "She is my rock. And I count on her in so many ways, every single day."
  27. Ricky Martin and his husband Jwan Yosef both had exactly the same thought when they first met each other: “I’m marrying this guy.”
  28. Meryl Streep and Don Gummer first met in 1978 after her partner, John Cazale, died of bone cancer. She was invited to move into the empty apartment of her brother’s friend Don, who was away travelling. When he returned, she ended up staying and then getting married. Four children and 40 years of marriage later, the pair are more in love than ever.
  29. Oprah Winfrey and her partner Stedman Graham have been together for 32 years, and the talk show host maintains their relationship has lasted because he supports her rather than being intimidated by her.
  30. When she has to spend time away from Stedman for work, Oprah keeps an iPad filled with things he says to her for motivation.
  31. And her pet name for him is "Honey Graham."
  32. If it weren't for Orange is the New Black, Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli may never have got together.
  33. When Samira found out that Lauren was married, it was "like a little dagger in my heart," but she vowed to keep their relationship platonic out of a desire to "do the right thing."
  34. After telling her husband how she felt, Lauren spent a year trying to mend her marriage and going through couples' therapy. She had few other gay female friends, and so confided in Samira, and in doing so, fell in love.
  35. Once her marriage had officially ended, Lauren invited Samira to her new home. There, she gave her a ring which Samira now wears around her neck, and a card that said: "Will you be my girlfriend?" Three years later, they tied the knot.
  36. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell may have been together for 35 years, but they've never felt the need to walk down the aisle. Instead, Goldie says a successful, lasting relationship isn't about marriage but "compatibility and communication. You both need to want it to work."
  37. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard make no secret of the fact that marriage is hard work — but she likens the emotional labour to building a toolbox.
  38. But that's not to say they're not fans of the odd romantic gesture.
  39. John Krasinski was such a huge fan of Emily Blunt before they'd even met, that he'd watched The Devil Wears Prada over 75 times.
  40. And the feeling clearly came to be mutual when they did meet. According to Emily, she fell in love with "disarmingly fast" the moment she first saw him in a restaurant. Within 10 months they were engaged.
  41. Emily has credited much of her success to John's fervent belief in and support of her, which makes her feel "invincible."
  42. And, finally, John recently revealed that the "best days" of his life only started when he met Emily.
Link to article
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2018.07.28 01:00 autobuzzfeedbot 37 Celebrity Facts That'll Change Your World View

  1. Google Images was created after Jennifer Lopez wore that infamous dress at the 2000 Grammys.
  2. And YouTube would never exist if it weren't for Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl.
  3. Leighton Meester was born in jail.
  4. Ellen DeGeneres is distantly related to Kate Middleton.
  5. Martin Luther King Jr and Anne Frank would be the same age as Barbara Walters if they were still alive today.
  6. Before their huge falling out, Katy Perry used to carry a lock of Taylor Swift’s hair around in her bag.
  7. Khloé Kardashian suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2001 after a car accident in which she went through the windscreen. She still suffers long-term memory loss as a result.
  8. Justin Timberlake’s mom became Ryan Gosling’s legal guardian when they were 12.
  9. Woody Harrelson's father, Charles Harrelson, was a hitman who was charged with multiple murders.
  10. Bryan Cranston was once a suspect in a murder investigation.
  11. Steve Buscemi was a firefighter with the FDNY as a teenager and returned to help with the aftermath of 9/11.
  12. Leonardo DiCaprio's first name was decided when his mother was pregnant, looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting in a gallery in Florence, and he kicked for the first time.
  13. Ryan Gosling was almost in the Backstreet Boys.
  14. Beyoncé cried backstage after Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs in 2009.
  15. And Taylor Swift has a framed photograph of the incident in her Nashville home, with a handwritten caption reading: “Life is full of little interruptions.”
  16. The link between the Kardashians and OJ Simpson is well known but in a weird twist of fate, Kim Kardashian made her TV debut on the same day he carried out an armed robbery which led to a 33 year prison sentence.
  17. And Kendall Jenner's middle name is Nicole, after Nicole Brown Simpson – who, until her murder, was Kris Jenner's best friend.
  18. Benedict Cumberbatch was abducted by six men with guns while filming a show in South Africa in 2005.
  19. Nicolas Cage’s actual name is Nicolas Kim Coppola. He chose his stage name based on his favourite comic book character, Luke Cage.
  20. Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Hillary Clinton have all won more Grammys than Katy Perry.
  21. Whitney Houston produced The Princess Diaries.
  22. Kim Kardashian was just two months away from giving birth to North West when her divorce from Kris Humphries was granted. Had it not been finalised by the time she gave birth, Kris would have been the presumed legal father, and Kanye West wouldn’t have been able to issue a voluntary declaration of paternity either.
  23. Beyoncé was the first choice to play Tiana in The Princess and the Frog, but she lost the role because she refused to audition.
  24. Ariana Grande always wears her hair in a ponytail because it's permanently damaged from the years of dyeing required for her roles on Nickelodeon.
  25. Emily Blunt had a stutter in childhood so debilitating that she couldn’t hold any conversation. It was only cured by acting.
  26. Kesha once broke into Prince's house to plant her demo tape in the hopes of cracking the music industry.
  27. Rebel Wilson became an actor after contracting malaria and hallucinating that she’d won an Oscar.
  28. Megan Mullally was fired from a role in Finding Nemo because she refused to use the high-pitched voice she used for her Will and Grace character, Karen Walker.
  29. Sarah Jessica Parker was the only one of the four main characters in Sex and the City not to get naked during the show, because she had a no-nudity clause in her contract.
  30. Ellen DeGeneres was offered the role of Phoebe in Friends, but she turned it down.
  31. Harry Styles very nearly didn’t make his X Factor audition because he was hospitalised after coughing up blood.
  32. Emma Stone attributes her trademark husky voice to having colic as a baby.
  33. Oh, and she's also a natural blonde.
  34. Taylor Swift is the the first and only artist in history to win both Best Pop Album and Best Country Album at the Grammys.
  35. Mark Wahlberg and Seth McFarlane were supposed to be on the aeroplane which hit the North Tower on 9/11.
  36. Prior to his death, Robin Williams had a stipulation in his contract that for any movie or event he did, the company hiring him also hire a certain number of homeless people and put them in work.
  37. And, finally, Michael Jackson approached J K Rowling to turn the Harry Potter books into a musical. She turned him down because she didn’t think it’d be successful.
Link to article
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2018.04.12 14:51 WinonaPortman Young Adult Pilot Bookings 2018

Last year, I compiled a list of the actors in their 20s who booked leads and series regulars during pilot season and grouped them into the most common educational and training paths based on what I could find of their backgrounds. I did the same this year except that I raised the age range to roughly 23-33 to give those who started later more time to catch up while also allowing some of the former child stars who never got serious about their craft to fade from the scene like they so often do. The difference in results has been surprising.
While the percentage of those who studied Theatre/Acting in college or drama school retained its dominance in comparison to the other training paths, that of the former child stars dropped much more significantly than I would have predicted with most of their slack being taken up by those who studied diverse subjects in college and got their primary training in private acting studios. In the meantime, the percentage of those who trained collegiately at the graduate level not only did not increase as I would have predicted, but showed a significant decline. Some of that can undoubtedly be attributed to year-to-year variation, but the difference is interesting nonetheless.
I also kept close track of diversity in casting since that has been such a big topic of late and will offer that information in a separate post. Moreover, as for nationality, while 26.6% of bookings were by foreign nationals, it seems that for at least this year, the oft-discussed "British Invasion" has been repelled with only 11 Brits having booked although the Canadians made a strong showing with 22.
Like I said last year, this is in no way intended to discourage anyone of any starting age, background, or financial means; but, should rather serve as a reference for the inexperienced kids who come on to ask questions about the different training paths.
186 Actors - 138 American
67 Undergraduate Acting - 56 American
5 Graduate Acting - 4 American
13 Non-degree conservatories - 9 American
36 Majored in something other than Acting - 29 American
23 Began with high school education or foreign equivalent - 13 American
41 Former Child Stars/Began Careers as Minors - 26 American
1 Unknown Education, Training Background, or Starting Age - 1 American
67 Undergraduate Theatre/Drama/Acting - 56 American
Justina Adorno - Series regular - Grand Hotel - South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities and BFA Coastal Carolina University. Improv at UCB.
Ben Aldridge - Lead - Skinny Dip - Brit. National Youth Theatre and BA LAMDA.
Emily Althaus - Series regular - Salvage - DuPont Manual Youth Performing Arts High School and BFA Western Kentucky University.
Annaleigh Ashford - Lead - Three Rivers - Kit Andre Performing Arts Center in Denver and finished a BA in Theatre from Marymount Manhattan College in three years.
Raffi Barsoumian - Series regular - The Code - BFA Carnegie Mellon University. Has also studied at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris, Globe Theatre International in London, and the Moscow Art Theater School.
Jon Bass - Series regular - Miracle Workers - BFA Boston University and improv at UCB.
Beth Behrs - Lead - Our People - ACT's Young Conservatory and BA UCLA.
Kimia Behpoornia - Series regular - Abby's - BA UCLA. Improv at UCB, The Groundlings, Second City, and about every other place in LA.
D.J. Blickenstaff - Series regular - #Fashionvictim - Harker School Conservatory and BFA USC.
Andrew Keenan-Bolger - Series regular - Three Rivers - BFA Musical Theatre, University of Michigan.
Briana Buckmaster - Lead - Wayward Sisters - Canadian. Degree in Theatre Arts from Grant MacEwan University.
Sebastian Chacon - Series regular - Crash and Burn - BFA NYU/Tisch and Peoples Improv Theatre.
Thomas Cocquerel - Lead - Get Christie Love reboot - Aussie. BA NIDA.
Justin Cornwell - Series regular - One Day She'll Darken - BS Theatre Arts, University of Louisville. Post-graduate studies at ATC in Chicago and coaching with Ryan Kitley and Janelle Snow.
Laura Dale - Series regular - #Fashionvictim - Brit. BA Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.
Kimrie Lewis - Series regular - Single Parents - BFA NYU/Tisch.
Ryan Eggold - Lead - NBC Medical Drama - BFA USC.
Daniel Ezra - Lead - CW April BlaiSpencer Paysinger Drama - Brit. BA East 15 Acting School.
Willa Fitzgerald - Lead - #Fashionvictim - Cherubs at Northwestern and BA Theatre Studies, Yale University with theatre internships at The Wooster Group and The Builders Association.
Nelson Franklin - Lead - Abby's - BFA NYU/Tisch.
Caleb Foote - Series regular - ABC untitled single-camera comedy - BFA University of Michigan.
Tati Gabrielle - Series regular - Sabrina - Oakland School for the Arts and BA Drama and French, Spelman College. Has also studied with Yonda Davis in LA.
Brandon Micheal Hall - Lead - God Friended Me - South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities and BFA Juilliard.
Tre Hall - Series regular - Misfits - BFA USC.
Jee Young Han - Series regular - The Mission - Theatre degree from The New School via transfer credits from AMDA.
Ian Harding - Series regular - FBI drama - BFA Carnegie Mellon University. Has also studied with Billy O'Leary.
Tom Hopper - Lead - The Umbrella Academy - Brit. BA Rose Bruford College.
Brianne Howey - Series regular - The Passage - BFA NYU/Tisch. Has also studied with Lesly Kahn.
Max Jenkins - Series regular - Most Likely To - BFA NYU/Tisch.
Bernard David Jones - Lead - Our People - Paper Mill Conservatory and BA Morehouse College.
Jordan L. Jones - Lead - Rel - BFA USC.
Nicole Kang - Series regular - You - Summer Intensives at The Performing Arts Project and BFA NYU/Tisch. Has also studied with Lyle Kessler.
Elizabeth Lail - Lead - You - BFA University of North Carolina School of the Arts.
Ashleigh LaThrop - Lead - Misfits - BFA University of Illinois and continued study at Steppenwolf in Chicago.
Allie MacDonald - Series regular - Misfits - Canadian. Studied Musical Theatre at the Canadian College of Performing Arts.
Madeleine Mantock- Lead - Charmed reboot - Brit. BA Musical Theatre from Arts Educational Schools, London.
Caitlin McGee - Series regular - History of Them - BA Wagner College with a semester abroad at I.E.S. London Theatre Studies program. Has also trained with Wynn Handman for scene study and Maggie Flanigan in a Meisner intensive.
Jack Mulhern - Series regular - Locke & Key - BA Skidmore College.
Ebonée Noel - Lead - FBI - BFA NYU/Tisch and Williamstown Theatre Festival.
Hari Nef - Series regular - You - BA Theatre Arts, Columbia University.
Myko Olivier - Lead - Now & Then - BFA NYU/Tisch with study abroad at the International Theater Wing in Amsterdam. Has also studied at UCB and with John Rosenfeld and Christinna Chauncey in LA.
Elizabeth Olsen - Lead - Untitled Dramedy series - Family in the business and BFA NYU/Tisch. Could be considered a child star, but there was a 15 year gap between her cameos with her sisters and what she started doing after Tisch.
Teyonah Parris - Lead - Murder - South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities and BFA Juilliard.
Nathan Parsons - Series regular - Roswell reboot - Aussie. BFA USC.
Kosha Patel - Lead - False Profits - BFA USC and continued study at Annie Grindlay Studio, The Groundlings, and UCB.
Jack Quaid - Lead - The Boys - Son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. Dropped out of NYU/Tisch after three years.
Katherine Ramdeen - Series regular - Wayward Sisters, Canadian. BFA Studio 58/University of Alberta. Too much post-graduate training to list although her primary coach seems to be Kelly Ruth-Mercier.
Emmy Raver-Lampman - Series regular - The Umbrella Academy - Virginia Governor's School for the Arts and BFA Musical Theatre, Marymount Manhattan College.
Ellie Reed - Series regular - The Greatest American Hero - BA Northwestern University and improv with Second City and IO West.
Devere Rogers - Lead - Friends-in-Law - Tri-Cities High School for the Visual and Performing Arts and BFA NYU/Tisch.
Gia Sandhu - Series regular - The Greatest American Hero. Canadian. The National Theatre School of Canada and Canadian Film Centre Actors' Conservatory.
Mia Serafino - Series regular - Now & Then - BFA Musical Theatre, Roosevelt University.
Michael James Shaw - Series regular - Blood & Treasure - Howard University transfer to BFA Juilliard.
Lyndon Smith - Lead - Dead Inside - BFA University of Florida.
Jason Michael Snow - Lead - Justin Noble Workplace Comedy - BFA Musical Theatre, Boston Conservatory. Has also studied at UCB and The Groundlings.
Karan Soni - Series regular - Miracle Workers - BA USC.
Phillipa Soo - Series regular - The Code - BFA Juilliard.
Sam Straley - Series regular - Tim Doyle Comedy Pilot - BFA DePaul University.
Stephanie Styles - Series regular - Three Rivers - BFA Musical Theater, University of Michigan.
Ellen Tamaki - Series regular - Charmed reboot - BFA Boston University.
Luke Tennie - Series regular - Deadly Class - BFA AMDA.
Emily Tremaine - Series regular - Tremors - BA Sarah Lawrence College with a year abroad at Central School of Speech and Drama.
Michele Weaver - Lead - Love Is ____ - BA Theatre and Media Production, Pepperdine University. Has also studied with Lesly Kahn, Stan Kirsch, Cameron Watson, Lynette McNeill, and at UCB among others.
Chloe Wepper - Series regular - For Love - BFA NYU/Tisch and UCB. Assistant faculty at John Rosenfeld Studios.
Anna Wood - Lead - The Code - High School Diploma and BFA from University of North Carolina School of the Arts.
Lincoln Younes - Series regular - Grand Hotel - Aussie. BA NIDA.
Sasheer Zamata - Lead - So Close - BA Drama, University of Virginia. Also studied at UCB as well as Webster Film Studio and on-camera and cold reading at Actors Connection.
5 Graduate Acting - 4 American
Lauren E. Banks - Series regular - City on a Hill - MFA Yale.
Myles Bullock - Series regular - Dead Inside - BA Cal State Fresno, MFA UNC Chapel Hill.
Mehdi Dehbi - Lead - Messiah - Belgian. Royal Conservatory of Brussels and National Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Paris.
Marcus Henderson - Series regular - Tocoma FD - BFA Alabama State University and MFA Yale.
Afton Williamson - Series regular - The Rookie - BFA Eastern Michigan University, MFA Alabama Shakespeare Festival.
13 Non-degree conservatories - 9 American
Ser’Darius Blain - Lead - Charmed reboot - NYCDA and undisclosed private on-camera coaching.
Nicole Byer - Series regular - Justin Noble Workplace Comedy - Trained at The Actor’s Playground School of Theater in high school and Certificate from AMDA. UCB legend.
Lex Scott Davis - Lead - For Love - Studied Dance Physical Therapy at Drexel University before moving to NYC to train at New York Film Academy. Has also studied with Dustin Felder in LA.
Michel Duval - Series regular - Deadly Class - Mexican. Studied at Centro de Educación Artística and AADA.
Harriet Dyer - Lead - In Between Lives - Aussie. NIDA one year Musical Theatre course and full-time course at Actors Centre.
Callie Hernandez - Lead - Fox Musical Drama pilot - BA Photojournalism, UT Austin. Trained at William Esper Studio, but had to drop out when she could no longer afford tuition. Has since studied at Aquila Morong Studio in LA.
Ana Cruz Kayne - Series regular - Now & Then - BA in Neuroscience and Italian Literature; Barnard College, Columbia University. Trained at Maggie Flanigan Studio. Has also studied at UCB and coaches with Allen Savage and Caymichael Patton.
Titus Makin - Series regular - The Rookie - NYCDA and on-going scene study with W. Morgan Sheppard.
Janet Montgomery - Lead - Untitled Bellview Medical pilot - Brit who earned a Diploma from Stella Mann College of Performing Arts which is primarily a dance school, but also offers acting classes. Works with a "brilliant," but undisclosed private acting coach.
Hayley Marie Norman - Lead - Dead Inside - Summer program at CalArts in high school and AADA. Also a UCB graduate and studies with Stan Kirsch.
Christina Ochoa - Series regular - A Million Little Things - Spanish. Degree in Oceanographic Engineering from Las Palmas University in the Canary Islands and began a Masters course in Marine Biology at James Cook University in Australia. Actor training at Cristina Rota Conservatory and Film Institute in Madrid. Has also studied with Sara Mornell and Shari Shaw in LA.
Leigh-Ann Rose - Lead - Untitled ABC Drama - Trained at William Esper Studio. Has also studied at UCB and HB Studio and has a degree from Syracuse University with an undisclosed major.
Shoniqua Shandai - Series regular - The Greatest American Hero. Certificate from AMDA. Also trained at Playhouse West and with Dustin Felder among others too numerous to list.
36 Majored in something other than Acting - 29 American
Andy Allo - Lead - Upload - Prince's former protege who dropped out of the Communications major at American River College to pursue a music career. Has studied acting with Lesly Kahn.
Deborah Ayorinde - Series regular - Main Justice - BA Film Production, Howard University where she took acting for non-majors. Has also studied with Penny Templeton, Vince Pisani, and Vera Katz.
Shakira Barrera - Series Regular - Three Rivers - BFA Dance, Rutgers University. Has studied acting with Lesly Kahn, Don Bloomfield, UCB, Tess Kirsch, and Judy Kain.
Shea Buckner - Series regular - Get Christie Love - Former Olympic water polo player who studied Public Policy at USC. Has studied acting with Lesly Kahn.
Quinta Brunson - Lead - The End of the World as We Know It - Buzzfeed star. Dropped out of Temple University after her Communications major was dropped and trained at Second City in Chicago and LA.
Sofia Carson - Series regular - Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionist - Attended Maria Verdeja School of the Arts in Miami and majored in Broadcast Journalism with an International Relations minor at UCLA.
David Castañeda - Series regular - The Umbrella Academy - Double degree in Film Production and International Business and acting classes for non-majors at Cal State Fullerton.
Mike Castle - Series regular - Pandas in New York - BA Rhetoric, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before which he studied acting at Piven Theatre Workshop and afterwards at Second City and IO West. Had been booking commercials since he was 13.
Will Catlett - Lead - Love Is ____ - BA Communications with an emphasis in Radio and TV from University of La Verne. Has studied acting with Ritchie and Bobbie Chance, Stephen Snyder, and Gary Imhoff.
Zach Cherry - Series regular - You - Studied Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought at Amherst College. Attended a high school with a great performing arts program including improv, did improv throughout college, and is on the GOAT team at UCB in NYC.
Jake Choi - Series regular - Single Parents - Attended Yonsei University in South Korea on a basketball scholarship with an undisclosed major. Has studied acting at Strasberg in NYC, UCB, T. Schreiber Studio, and with Josh Pais, Bob Krakower, and Stan Kirsch.
Lily Cowles - Series regular - Roswell reboot - Daughter of Matthew Cowles and Christine Baranski. BA Religion, Princeton University; MS Visual Anthropology, Oxford University.
Kether Donohue - Lead - Like Family. BA Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in Film, Fordham University. Has studied acting at Anthony Meindl Acting Center in New York.
Jerod Haynes - Series regular - The Village. Former collegiate basketball player at the University of Idaho and Angelo State University with an unknown major. Has studied at Acting Studio Chicago and at BADA.
Sean Kleier - Lead - So Close - BA History with Film minor, Boudoin College. Trained at UCB.
Christine Ko - Series regular - Dead Inside - BA Communication and Media Studies, Georgia State University. Has studied acting with Stan Kirsch, Sara Mornell, Anthony Meindl, and Della Cole.
Alice Lee - Series regular - Take Two - BM Music Business, NYU/Steinhardt.
Javicia Leslie - Series regular - God Friended Me - BS Business Management, Hampton University. Has studied acting with Jonathan Slavin, Michael Adams, Paolo Pagliacolo, Salome Jens, Bill Duke, and Cheryl Rhoads.
Mouzam Makkar - Series regular - The Fix - Indian. BS Finance, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Has studied at Steppenwolf and Second City in Chicago.
Jeanine Mason - Lead - Roswell reboot - "So You Think You Can Dance" winner. UCLA degree in World Arts and Cultures: Dance and Film minor. Actor training with Michael Woolson.
Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore - Lead - Rel - Social media star and standup comic. Studied Mortuary Science at an undisclosed college.
Nathan Mitchell - Lead - The Boys - Canadian. Studied Radio and Television at Ryerson University after studying acting at Cawthra Park Secondary School. Also studied with Strasberg and Meisner teachers in Toronto and Vancouver post-graduate.
Mark O’Brien - Series regular - City on a Hill - Canadian. BA English, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Clare O'Connor - Series regular - Fox Legal Drama - Former dancer. Degree in Fiction Writing and Painting/Drawing from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Trained at Second City Conservatory.
Punam Patel - Series regular - So Close - Journalism MajoTheatre Minor at U. Florida and trained at Second City in Chicago.
Tyler Ritter - Lead - Playing Dead - John Ritter's son and Jason Ritter's brother. Graduated from University of Pennsylvania with an undisclosed major and taught school in Argentina for three years. Studies acting with Lesly Kahn.
Suraj Sharma - Series regular - God Friended Me - Indian. Current Film student at NYU/Tisch. Has also studied Philosophy at St. Stephen's College and University of Delhi.
Lilly Singh - Lead - Bright Futures - Canadian. YouTube megastar. BA Psychology, NYU.
KJ Smith - Series regular - Skinny Dip - BS Marketing, Florida State University. Also attended Florida A&M. Has studied acting at or with Lesly Kahn, Christinna Chauncey, Amy Lyndon, Margie Haber Studio, The Acting Center, The Acting Corps, and Amy Seeley.
Freddie Stroma - Lead - CW supernatural cop drama - Brit. BSc Neuroscience, University College, London. Former member of the National Youth Theatre. BBC TV guest appearances while at university and took a year off to shoot Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
Kapil Talwalkar - Series regular - False Profits - BA International Relations with a minor in Dramatic Arts from USC.
Jimmy Tatro - Lead - Bright Futures - YouTube star and standup comic who dropped out of University of Arizona after junior year with an undisclosed major.
Ana Villafañe - Lead - History of Them - Started acting in Atlanta musical theatre as an after school activity at 9. Majored in Music at Loyola Marymount University and was coached in acting by the Theatre faculty when she was in musicals there.
Michael Vlamis - Series regular - Roswell reboot - BS Business from Chapman University. Has studied acting at or with Sandy Marshall, UCB, Lesly Kahn & Co., Chapman University for non-majors, and Katie Amanda Keane.
Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing - Series regular - Love Is ____ - Dutch. Studied Sociology at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
Zeeko Zaki - Lead - FBI - Studied Business at Temple University where he took an Acting for Film class and transferred to Cape Fear Community College where he took two levels of Acting for Camera.
23 Began careers with high school education or foreign equivalent - 13 American
Dennis Andres - Series regular - Greatest American Hero - Canadian. Former military.
Clark Backo - Series regular - Wayward Sisters. Canadian. Has studied with Jock MacDonald at Straeon Studios.
Tyler Blackburn - Series regular - Roswell reboot - LA native. Has studied and coached with Brad Heller.
Kylie Bunbury - Lead - Get Christy Love - Canadian. Former model. Has studied at Playhouse West and with Michael Laskin in LA.
Shiloh Fernandez - Series regular - Tremors - Former model. Has coached with John Markland.
Alex Fitzalan - Lead - Crash and Burn - Aussie. Attended an arts high school, but didn't get serious about his career for a few years.
Josh Helman - Lead - The End of the World as We Know It - Aussie. Has coached with Josh Bitton.
Heather Hemmens - Series regular - Roswell reboot - Trained in high school at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Has also studied with Stan Kirsch.
Camrus Johnson - Series regular - #Fashionvictim - Began career in NYC. Has studied with Anthony Abeson, Gregory Berger Sobeck, Actors Connection on-camera, La Tea Theatre, Actors Project NYC, and Peoples Improv Theatre.
Parveen Kaur - Series regular - Manifest - Canadian.
Julia Kelly - Series regular - Get Christy Love - Social media influencer. Has studied acting at Scott Sedita Studios, the Professional Performance Program at the UCLA extension, TVI Studios, Spolin Players, and Gray Studios.
Georgia King - Series regular - Making Friends - Brit. Daughter of Aussie actor and Royal Shakespeare Company member Jonathan Hyde. First booking at 18.
Cindy Luna - Series regular - In Between Lives - Former model.
Jake McDorman - Series regular - Murphy Brown reboot - Trained at Dallas Young Actors Studio.
Allison Miller - Lead - A Million Little Things - Briefly attended U. Florida with an undisclosed major.
Shay Mitchell - Series regular - You - Canadian. Former model. Studied acting since high school and has coached with Lauren Patrice Nadler in LA.
Erin Moriarty - Lead - The Boys - NYC native. Has studied with Shauna Hicks and Sheila Gray in NYC and with Michael Woolson in LA.
Melissa O'Neil - Lead - The Rookie - Canadian. Former Canadian Idol winner having been a local musical theatre actress in Calgary.
Leonard Ouzts - Lead - Abby's - Standup comic. Briefly attended Virginia State University and dropped out to go to NYC to pursue a comedy career.
Emily Ratajkowski - Lead - Bright Futures - Model who had been acting and receiving undisclosed coaching since childhood. Briefly attended UCLA.
Dreama Walker - Lead - Welcome to the Neighborhood.
Amber Stevens West - Lead - Untitled CBS Comedy - LA native. Family in the business.
Luke Youngblood - Series regular - Playing Dead - Brit. Attended Sylvia Young Theatre School in London.
41 Former Child Stars/Began Careers as Minors - 26 American
Robbie Amell - Lead - Upload - Canadian who started acting at 6. First film at 17. Trained at Canadian Studios Acting Academy.
Penn Badgley - Lead - You - Began career at 11. Got high school equivalency at 13 through night classes while taking acting classes during the day.
Kirby Bliss-Blanton - Series regular - Tacoma FD - Began career at 14. Studied at Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio.
James Buckley - Series regular - NBC Single Camera Comedy - Brit. Began career at 14.
Cody Christian - Series regular - CW Drama - Began career at 12. Has studied with Richard Brander.
Miranda Cosgrove - Series regular - History of Them - Began career at 3. Has studied with Marnie Cooper, Andrew Magarian, and at Young Actors Space. Also earned a degree in Psychology from USC after having started in Film Studies.
Kat Dennings - Lead - Justin Noble Workplace Comedy - Began career in commercials at 10 and was a series regular by 15.
Melonie Diaz - Lead - Charmed reboot - Began career at 16. Attended the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan and earned a BFA in Film Production from NYU/Tisch.
Brett Dier - Lead - History of Them - Canadian who began career at 16. Parents were stage actors.
Nina Dobrev - Lead - Fam - Bulgarian/Canadian. Began career at 17. Trained at Armstrong Acting Studios and Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. Also briefly attended Ryerson University for Sociology.
India Eisley - Series regular - One Day She'll Darken - Began career at 12. Studied at The Playground with kids' coach Gary Spatz.
Noel Fisher - Series regular - Red Line - Canadian. Began career at 14. Has studied with Lisa Robertson in LA.
Maria Gabriela de Faria - Series regular - Venezuelan who began career at 10.
Kelli Garner - Lead - The Enemy Within - Began career at 16.
Gage Golightly - Lead - The End of the World as We Know It - Began career at 9. Has studied at Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio.
Aldis Hodge - Series regular - City on a Hill - Began career at 3. First film at 9.
Kris D. Lofton - Series regular - Safe Harbor - Began career at 12. Shows no training on his resume, but has taught kids' classes in Chicago and Atlanta.
Clara Lago - Lead - Playing Dead - Spanish. Began career at 9.
Peyton List - Lead - Fox Untitled Drama - Began career at 14.
Tom Maden - Lead - 25 - Began career in reality tv at 16.
Perry Mattfeld - Lead - In the Dark - Began acting career at 14. Also earned a BFA from USC with a minor in Cinematic Arts.
Leighton Meester - Lead - Single Parents - Began career at 13.
Emily Osment - Lead - Spaced Out - Began career at 6. Also studied Theatre at Occidental College.
Ellen Page - Lead - The Umbrella Academy - Canadian who began career at 10.
Janel Parrish - Lead - The Perfectionists - Started acting at 6 and began career at 14. Studied at The Playground with kids' coach Gary Spatz.
Ethan Peck - Lead - For Love - Began career at 9. Family in the business and grandson of Gregory Peck. Dropped out of NYU/Tisch after third year.
Zoe Robins - Series regular - The Finest - New Zealander. Began career at 12. Has studied at The Actors' Program in Auckland as well as having done a summer intensive at Toi Whakaari.
Melissa Roxburgh - Lead - Manifest - Canadian who started her career at 17. Has studied with Suzanne Bastien in Toronto.
Matt Shively - Lead - Spaced Out - Began career at 17.
Rachel Skarsten - Series regular - For Love - Canadian. Former dancer. Began career at 14. Also earned a BA in English from Queen's University.
Brandon Mychal Smith - Lead - Like Family - Began career at 8. Also earned a degree in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Finance from Hampton University.
Robert Sheehan - Series regular - The Umbrella Academy - Irish. Began career at 14.
Ksenia Solo - Series regular - Blue Book - Latvian-Canadian who began career at 10. Has studied with Lynette Sheldon in NYC.
Ashley Tisdale - Lead - Pandas in New York - Began career at 3. Has studied with Andrew Magarian and Cameron Thor.
Denyse Tontz - Lead - Grand Hotel - Former child model who began acting career at 13. Has studied at Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio.
Jessie T. Usher - Lead - The Boys - First commercial at 11 and first guest star at 13. Graduated high school at 15 as class salutatorian. Studied Culinary Arts at an undisclosed college. Trained in undisclosed classes and workshops.
Chris Warren - Series regular - Grand Hotel - Began career at 10.
Perdita Weeks - Lead - Magnum PI reboot - Brit. Family in the business. Began career at 8, but also studied Art History at the Courtauld Institute.
Calum Worthy - Lead - Bright Futures - Canadian. Began career at 9. Studied at The Playground with kids' coach Gary Spatz and has coached with Kirsten Clarkson.
Tyler James Williams - Lead - Whiskey Cavalier - Began career at 4.
Mark L. Young - Series regular - False Profits - Began career at 12.
1 Unknown Education, Training Background, or Starting Age - 1 American
Hina Abdullah - Series regular - Pandas in New York - Pakistani.
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2018.04.04 10:03 jeff98379 [@enews] Proof Leighton Meester's hairstylist makes the good girls go blonde: https://t.co/T9dGNI09xJ

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2018.02.06 12:00 autobuzzfeedbot 43 Celebrities You Will Never Look At The Same Way Again

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch was abducted by six men with guns while filming a show in South Africa in 2005.
  2. Glenn Close was forced into joining a right-wing religious cult by her father when she was a child.
  3. Oprah's real name is Orpah.
  4. Jennifer Lawrence earned her SAG card when she did a promo for MTV's My Super Sweet 16.
  5. Justin Timberlake's mom became Ryan Gosling's legal guardian while they filmed The Mickey Mouse Club because Ryan's mom had to stay in Canada for work.
  6. And Ryan Gosling was only offered the role in The Notebook because the director didn't think he was handsome or cool.
  7. Tim Allen was arrested at an airport in Michigan in 1978 for the possession of nearly 1.5 pounds of cocaine.
  8. Angela Lansbury moved her entire family to Ireland after her daughter became involved with the Manson family and her son got addicted to drugs. She claims it saved their lives.
  9. Sarah Jessica Parker is a descendant of someone who was accused of being a witch during the Salem witch trials.
  10. Julie Andrews was flung into the mud every time the helicopter passed her while filming that iconic hilltop scene in The Sound of Music.
  11. Robin Williams was such a big fan of The Legend of Zelda that he named his daughter Zelda.
  12. Rebel Wilson got malaria when she was younger and hallucinated that she won an Oscar. That dream inspired her to pursue a career in acting.
  13. Jason Statham was a competitive diver before he became a professional actor.
  14. Tom Cruise's front-right tooth is in the center of his mouth.
  15. Ariana Grande was hit by a hockey puck during two different Panthers games when she was five.
  16. Leighton Meester was born in jail.
  17. Jerry Springer was once the mayor of Cincinnati.
  18. Rita Moreno had an affair with Marlon Brando and later dated Elvis Presley, just to make Brando jealous.
  19. Nic Cage is a member of the famous Coppola family. Francis Ford Coppola is his uncle.
  20. Scarlett Johansson is a twin.
  21. And so is Vin Diesel. By the way, his real name is actually Mark Sinclair.
  22. Tom Brady has never eaten a strawberry.
  23. Woody Harrelson's father, Charles Harrelson, was a hitman who was charged with multiple murders.
  24. Matthew Broderick accidentally killed two women in a car crash in Northern Ireland in 1987.
  25. Phill Lewis, aka Mr. Moseby from the Disney Channel, was arrested for manslaughter and driving while intoxicated in 1991.
  26. Cary Grant helped Carrie Fisher with her drug problem when she was a teenager.
  27. Jeremy Renner used to be a makeup artist.
  28. Zooey Deschanel is actually a natural blonde.
  29. Tom Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln.
  30. J.K. Rowling was fired from her job as a secretary because she'd often be caught daydreaming and writing her own stories.
  31. Mark Wahlberg has three nipples.
  32. And Harry Styles has four nipples.
  33. Christopher Walken used to be a lion tamer.
  34. Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz are distant cousins.
  35. Paul Newman was Jake Gyllenhaal's godfather, and Jake Gyllenhaal became the godfather of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams's daughter.
  36. Beck's wife was actually delivered by his own mother.
  37. Queen Elizabeth II's mother was such a big fan of The Golden Girls that she literally commissioned the whole cast to perform live for her in London.
  38. And Bea Arthur was one of the first members of the Women's Reserve in the Marine Corps in the 1940s.
  39. Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany.
  40. Denzel Washington dislocated his pinky so many times that his finger would constantly fall out of place when he moved his hand.
  41. Guy Fieri's real name is actually Guy Ferry.
  42. Steve Buscemi used to be a firefighter, and on 9/11 he dropped everything to help with the recovery efforts.
  43. And Bryan Cranston was once a suspect in a murder investigation.
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2017.11.28 04:34 SethlordX7 My Ideal Castings For NOTW Movie

I decided to make a list of the actors I think are best suited for certain roles, let me know what you thing kint he comments!
Kvothe: Chandler Riggs
Old Kvothe/Kote: David tennant
Bast: Tom Hiddleston
Denna: Leighton MeesteKarley Scott Collins
Devi: Scarlett Johansson
Master Kilvin: Sean Bean
Master Hemme: Hugh Laurie
Master Elodin: Robert Carlyle
Cinder: David Bradley (Imagine him saying "Someone parents have been singing entirely the wrong sort of songs" In this voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suUxA3sS2zg)
The Chronicler: Daniel Radcliffe
Ambrose Jakis: Josh Hutcherson
[b]Honorable Mentions:[/b]
Master Hemme: Alan Rickman (RIP)
Master Elodin: David Bowie (RIP)
(Yes I know that most of these are incredibly famous actors and getting all of them would require an absolutely enourmous budget, but this is an ideal cast, not a realistic one)
UPDATE: Added Karley Scott Collins for Denna
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2017.09.16 19:15 iminterestingplease Part 20.

Very slow as of late.
3970.(Pronunciation change.)Do you remember any of these celebrity names being pronounced different?(Gal Gadot, JK Rowling, Amanda Seyfried, Martin Scorsese, Barbra Streisand, Shia LaBeouf, Charlize Theron, Matt Groening, Susan Sarandon, Zosia Mamet, Rachel Weisz, Kaley Cuoco, Ryan Phillippe, Eva Mendes, Lindsay Lohan, Steve Buscemi, Joe Manganiello, Lupita Nyong’o, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ralph Fiennes, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Will Ferrell, Mariska Hargitay, Saoirse Ronan, Hayden Panettiere, Ioan Gruffudd, Zooey Deschanel, Queen Latifah, Cara Delevingne, Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis, Famke Janssen, Kim Basinger, Chloë Sevigny Quvenzhané Wallis, Charlie Hunnam, Gabourey Sidibe, Gotye, Joaquin Phoenix, Julianne Hough, Matthew McConaughey, Mia Wasikowska, Milla Jovovich, Phil Keoghan, Sade, Zach Galifianakis?)(Was it Joaquim Phoenix?)(Mila Jovovich, Milla Jolovich, or Mila Jolovich?)
3971.(Basketball Team Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in the Los Angeles Lakers logo being connected?
3972.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the V and A being connected in the insole logo in Vans?(Does the V look off?)(The official logo look off?)
3973.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember alcohol evaporating into the air when it's put into food instead of still being present?
3974.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in House Hunters being normal?
3975.(Phantom commercial.)Do you remember 2Pac and Snoop Dogg not doing a St. Ides commercial in 1996?(Did Warren G, Wu Tang, Biggie, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube not do a St. Ides commercial together?)(Do you remember Snoop Dogg and 2Pac not doing a freestyle known as If There's A Cure For This?)
Add-On: Do you remember any of these celebrity names being pronounced different?(Téa Leoni, Idris Elba, Isla Fisher, Demi Moore, Ewan McGregor, Idina Menzel, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Scherzinger, Emily Ratajkowski, Carice Van Houten, Leighton Meester, Henry Cavill, Liev Schreiber?)
Add-On: Do you remember any of these singer and rapper names being pronounced different?(6LACK, Khalid, D.R.A.M., HAIM, SZA, G4SHI, XXXTentacion, SahBabii, Aminé?)
3976.(Famous Actor name change.)Paul Bethany/Paul Bettany
3975.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the One World Trade Center being black?(Was it a different shape?)(Does the logo look off?)(Did it not exist?)(Was it built out of nowhere?)
Add-On: Do you remember the A and S in Midas not being connected?(Was the border around the circle black instead of red?)
3976.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo being blue instead of red?
3977.(Restaurant name change.)Tim Horton's/Tim Hortons
3978.(Musical Duo name change.)Mojo/Modjo
3979.(Pronunciation change.)Do you remember any of these company names being pronounced different?(Nutella, Hoegaarden, Moschino, Ocado, Hublot, Jean Paul Gaultier, Balmain, Balenciaga, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Adobe, Del Monte, Stella Artois, Miu Miu, Bvlgari, Huawei, Renault, Chevrolet, TAG Heuer, Sega, Amazon, Avon, Schwarzkopf, Christian Dior, Versace, Benetton, Asus?)(Any other companies in these links?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in the original Star Trek not being drawn at an angle?(Do any of the other show logos look off?)(Does Star Trek: Deep Space Nine look off?)(Does Star Trek: Voyager look off?)
3980.(Band Logo change.)Do you remember the E and 9 not being connected in Stroke 9?(Anything else off?)(Does the other logo look off?)
3981.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the K and A not being connected in Eureka?
Add-On: Do you remember Zoey Deschanel instead of Zooey Deschanel?
3982.(Band Logo change.)Do you remember the first A in Transmatic not being upside down?(Does the logo from the other company look off?)
3983.(Band Logo change.)Do you remember the second E in Eve 6 not being backwards?(Was the 6 not cut off by the letters?)
3984.(Band Logo change.)Do you remember the last two Ds in Puddle Of Mudd not being backwards?(Was "of" not sideways?)(Were the letters not so close together?)(Was it Puddle Of Mud?)
3985.(Band Logo change.)Do you remember the last two Es in Dexter Freebish being connected?(Was the last E not backwards?)
3986.(Band name change.)The Scorpions/Scorpions
3987.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember spiders not having paws?(Were they not able to have claws?)
3988.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember scorpions being arthropods instead of arachnids?
3989.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Bs in Barbasol not having slits in them?
Add-On: Do you remember the California Dreamin' music video being different than it is now?(Did it change again?)
3990.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the cop in the New Mexico police shooting video shooting at the window instead of the tires?(Anything else off?)
3991.(Event name change.)Starcade/Starrcade(Does the logo look off?)(Do any of the other logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the A and N in Nirvana not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the first R in Star Wars not having a curve at the bottom?(Was it not "The Star Wars" at one point?)(Do either of the 1976 Pre-Release logos look off?)(Do either of The Clone Wars logos look off?)(Does Rebels look off?)(Do any of the movie logos look off?)
3992.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in JanSport not being connected?(Did the first T in Trans by JanSport not have the left side cut off?)(Do any of the other letters in Trans look off to you?)
3993.(Region name change.)Carribean/Caribbean
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Cup Noodles overlapping?(Do any of the letters look off?)(Do you remember the letters in Nissin being more aligned?)
Add-On: Do you remember the R in Maruchan being different?(Do any of the other letters look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Rs in Coordinated Care being normal?(Do any of the other letters look off?)
3994.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the R and A not being connected in the older Kraft logo?(Do any of the letters in the Kraft Foods logo look off to you?)(Do the letters in Make Today Delicious look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in The Laughing Cow not being connected?(Do you remember certain letters not being slanted?)(Anything else off?)
3995.(T.V. Show name change.)Rollie Pollie Ollie/Rolie Polie Olie(Do you remember the letters in the logo overlapping?)(Were certain letters not slanted?)(Do you remember certain letters in "title" names in Wikipedia not being slanted?)(Do they look off in any other way?)
3996.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the Ts in Butter in Market Pantry Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels not being connected?
3997.(Logo change.)Do you remember the N and Y in New York Yankees hats not being connected?(Do you remember the Z and Y in Zoo York not being connected?)(Does the K look off in the other Zoo York logo?)
3998.(Logo change.)Do you remember the L and A in LA Dodgers hats not being connected?
Add-On: Do you remember Tabasco sauce being made from Cayenne peppers?(Were Tabasco peppers not a thing?)
Add-On: Do you remember the word "hanged" not being a thing?(Was "hung" the only acceptable word?)
3999.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the N and B in New Balance not being connected?(Does the N look off?)
4000.(Logo change.)Do you remember the As in Santa Cruz being normal?(Does the S look off?)
4001.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being 103 year old car phones?
4002.(Music Lyrics change.)"That's bungle in the jungle."/"Let's bungle in the jungle."(Any other lyrics sound off?)
4003.(Country name change.)Nambia/Namibia
4004.(Product name change.)Ben Gay/Ben-Gay/Ben.Gay/BenGay
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Dum-Dums not overlapping?
4005.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember certain types of styles of shoes not being worn in the 70s?(Other times?)(Do you remember the abbreviation for a decade in time always being "50's" instead of just "50s"?)
4006.(Famous basketball player name change.)Andre Iguodola/Andre Iguodala
4007.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in In The Raw being connected?(Does Sugar look off?)(Does Stevia look off?)(Does Agave look off?)(Does Monk Fruit look off?)(Does Honey look off?)(Do any of the letters look off?)
4008.(Band Logo change.)Do you remember the M and A in the Metallica logos being normal?
4009.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being a City Of London and a Greater London?(Was there only one London?)
4010.(Magazine Logo change.)Do you remember the U and S in Us Weekly not overlapping?(Does the K look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Jos. A Banks being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in the older Crystal Pepsi logo being connected?
4011.(Music Lyrics change.)"Cover yourself in beef."/"Cover yourself in beans."
4012.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Morlocks in The Time Machine being a darker blue than they are now?(Was their name "Moorlocks"?)(Was it spelled a different way?)
4013.(Ficitonal Character name change.)Frank Columbo/Columbo(Was his first name different for you?)
4014.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Harry Dean Stanton dying in 2012 instead of September 15, 2017?(Did he die a different date?)
4015.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Osama Bin Laden dying in 2001 instead of 2011?(Was it a different date?)(Did he die of a different cause?)
Add-On: Do you remember the original Romeo And Juliet featuring a balcony?(Was the dot in the I in Viator normal?)
4016.(Phantom geography.)Do you remember Taured being a real country?(Was the Man From Taured a real person?)
Add-On: Do you remember Dr. Who instead of Doctor Who?(Do any of the logos look off?)
4017.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Bela Lugosi dying earlier than August 16, 1956?
4018.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not fake news from August 25, 1835 about life on the moon?
4019.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Phantom Time Hypothesis not being a thing?(Is everything surrounding it off to you?)
4020.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Esmeralda living at the end in the original The Hunchback Of Notre Dame?
4021.(Song Title change.)Something Gotta Change/Something Better Change
4022.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being a verse about "Crushing rebellious Scots" in the British national anthem?(Which verse was it?)(Was there only one version and not one for both the king and queen?)
4023.(Play Quote change.)"Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble."/"Double, double, toil and trouble."(Other quotes?)
4024.(Phantom quote.)Do you remember George Washington saying "I cannot tell a lie."?(Do you remember the end quote coming before the end punctuation or after?)(Anything else about commas and punctuation seem off?)(Did he say something different?)(Did the cherry tree story actually happen?)
4025.(Spacecraft appearance change.)Do you remember the Space Shuttle having a rounded tip?(Do the external boosters look off?)(Was it one shade of orange?)(Were there not rings near the booster's engines?)
4026.(Phantom quote.)Do you remember Marie Antoinette saying "Let them eat cake."?
Add-On: Do you remember the As in Terminator 2: Judgment Day being normal?
Add-On: Do you remember the Sphinx being a dog instead of a cat?(Was it not worked on recently?)(Anything else off?)
4027.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Julia from 1984 working for Big Brother?
4028.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember lions actually being able to be located in jungles?
Add-On: Do you remember Stonehenge not being originally meant to be rectangular?(Anything else off?)
4029.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Shiva having 6 arms instead of 4?
4030.(Famous Inventor name change.)Nickolai Tesla/Nikcolai Tesla/Nickola Tesla/Nikcola Tesla/Nicola Tesla/Nikola Tesla
4031.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Bologna Station clock stopping for 16 years from 1980?(Was it a different time?)
4032.(Can't think of a title.)Do you rememeber Marshall BraveStarr using the "Power of the bear" instead of the "Strength of the bear"?(Was it Marshall BraveStar?)(Does the logo look off?)
4033.(Famous Author name change.)O. Henri/O. Henry
4034.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Hindenburg being the worst ship disaster instead of the USS Akron?(Have you heard of the USS Akron?)
4035.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember NASA broadcasting in a building on the moon?(Anything else surrounding this off?)
4036.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a smiley face shaped area on Mars?
4037.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Hitler not taking crystal meth?(Was crystal meth not around as long for you?)
4038.(Spelling change.)Pedophilia/Paedophilia(The former wasn't only the US spelling.)(Pedophile/Paedophile)(Other spellings?)
4039.(Grammar change.)Video Game/Videogame(The latter wasn't acceptable at any point or for any reason.)
4040.(Spelling change.)Super Centenarian/Super-Centenarian/Supercentenarian(Other spellings?)
4041.(Commercial Quote change.)"It's Nerf or nothing."/"It's Nerf or nothin'."(Do you remember some of the older logos not having connected letters?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in The Doors logo being normal?
4042.(Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in RealD being normal?
4043.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the T in THX being connected to the top line?
4044.(Pronunciation change.)Do you remember any of these names being pronounced different?(Shakira, DJ Khaled, Khaled, Gucci Mane, Gucci, A-Boogie Wit A Hoodie?)(Did A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie have a different name?)
Add-On: Do you remember T in Nutella not having a cut at the top?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Hoegaarden not being slanted?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Jean Paul Gaultier not overlapping?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Balmain not being connected?
Add-On: Do you remember the R in Balenciaga Paris having a closed line?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the older Lamborghini logos not having connected letters?
Add-On: Do you remember the older Adobe logos having normal letters?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Stella Artois not being connected?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Miu Miu having cuts in them?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the E in Huawei being normal?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in TAG Heuer not being connected?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the T in Christian Dior being normal?(Do any of the other letters look off?)(Were the c and D not connected in the other logo?)
4045.(Website Logo change.)Do you remember the dot in the I in Wix being normal?(Do any of the other letters look off?)
4046.(Famous columnist name change.)Ramona Shelbourne/Ramona Shelburne
4047.(Song Title change.)Moody Blues/Moody Blue
4048.(Song Title change.)I Walked The Line/I Walk The Line(Any of the lyrics or anything else seem off?)
4049.(Movie Quote change.)"Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moonlight?"/"Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?"/You ever dance with Devil by the pale moonlight?"/"You ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight?"(It "You ever dance with the Devil by the pale moonlight?" one time in the movie.)(Other quotes?)
4050.(New plants.)Have you heard of the Ornamental Pepper?
4051.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jesus not being born on September 11, 3 B.C.?(Was there not evidence supporting this idea?)
4052.(Juice Logo change.)Do you remember the dot in the I in Tropicana not being a leaf?(Anything else off?)
4053.(Soda Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in any of the Slice logos being normal?(Were they not connected in certain logos?)(Anything else off?)
4054.(Soda Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in the original Fanta logo being normal?(Were the As not curved at the bottom in certain logos?)(Were the As not open in certain logos?)(Anything else off?)
4055.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Lonely Planet being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
4056.(Pharmacy Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Fred's not touching?(Was the apostrophe normal?)(Anything else off?)
4057.(T.V. Channel Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in certain ITV logos not being connected?(Do the letters look off in certain logos?)(Anything else off?)
4058.(Bank Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Arvest not being connected?(Did the R have a closed line?)(Did the R not have a long curve at the bottom?)(Anything else off?)(Was it Harvest Bank?)
4059.(T.V. Channel Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in THV11 being connected?
4060.(T.V. Channel Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Sky TV being connected?(Does the K look off?)(Anything else off?)(Any other logos from other countries look off?)
4061.(Bank Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in One Banc being connected?(Was it One Bank?)
4062.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Cato Fashions being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember sharks not having two extra fins on their underside?
Add-On: Do you remember Ashley's Furniture HomeStore?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in eBay not touching?(Did they overlap in the other logo?)
4063.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Entergy not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
4064.(Medicine Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Advil not touching?
4065.(Website Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Hotels.com not being connected?
4066.(Magazine Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in USA Today not touching?
4067.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in certain Saab logos not being connected?(Did they not go by other names?)
Add-On: Do you remember there not being rice the word "Rice" on Rice Chex?(Was there not corn over "Corn" on Corn Chex?)(Was there not wheat over "Wheat" on Wheat Chex?)
4068.(Football Team Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Baltimore Ravens not being connected?
4069.(Football Team Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Philadelphia Eagles not being connected?
4070.(Football Team Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Dallas Cowboys not being connected?
Add-On: Do you remember the E and A in Mr. Clean not being connected in certain logos?
4071.(Logo change.)Do you remember the T and V not touching in TV Guide?
Add-On: Do you remember the A and H in Chips Ahoy! not being connected?
4072.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Sliders not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
4073.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Jeep Wrangler not being connected?
4074.(Bank Logo change.)Do you remember the letters not being connected in certain logos in Barclays?
Add-On: Do you remember the O in Norton being normal?
4075.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Arm & Hammer not being connected?(Do any of the subtexts in their products look off?)
4076.(Beer Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Samuel Adams not being connected?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in "Now" in FX Now not being connected?(Does the O look off?)
4077.(Award Show Logo change.)Do you remember the A in The Oscars being normal?
4078.(Award Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Tony Awards not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)(Do any of the other logos look off?)
4079.(Logo change.)Do you remember the O in Le Tour De France being normal?(Do any of the other letters look off?)(Does it look like it says Le De Tour France now?)(Anything else off?)
4080.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Amadeus not being connected?
4081.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Texas Instruments not being connected?
4082.(Car Logo change.)Do you remember the P and A in Pontiac having closed lines?
4083.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Das Boot not being connected?
4084.(Logo change.)Do you remember the A in SpaceX being normal?(Does the E look off?)(Does the X look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Yahtzee being normal?(Do any of the other logos look off?)
4085.(Mouthwash Logo change.)Do you remember the S and T in Listerine not touching?(Anything else off?)
4086.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the A in "Titan" in Nissan Titan being normal?
Add-On: Do you remember the letters not touching in certain Vicks VapoRub logos?(Does the A look off in certain logos?)
4087.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the A in Mitsubishi Lancer being normal?(Anything else off?)(Do any of the other logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Dream Works instead of DreamWorks?
Add-On: Do you remember the P in Spalding having a closed line?(Was there no S in a circle above the word "Spalding"?)
Add-On: Do you remember TBS instead of tbs?
4088.(T.V. Channel Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in USA Network not touching?(Were the U and A normal?)(Was the A capital?)(Anything else off?)
4089.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Miramax not being connected?
4090.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the K and Y in Campbell's Chunky not being connected?(Were the C and Y in Chunky not lower than the rest of the letters?)(Was the Y not slanted?)
4091.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in America's Funniest Home Videos not being connected?
4092.(Award Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in MTV Video Music Awards not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)(Do any of the other logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the A in Viacom being normal?
4093.(T.V. Channel Logo change.)Do you remember the P and I and K not being cut in Spike?(Do any of the other logos look off?)(Did it not got go by so many names?)
4094.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Dillard's not being connected?
Add-On: Do you remember hanging the US Flag with the blue on the right side instead of the left?
Add-On: Do you remember the A in Under Armour not being a triangle?
4095.(Football Team Logo change.)Do you remember the I and Ts in Pittsburgh Panthers being capital?(Were they not connected?)(Was the P not broken?)(Anything else off?)
4096.(Football Team Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Arkansas Razorbacks not being broken?(Did they have closed lines?)(Any of the other logos off?)(Anything else off?)
4097.(Football Team Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Michigan State Spartans not being broken?(Were they not connected?)(Any of the other logos off?)(Anything else off?)
4098.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the T and D in TD Ameritrade not being connected?(Was the D not broken?)
4099.(News Agency Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Associated Press having closed lines?
Add-On: Do you remember Altzheimer's Disease instead of Alzheimer's Disease?(Was it pronounced differently?)
Add-On: Do you remember two lines under the D and I in DiGiorno instead of one?
Add-On: Do you remember the Red Baron's head being located under the letters instead of in between them?
4100.(Football Team Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Boise State Broncos not having lines coming off the left?(Anything else off?)(Were the S and T not connected in the other logo?)(Any of the other logos off?)
4101.(Famous Author name change.)Danielle Steele/Danielle Steel
4102.(Famous Host name change.)Ric ButcheRic Bucher
4103.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember a Bird's-Eye View being straight down instead of angled?(Was it Birds Eye View?)(Other spellings?)
4104.(Company name change.)Great American Cookie/Great American Cookies(Were the letters not touching?)(Anything else off?)
4105.(University Logo change.)Do you remember the T and Y not being connected in Oregon State University?(Do any of the letters look off?)(Do any of the other logos look off?)
4106.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the first mobile phone not being a car phone released in 1946?(Was the first car phone not released in 1910?)(Were they not around as long for you as they have been now?)
4107.(Radio Station Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in 100.3 Jack F.M. not being connected?
Add-On: Do you remember Outback Steakhouse's locations not lining up to where you could trace a pentagram on Google Maps?
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2017.05.31 17:15 AnnieNonmouse Season 3 - Serena

She is incredibly frustrating in this season and I've never been a fan of her character but this season was also featured the ONLY two times I've ever felt empathy for her character at all because Blake Lively actually emoted a little.
When Carter leaves (was really surprised that I enjoyed them as a couple, he seemed like Serena's Chuck I guess?) and she's crying a little and asking him to stay I actually felt really bad for her. Again I think this had more to do with Blake Lively actually looking upset instead of just bored and her voice breaks a little, it was just a really well done scene.
The second time was when she is sure her father hasn't left and is in the lobby, when Dan finds her she's sitting looking so small and sad, just like a little kid. I think it is the first and only scene I actually teared up for Serena, and the only time I understood why Serena is the way she is. Leighton Meester seems to have fun with Blair, and it makes it easy to empathize with someone who hurts and loves with such force (for me anyway) but with Serena all of her backstory is exposition, she tells it in conversations with other characters in such a bored way it's hard to ever really understand her. The scene where she realizes her father has abandoned her again actually breaks my heart, and you can see she's just a little girl who expects every man to abandon her the second she trusts them. It really made me realize that although she annoys the shit out of me, although she's selfish and illogical, she is flaky because I honestly feel like she doesn't trust anyone and I can't say I blame her for that.
Anyway, I could go on a whole different rant about how fucking annoying she is in the 3rd season (which she is) but I think I'll save that for discussion in comments or another post. For now I'll let Serena have her moment where I don't completely despise her.
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Garrett Hedlund & Leighton Meester - Give In To Me ... Leighton Meester Gossip Girl Audition Leighton Meester - Heartstrings - YouTube Leighton Meester Makeup Tutorial - by Bethany Leighton Meester ft Garrett Hedlund Give In To Me - YouTube BLAIR WALDORF/LEIGHTON MEESTER MAKE-UP TUTORIAL Leighton Meester Shares Her Favorite Beauty Products Leighton Meester covers The Cardigans' Lovefool - YouTube

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  5. Leighton Meester ft Garrett Hedlund Give In To Me - YouTube
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The New Album 'Heartstrings' Available Now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/LMheartstrings Amazon: http://smarturl.it/LMheartstringsA Spotify: http://smarturl.it/... Leighton Meester Shares Her Favorite Beauty Products Want more celebrities, fashion, beauty and fun? Subscribe to Hello Style at http://www.youtube.com/hello... Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own this video an the music featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement... Und hier die Produkte zum glowy Blair Make-up: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation (03) Bobbi Brown Corrector und Concealer MAC Painterly Paint Pot Catrice Out of Space Creme Lidschatten (LE ... MAKE-UP TUTORIAL - AUDREY HEPBURN - Duration: 10:37. ... BLAIR WALDORF/LEIGHTON MEESTER MAKE-UP TUTORIAL - Duration: 11:46. Powdered by MissZophie 79,611 views. 11:46. Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester recently reflected on her audition process to win the coveted role of Blair Waldorf over FIVE years ago, saying QUOTE: 'I started auditioning back in December ... Visit our fan forum: http://www.gossipgirlcroatia.com Leighton Meester ft. Garrett Hedlund - Give In To Me (LYRCIS) (Hedlund) I'm gonna wear you down I'm gon... Legendas em Closed Caption (CC).