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Marsha Thomason’s mother’s name is Phyllis McCrae and her father’s name is Peter Thomason. We will continue to update information on Marsha Thomason’s parents. Personal Life. Like many famous people and celebrities, Marsha Thomason keeps her personal life private. Once more details are available on who she is dating, we will update this ... Marsha Thomason Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating, Marriage, Relationship Stats, Family, Career, Wiki.Scroll below and check our most recent updates about about Marsha Thomason's Biography, Salary, Estimated Net worth, Expenses, Income Reports & Financial Breakdown 2020! Marsha Thomason has 1 children. When did Marsha Thomason start dating Craig Sykes? Marsha started seeing Craig Sykes in 2008. Is Marsha Thomason having any relationship affair? According to our records, no. Was Marsha Thomason ever been engaged? Marsha Thomason has not been previously engaged. How rich is Marsha Thomason? Relationships. Marsha Thomason has had no other relationships that we know of.. About. Marsha Thomason is a 44 year old British Actress. Born Marsha Lisa Thomason on 19th January, 1976 in Moston, Manchester, England, United Kingdom, she is famous for Nessa Holt in the first two seasons of the NBC series Las Vegas.. Who is Marsha Thomason ? Marsha Lisa Thomason (born 19 January 1976) is an English television and film actress who is best known for playing Nessa Holt in the first two seasons of the NBC series Las Vegas, Naomi Dorrit on the ABC series Lost, and FBI agent Diana Berrigan on the USA Network series White Collar. Marsha Thomason was born and raised in Manchester, England. Marsha Thomason, Actress: White Collar. Marsha Thomason was born on January 19, 1976 in Manchester, England as Marsha Lisa Thomason. She is an actress, known for White Collar (2009), Safe House (2015) and Lost (2004). She has been married to Craig Sykes since April 5, 2009. They have one child. Marsha Thomason and Craig Sykes Photos Photos - (L-R) Tallulah Anais Sykes, Marsha Thomason, and Craig Sykes attend the Fa La Land VIP preview at ROW DTLA on November 17, 2018 in Los Angeles ... SEE ALSO: Who is Marsha Thomason ? Who is Marsha Thomason Dating ? Net Worth ? Who is Jeannette Weegar Dating ? Jeannette Weegar is possibly single. We have no records of past relationships for Jeannette Weegar. What is Jeannette Weegar Net Worth ? Jeannette Weegar was born in March 1977. She is an actress, known for Black Knight(2001), The ... See all Marsha Thomason's marriages, divorces, hookups, break ups, affairs, and dating relationships plus celebrity photos, latest Marsha Thomason news, gossip, and biography. Marsha Thomason is currently married to Craig Sykes . She has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 11.4 years. Her one marriage has lasted 11.4 years so far. Marsha Thomason Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Marsha Lisa Thomason (born 19 January 1976) is a British television and film actress who is known in the United States for playing Nessa Holt in the first two seasons of the NBC series Las Vegas, for her recurring role on ABC's Lost as Naomi Dorrit, and for playing FBI agent Diana Berrigan on USA Network's White Collar.

Let's talk about briefing screens! (long post)

2015.07.03 19:44 White000 Let's talk about briefing screens! (long post)

This is a topic I wanted to talk about for quite some time. Especially now since the new game is coming soon and after replaying Silent Assassin, I realize how much I enjoyed the additional materials that the game (or ICA in-universe) presents to you before each mission. I took my time to screenshot briefing screens from every PC Hitman game and will talk a bit about them. Keep in mind - I'm not a designer. I'm speaking clearly from the perspective of a gamer and a huge Hitman nerd (which, I hope, is still a worthy position to voice my opinions). I tried to capture all of the screens that I remember of (so mission details, weapon selection, weapon upgrade and the screens you can get to during the mission itself). I also wanted to show off more complex missions that therefore require more information to be presented to the player. In case of Codename 47 and Contracts, I used the same mission for better sense of comparison. I'm also using abbreviations for some of the games. It's all easy to follow though!
Let's do this.
Codename 47: mission - Lee Hong Assassination
I've got to say - looking back at those screens, I still think that I liked these the most. Yes, they look dated by now. Green-tinted screens, a very clear font and an animation showing each letter appear as if being typed out just screams old-school. ICA logo as background. Keep in mind that this was in year 2000 and the game takes place between 1999 and 2000, so it all fits together nicely. Obviously, there would be no point in using this kind of style in newer games, but I still think that it captures the mood of 47 looking at his laptop's screen and reading the briefing.
We have no narration from Diana, she only gives out instructions by text.
We have our objectives in bullet points on the next screen and then on the additional screen (after clicking the first button from the left) we get our mission details which is basically just world building and some additional info.
Next screen! We get our target (Lee Hong in this example). A quick bio, a photo and pretty much nothing else. Details are... you guessed it - on the next screen! Here we have a short video footage showing us our target and his bodyguard. It seems like someone (most likely an Agency spy) is capturing photographs - we can see some flashes. Unfortunatelly, we don't get to see the pictures, but it's a nice touch. More world building and setting up an atmosphere of this huge secret organization.
Next we have our map. Pretty barren. C47's maps weren't the greatest, but since this was fixed in later games, I don't see the point in talking about that.
Next - an equipment screen. You have your moneys on the bottom. Prices are shown on the left, ammo quantity can be adjusted on the right. Actually a pretty clear screen (except for the annoying green tint that blends everything together). You can also see a 3D model of every single piece of equipment, but I wasn't able to get this to work since the game is quite old now and I have to run both C47 and SA in OpenGL. That kind of sucks.
During the mission, we only get our objectives basically spelled out to us by our handy controller Diana. And a map (by hitting a different button) which isn't the most useful thing in the world in C47.
So, what can we say about those screens? As I've said before - these are my personal favorites. They still look pretty nice (that green tint is hell for someone with bad eyes though), they nicely set up an atmosphere, it's how they would look like in-universe. There is something I really dislike about them and if you were paying attention, you might see a pattern... There are way too many screens. And you can't get back to them easily. They are not tabs. They are literally screens. Since we have no voiced briefing from Diana, if you want to read all of that, you have to stop at every single screen and look at those green tinted words. And good luck trying to find a specific something you might want to have another look at. Let's click on more buttons to get to more screens! And in meantime, let's look at the next game.
Silent Assassin: mission - St. Petersburg Stakeout
First main difference is - we're actually getting a narration this time! Diana is voiced by a woman with a golden voice - Vivienne McKee. So what are we looking at here?
C47 had a problems with a quantity of screens we had to go through. This time, we pretty much only have one. We get our mission briefing, objectives and a nice reminder that we have no saves remaining since (in this case) we are on a Professional difficulty. That was all really nice and in-universe until that last one, wasn't it? On the right we get some additional files - something I, personally, really dig! We get a video of our target which is similar to the ones in C47, except this time we don't have to squint our eyes to see them. They are fullscreen. We also get a map - the same one as during the mission - and some photographs. Nice touch.
We choose our weapons inside 47's little shack. We get a limited amount of information on our selected weapons. Clicking our equipment in the box on the left magically adds them to the box on the right. Neat!
During the mission we get a similar screen. Clear background this time (well, a bit shadowed). We also cannot get to the video anymore and the map is bound to another button. I mean, there is some realism in this. 47 doesn't carry an iPad and full screen videos are not something Ort-Meyer thought about when he created him. Overall, all I can say about this is that is neat.
An improvement! We don't get drowned in multiple screens. Everything is clear and nice to look at. I love the additional files and a voiced narration helps. You don't have to spend ages on the briefing screen. You can watch the video at the same time you listen to our wonderful ICA controller. The only thing I dislike is that the background of our main briefing screen feels like I look at it from third person (no! my immersion!). We see a lonely laptop with a huge ICA logo on it. I doubt 47 would be able to read all of this if the Agency is putting its logo on the everything. I honestly prefered the C47's in-universe aesthetic, but it's probably just me (it's usually just me...).
Contracts: mission - Lee Hong Assassination
Hey, we're back in Hong Kong! People talk of it as an interesting place. Filled with mystery, laughs and excitement, they say. Not really my scene. 47's flashbacks don't feature a laptop (again, something that Ort-Meyer should've think about!), so we only get briefing screens during the actual mission. And... this is all we get. Pretty clear, we get our mission objectives right in front of us with a narration from our favorite ICA controller (really the only one that we know of unless Clera from SA is a controller). Minimal info, mission details on the next screen (pretty much the same thing we can just listen to). No additional info, no video files, no photographs. Map bound to a different button (handy). Where do we select our weapons you ask?
That is something you don't get in the main game! You can only get to this screen after selecting a mission from a list. Again, a clear menu, 3D models on the left, some info below and a box of things asking for you to click on them on the right. Nothing fancy.
Since there's not much to talk about here - what can we say? I personally dislike that there's nothing to do during those briefing screens. I mean, we can listen to Diana (and we should, because I mean, who wouldn't want to listen to her voice?) and look at our target(s), but.. that's it. It makes sense since those missions are only flashbacks, but for a first time player no direction might be a bit confusing. There's nothing that tells you "hey, press B to know what are you trying to do here!". It's hidden. And we don't miss much. There's not much world building and just a plain screen. As someone that absolutely adores Contracts, this hurts my poor little heart. Next!
Blood Money: mission: A Dance With the Devil
We're going back to C47-style here! The cutscenes before these briefing screens often show 47 taking out his small little babby laptop, so it makes sense to present the briefing in an aesthetic that would mimic an actual interface (well, it's close enough...).
We get our mission objectives and a clicky-thingy to get to the briefing. The golden voice tells us what to do so we can focus on the other things.
Clicking on the mission objectives box shows us this screen, in which we see bits and pieces of information about our targets and a sentence or two about additional objectives and an escape method.
Weapon screen is neat once again. We magically add weapons to the list on the right by clicking on them. We also get preview them, but I didn't capture that, because I'm dumb and forgot.
Upgrade button teleports us to this Kruger Schmidt thingy that I'm not sure what has to do with anything, but here we can upgrade our various weapons and equipment by using our moneys (wow, that feature seemed long forgotten!).
During the mission we can come back to a similar screen. We see our objectives, the mission briefing if we're for some reason tired of Diana's voice (IO was apparently... :() and we can buy intel from our ICA spies that I, personally, never used. Map is accessed by hitting a different button. Lovely!
I quite like this comeback. It's not as atmospheric as the C47's screens, but it still looks okay. It switched from the green tint to this blue-ish one, which I'm not a fan of, but a bold font is way better for my horrible eyes. No additional files, which is something I enjoyed before, but there are things to do! Upgrading our equipment takes a bit of time on the first playthrough, so I'm okay with that. Still, you'd think the Agency would supply 47 with some additional materials... OK, I know. I'm repeating myself at this point. Next!
Sniper Challenge
Not much to talk about. We get our screen with words, a photograph of Richard Strong's files (because we couldn't get the files themselves?) in this huge immersion breaking grey screen. You might be able to find 50 shades in this thing. We get a tab for the challenges that have mysteriously vanished even though I thought I have a save file. Diana's voice actress switched to Marsha Thomason, but I will try to keep my inner geekiness out of this. We get to talk more about this screen in its updated form in...
Absolution: mission - Death Factory
In hindsight, I should've picked Shavin' Lenny for this, but I'm not going back now!
These huge grey boxes and words is what you get after pressing F1 (B was naughty this year?). They look okay, but bland. In this case, we get a huge picture of Victoria's face for some reason which is enough to deduct some imaginary points from a list that doesn't exist. Since Diana is "dead", we get the thoughts of our protagonist voiced by the second golden voice of the series - David Bateson. There's something I never understood about this part and if someone can tell me a reason as to why this is that way, I will bake him an internet cookie. Why does the narration stop if you click on the next tab? There is literally nothing to do on this screen except to look at the grey font.
The tabs are somewhat reminiscent of our good friend C47. They are basically next screens. We get our score on this one (forgive my low challenge bonus - again, thought I had my old save files), challenges on this one and inventory on this one. No idea why the last one exists. There is no point in this since the HUD already offers a way of knowing what weapons 47 carries in his magic pockets. And that element of UI is also on the Purist difficulty. So... why?
Before we come to our conclussion, there's one more...
Absolution's Contracts mode
I'm using my one and only contract here, because I never bothered to play with this mode. It's just not my thing, but that's a subject for another time. On this screen, we get something that I never found nice to look at. More tabs on the top, a little box with our Silverballer and a tiny 3D model of Mr. 47. On the right we see a photograph of our target, mission conditions and... that's it.
A tab shows us the mission briefing, the difficulty setting and... that's it.
A small box becomes a full screen box and here we can click buttons to get into more menus.
And here we have a list of weapons and a list of disguises with 3D models, some stats that don't ever matter and a bit of flavor text. Also moneys.
During the contract itself, we get a Sniper Challenge-style grey screen with words and the only thing that you might check - the conditions. And... that's it.
I'd say I'm dissapointed with Absolution briefing screens. My immersion suffers again, there's nothing to do except for checking your challenges and even then you have to stay on the main screen in order to hear the narration (which is a nice piece of horrible Absolution world building. Said by a lovely voice though). Contracts mode's is a bit better, but I find it hard to look at. The boxes are just so big and everything is grey. I wouldn't say I like it.
So we've come to an end. I leave you, brave reader that has managed to get through all of these words, to form your own opinions and voice them in the comments. If I have to say for myself, I'd say I still enjoy C47's briefing screens the most even though they look a bit dated by now. BM's were nice too, but they lacked additional files that were so well done in SA. Contracts, Sniper Challenge and Absolution all their own problems and I wish those will be looked at just to see what was wrong with them. I need my immersion, damn it!
Thank you for reading. I'm out!
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