Back at this year's Build conference, Microsoft said that it will make available tools to port apps from other platforms, including iOS and Android. Now it looks like the Android tool -- dubbed ... The 100 Best Android Apps for 2020. Not all of the Google Play store's 2.9 million apps are worth downloading. Our picks of the best Android apps in 14 categories deserve a place on your phone. Android appar - Wordfeud Roligt och beroendeframkallande spel där du kan möte dina kompisar avsett om de har en Android eller Iphone! Spelet är väldigt enkelt och du kan lägga ett ord när det passar dig. Du har 72h på dig att lägga ett valfritt ord annars så förlorar du matchen. Har du inte laddat ner appen än så gör det! Managing your money can be tedious but it doesn't have to be. Check out this list of the best budget apps and money management apps for Android! Out of the thousands on offer to make your life easier, here is a roundup of the most essential Android applications for students. Prevents your phone from connecting to the internet over the mobile connection - 3G/EDGE/GPRS. Saves money for the data plan and also improves the battery life. There are so many Android apps in the Play Store, it can be hard to know which are best. Reviews can be helpful, but can also be subject to manipulation, and editor's picks only skim the surface. Motion Shot – Android-appar på Google Play. Draw on screen. Screenshot Snap Free – Android-appar på Google Play. Nimbus Clipper allows you to. label . Android > Epsdijon > EPS et Numérique > Applications, programmes > Photos et vidéos > Analyse photo, écran tablette. A lot of people root their phones and many may ask what root apps to get once they're rooted. In this list, we'll go over the best root apps for Android Utforska de Android-appar som du kan använda med en mobil, surfplatta, smart accessoar,autokonsol och TV med Android och göra din enhet helt unik. Med knapparna Föregående och Nästa och pilarna på tangentbordet ändrar du vilket objekt som visas.

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2014.05.30 01:55 raygun01 Android App Arena: The best apps for Android

This is the official subreddit of the TWiT network's new show: Android App Arena. App and game categories will be posted to this subreddit by the host of the show, Jason Howell, and then you have the chance to add your favorite apps that fit into that category, or vote up/down existing apps. As a result, you directly influence the apps that will make it onto upcoming episode of the show!

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2020.09.23 06:48 FoferJ I can finally use Google Assistant to control my AndroidTV and its Built-In Chromecast

I have a 2015 Sony Bravia with AndroidTV and built-in Chromecast as well as some Google Home speakers. For years I've tried this simple command: "OK Google, Play Stranger Things on Netflix on TV" and for years I would get this annoying response:
"Okay, 'Stranger Things' from Netflix, playing on TV. ... Sorry, I can't play Netflix on AndroidTV yet. Try using your Android TV remote instead."
Apparently this has worked fine with actual Chromecast devices, just not AndroidTV's that have built-in Chromecast. Very annoying and poorly handled, I say.
I made a video and started a thread about this 2 years ago, and others concurred.
I eventually gave up.
Today, on a whim, I tried it again, and, for the first time ever, it worked. Not sure when they (Google? Netflix?) got around to fixing this, but they did. So I thought I'd share.
submitted by FoferJ to AndroidTV [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 04:07 prohaskaharry0 REVIEW: Top 10 hockey gifts ideas for boys in 2020

REVIEW: Top 10 hockey gifts ideas for boys in 2020
Home Review

REVIEW: Top 10 hockey gifts ideas for boys in 2020

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Your loving hockey small boy is undoubtedly as wild and enthusiastic as the hockey game itself. Hockey is the sport of the most adventurous boys of each generation that has seized their hearts and sticks. Anybody who has a “hockey kid,” will tell how unbelievably pricey the best equipment could be, but the truth is that the young hockey aficionado doesn’t have to spend so much on it.
We can use a list of all top 10 hockey gifts for boys on popular request and compare all by cost, age relevance, and other factors. Then we’ll share some tips on shopping yourself for hockey gifts.
Nội dung

Hockey Pencils and Erasers

A minimum of 12 pencils and one eraser in a variety of colors come with every box of hockey pencil pieces. With each order, you get three of each color. They are: red, blue, green and black. Sticks on both sides can be sharpened, and the erasers can be removed.
Children like to receive these hockey pencils and gift gifts in good bags. That’s because the pencils can be lightened and play with any regular pencil sharpener. Your children are so happy to take them to school and show them all their mates.
Since the favors of the hockey party is used as a pencil or a table hockey stick, hockey players and children are often a big hit. Which means that they are the ideal favourites for birthday events and the hockey team of your boys and girls.
Bedwina hockey crayons and rubber bands are made of high-quality wooden pencil frames in different colours, with wide rubber blade-like erasers – pencil reaches 9 cm, and erasers are omitted so that other pencils can also be used.
When searching for sportsmanship festivals, children’s pencils or fine bags with Bedwina, you can be sure that if you are unsatisfied for any cause, they will retake your order without any questions. 100% of the time, with our 100% enjoyment guaranteed, they will be here to keep you smiling.
Unlike popular belief, a child who plays hockey doesn’t need to get every gift costly and dense. This 12-pack of hockey pencils is great for a teenage hockey fan, to turn up at the next celebration pizza parties as party favours. Not only are these pencils made from real wood, but they have colored, as weird as they are effective, rubber erasers.

Franklin Sports Automatic One-Timer Hockey Passer

The only manner to perfect this iconic slap shot is by repeatedly practicing the movements, which can be challenging without a boxing coach. The Franklin Sports Automatic Hockey Passer provides the want tobe street hockey pro with a chance to practice ball control even when he is alone.
If you can do it correctly, the one-timer is a wonderful shot. Timing and monitoring for a single-timer shooter must be precise as the shooter can only reach and fire into the net a couple of seconds.
The only way to change the schedule is to work. It was designed to simulate a ‘one-time’ hockey move by firing up to nine floor hockey balls at its auto-ball feeder.
The Hockey Passer lets you take your slapshots again and again with ideal passes. Load into the feeder up to nine street hockey balls all at once and just get ready for the transfer.
The LED light will allow you to know if the ball is coming, so that you can go down bar. This passer is working on 4 “D” not including batteries. Take a fellow and get out!

Take Along Hockey Arena Playset

The playset is another nice present idea for a younger fan, making hockey fixes easy for kids everywhere and everywhere. Not only does this completely automate kit have a fun ice rink and a rubber band, but it has several other rooms such as the wardrobe and trophy cabinet.
In addition , a lot of small accessories makes this play set especially fun, even for children who don’t even know that they have been hockey fans!
The NHL Take Along Arena is game night! This package is great for fun on the go, built in a cozy take-along case. Set consists of three numbers, the structure of the stadiums, goal post, side bench, handrails, kit for first aid, play tactics, shirt numbers, hockey sticks, skates, barbells, and lots of additional hockey equipment. Recommended for 5 years and older.
Only fold the front board to screen a great hockey game. Members will prepare for the match in the dressing room, where all the hockey equipment can be kept.
When the player reaches the ice, restart the game by pulling the player’s lever back to push the jacket and throw the jacket around the rink. Then manipulate the net goalie to prevent the shot.

Tabletop Air Hockey Table

While we are well aware that air hockey also isn’t hockey, we think it is a fantastic addition to our list of the best hockey children’s toys because of the amount of fun it provides for a fan of competitive hockey all within the safety and ease of the basement or a game space.
With a real pump with battery, which produces an arcade-style skee ball table ‘s iconic friction-less atmosphere, this tabletop game offers genuine arcade-style fun without any of the hassle of being forced somewhere.
The lightweight architecture of the 40-inch Rally and Roar Table Top Air-Spanning Hockey is ideal for children and adults. It is advantageous enough for you to tuck it in every room with dimensions 40 “x 20” x 9 “and turn any room space into some kind of playground.
It is fun to watch people come out of technology and enjoy immersive, hand-eye coordination in a hyper-centered culture around electronics, activities and television.
With the pop up air hockey game Rally and Roar, people will look forward to challenging their families , friends, or even you for a friendly hand puck hockey game. This mini game is a lightweight and space-saving package which is perfect for surprise duals or groups, picnics, parks, birthdays or other gatherings in the Family Game Night.

Hockey Lightweight Stickhandling Training Aid

You’re going to have to really help your children find forms of training which need not be taught by a coach, team or even a new teammate while they are talking seriously about being better hockey players. The Hockey Revolution StickHandling Learning Aid is the ideal gift to deliver creative and compact training and practice.
This smart device challenges trainers to navigate their pucks and balls via an adaptable barrier gauntlet that enhances skills quickly, from rubber’s influence and stick dealing to effective responsibility. The skill improvements are even more apparent when used alongside the Hockey Revolution Learning App.
Stickhandling coaches are unbelievably complex ice training systems that you can use to improve the coordination of your hands and hands in several respects. Such goods are so original that they can be adapted. You may bring them in any form you want, when you are on or off the ice, anywhere you want to train in specific abilities.

PLAYMOBIL Hockey Arena

Since we know that not every hockey loving kid will be mature enough to strap the skates and take action, we have thought that we should give some gifts to the somewhat youth guys who are searching for high-level goal scorers without all the needless complexities.
The hockey arena is a responsive and lovely hockey tabletop game that places against each other 2 games of two plastic ice hockey. Growing players can be removed and replaced by figurines representing a growing NHL team which is a perfect way to make your child a lifelong fan as young as possible.
The joy of kids can be felt as they witness hockey and compete to achieve the game-winning target! Using the pull-back lever for any player to wave his hockey stick and return the puck to fly the surface.
Use your goalkeeper, by cutting the player down and then using the joystick to protect him against offensive snaps by pushing him sideways for some blocks that save the game!
Follow the goals of each team with the scorekeeping rule used on either end of the arena. This collection is ready for a friendly competition and is therefore a perfect activity for many children. Invite friends, pick a player and start fun as each child assumes the role of a hockey star!

LED Hover Hockey

The indoor hockey game has just cooled a great deal with STREET WALK’s LED Hockey game. This creative take on a street hokey uses a little flying puck that effortlessly swims air over the surface.
This puck is filled with bright, color-changing LEDs when the puck is struck. Two objectives and two sticks are also included so that you can start a fun game of 1v1 with your boy.
The kids enjoy playing over and over again, rendering this a perfect game at home, with quick setting up and fast movement action. You with your child will close the gap, strengthen shared feelings. They guarantee our toys 100% health. Their commodity has been rigorously evaluated and obtained a number of qualifications and basic qualifications.

I Spy with My Little Eye Hockey

It seems hard to ever get too much of this for kids who really have discovered what they do, and it’s doubly so for fans of hockey. The I Spy With My Little Eye – Hoccupy Edition is an intelligent book of puzzle games, challenges, and poems which every child, much less a child who already is in love with sports, will engage for a few hours.
High quality hockey pictures are an important component of this little book on hardcover, and it is a fun story to read again and again because there are so many unique problems. There is not too much hockey for many sports fans. And young readers get double the fun in I Spy with My Little Eye Hockey.
Z’s author Matt Napier: a hockey alphabet, teams up with artist David Milne to create a book of visual puzzles that tests young readers’ deductive abilities and sharp eyes. Photographs of a dual look are packed with hockey helmets, sticks, pucks, and mini ice rinks and cards.
However, one scene has changed slightly. Can you see the modifications? So many are you going to find? Poetic hints allow young fans and seasoned veterans to recognise subtle distinctions between the scenes of each pair.

Hockey Player Lamp Night Lights

These days everybody is searching for something a little special, whether they are looking to send a birthday gift, Christmas or even say thank you. Everybody’s expecting something different today. It’s something else, incredibly easy but efficient like a night light, emotion light, or a piece of décor in your home or office.
The 3D Illusion Lights range from Wiscky gives life to a two-dimensional picture. Both our lights are made of a thin, laser-cut layer of acrylic glass to create a 3D-emitting lighting effect. Looking through the daytime but in the dark and light it produces a lovely optical illusion that is both practical and a beautiful piece of architecture that everyone wants to enjoy.
New 3D night-light illusion makes your world even more animated and has a cool hologram effect. The illusion created by the lamp will surprise visitors. This lamp will not only light your room, but it will also give you great vibrations in your life.

PUCKUPS Hockey Puck Cell Phone Stand

The custom is made of official 6 oz. PUCKUPS are distinctive cellular phone stands. Hockey pucks in solid rubber. All versions of cell phones and iPhones like iPhone X, iPods, tablet pcs, iPod Touch are presented and shielded from the need for a universal mobile app.
Even the latest galaxy note 2, LG, Moto, and all Samsung Galaxy like Note 8 are in line! It’s probably the most disruptive mobile phone holder you’ll ever find.
You’ve got PUCKUPs to go to your favorite restaurant, sports bar, cave, office, kitchen, car park, hotel or college friend, or to hold up your phone anywhere. PUCKUPS are great in your local sports bar.
Don’t let crucial calls, messages and emails go unnoticed while you are at your favourite restaurant or office. You can rest assured with PuckUps that you are linked when relaxing! Stay linked to your social networks too.
The audio quality of your mobile speakers would automatically increase by removing your handset from a flat surface. Choose the pool or your bar in the suburban neighborhood. We are washable and almost indestructible! Glide PuckUps into your pocket or put them in your pocket while watching the game.

Hockey equipment online buying tips

Sizing-chartIf you want to buy your equipment online , make sure that it suits correctly first. Most stores such as Hockey Monkey and Complete Hockey have diagrams that look for the equipment that matches you. It helps if you know the height of your shoulders, the back, the length of the legs, etc.
The recommendation is first to check equipment in the stores. It is especially true when you are a new player. I recommend trying hockey skates to make them comfortable and comfort is very necessary before you buy them.
You can also try them in shops and buy online. You should not have any problem finding out your size online for machinery like shoulder pads and socks, sticks, jerseys, jocks and neck guards. I’m especially concerned with gloves, skates and helmets so I try them first in the store.
Usually new players who do not know how things suit and sound, have a suggestion to check out equipment in shops. Only if they try to do some things and learn what they like and don’t like generally, I’d recommend a new player to buy the equipment.
Go to a shop, pick up things, pinch them, feel them, stretch them, try to feel what you want. If you like it, buy it, but it gives you power and confidence to buy in the shop, or online!
If you really can, get to know the equipment first, so you know what the equipment looks like. You can use sized diagrams online to ensure that you have the correct size if you know what products you want. If you want new hockey sticks, search for the best quality, shop around for good discount pro-stock sticks.

Why should parents play hockey with their child?

Hockey provides a healthy, family-friendly opportunity to build new amis, to become physically active, to learn significant skills, such as coordination of the hand-eye and strategic thinking, and to create life-long souvenirs.
Hockey is also a great building sport and gives participants the chance to learn the importance of equality, sporting skills and personal obligation.

The advantages of learning to play hockey for kids

The importance of engaging in youth sports for a child must be recognized. The National Alliance for young athletes claims that participation in sport has major characteristics and life-long ideals that can have a positive effect on children ‘s lives. Sport, especially team sports like hockey, can help children develop leadership and management skills.
Sporting can help children develop self-esteem. According to USA Hockey, the comrade experienced on and off the ice facilitates cooperation and natural leadership skills development and embraces lifelong friendships.
Above are the top 10 hockey gifts for boys worth buying for boys who love hockey. You see, sometimes gifts don’t need to be too expensive but show your interest and love for the recipient. Have a nice working day!
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REVIEW: The top 10 best hockey games for Android: You will really into it if once download


REVIEW: Top 7 best Hockey shorts and jock with Athletic Cup in 2020


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Underwater hockey – A brand new water sports in 2020: Have you tried it?


All about the origin of hockey: An interesting story


REVIEW: The top 10 best hockey games for Android: You will really into it if once download


REVIEW: Top 7 best Hockey shorts and jock with Athletic Cup in 2020


REVIEW: A details in top hockey pucks in 2020: What is the best hockey puck to choose?


REVIEW: Top 5 best hockey duffle bags in 2020


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2020.09.22 23:10 Lord_Tost Follow up to "how would tattoos be viewed in bigger citys?"

(this is a follow-up up on this post )
This is super long, I'm sorry, tldr at the bottom.
So the party entered the city, and went to the nobels address they got, witch turned out to be a quite fancy place (who would have thought). We parked our carriage and went in. Both the rogue and my character had all our tattoos cover up since we didn't know how they would view them. We were only there to see that we were in the right place, and that the address was correct. We knocked on the large door and a servant opened, asked who we were and the told the noble that he had visitors, since he apparently was very eager to meet us. The noble came down a grand staircase and waved at us (in the way a noble would). The rogue waved back, as she did, she felt how here long sleeve started to slip down her arm, to reveal her tattoos. I gave her this kinda "oh f" look.
The nobels got visible stunned up on seeing her tattoos, but his expression wasn't one of fear or discuss, but fascination and curiosity. He came down the stairs and introduced himself. He started shaking hands with the party (he was apparently more humble then I thought). My character tucked up her sleeves and when she shook hands with the noble, he had this shooked expression, like he was confused but facinated over the fact that we were more than one tattooed person. He went through all the normal formalities, and then apologize for his reaction to our tattoos, but seeing someone with tattoos in this part of the land was very uncommon since there were very few tattoo artists, and actually getting one was very expensive. So they were viewed as exotic, and with high regards. The party left to return in the evening.
They went clothes shopping since they're a band of adventures that doesn't really have clothing suitable for a nobles fest, (and it was a fun roleplaying opportunity) , went to a bath house, and just messed around in the city for a few hours until evening. When arriving at the nobels place they notice a lot of carriages parked outside, so they suspected that they were late, but people just tend to be early in that City.
My character was wearing a long split skirt that showed her leg sleeve, a top that only covers the front, and was tied around the neck and around the waist. She also hade a normal pair of pants with her.
The rogue was wearing a fancy short top that left the entire stomach visible since a lot of her tattoos were there. With a split kinda short skirt, and a lot of jewelry. a lot of her tattoos are on the legs to, but I think she went a bit to reveling, but idc. She also hade a pair of pants with her.
The tiefling bard was wearing a stylish suit since dresses aren't really her thing.
And the human wizard was wearing colorful a bit oversized robes and a hat that probably was to big for her head, but it pulled the look together.
The feast took place on a garden built on the nobles roof. I went really well, the wizard turned water to wine, wine to chicken soup, and summoned illusion to entertain the people. The bard played songs and told storys of the partys great victorys, but they were a bit... Enhanced... And just socialize.
The rogue and my character got a lot of people interested in their body art, so they showed it to people and answer questions about them. They also did some acrobatics (since they're both proficient in it) this was why they needed pants btw.
The teenage daughter of the noblemen came up to my character and told her that she was a bit jealous of her ink, and that she has always wanted to get a tattoo but she was too young and artists were rare, the rogue asked if she wanted her to give her a temporary one, and she quickly said yes. The rogue got here painter supply and drew the design she wanted, she then light poked it with the end of the brush (to cast prestidigitation on it, wich the dm allowed to work for 48h in this case, the rogue is a high elf, so free cantrip).
My character got a bit tired of people asking about her back piece and the story behind it. The tattoo depicts a colorful serpent like dragon (homebrew monster, chrome dragon) witch was the partys latest victory. The party decided to recreate the story with the bard as a story teller, and the wizard did some really convincing illusions.
At the end of the night the noble was very thankful for them attending and "saving" an otherwise pretty boring feast. And gave the party 1000 GP each. (And the plot reasons were taken care of)
TLDR the feast went very well,
I'm sorry for this being so long but I just felt like telling the story, thank you so much for reading.
submitted by Lord_Tost to DnD [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 20:01 Marissa_Calm Sharing my journey...

Hey everyone, as a lot of people come here to ask about trans experiences i thought i'd share mine.
If you are new here maybe check out this post first:
To be clear, i am a pretty extreme /classical case i don't want this to be gatekeeping anyone.
All people that are more on the enby spectrum or are not super self aware at that age or supress/dissociate themselves in different ways than self optimisation and hyperreflection have a waaay harder time to perceive and understand themselves and most importantly allow themselves to be themselves. (Or be accepted in our shitty system) so don't fret if you have a different experience, doesn't make you any less valid, just a little harder to get through peoples ignorance....
I will try to describe how it felt for me let me start with the obvious.
I had all the classics, i hated going to the hairdresser and losing my long hair way more than the dentist, i loved wearing dresses, be able to play with and be around other girls and felt weird around guys.
But it's not about those things that i liked long hair or dresses that make me trans, it's the intensity and importance that had for me as my intuition and self perception was challenged by people around me all the time and that was painfull.
When i got into primary scool suddenly everything was gendered. And suddenly as the only perceived boy on a girl friends birthday party i was the odd one out. And it was super uncomfortable to me that i was perceived to be different even though i felt i belonged there.
I liked When i was told i look like a girl, i didn't like when the boys started to say that with vitrol and negative connotation as if i am wrong the way i am. (Wore nothing explicitly feminine as it was not allowed anymore, but fem enough apparently)
The first 2 years of school where really bad for me because of all that. In third grade i said "if everyone tells me i am wrong, and that it is a bad thing, if my needs and emotions are wrong why bother with them if they only cause unecessary suffering and i can't do anything about them." So i dissociated myself on many levels ignored my body as good as possible and became hyper rational.
My parents where oblivious to why i was so weird, i got some psychological testing but when they found a high iq for my age they said "yeah, that kid just doesn't fit in and just is that way"
I devalued my body my emotion and the value of all my needs, the only thing i cared about was how i can get rid of unnecessary suffering in the world and numbing myself.
I spent many nights lying awake wishing to just be a girl for one day... one day...
I played female characters in games when i knew no one would find out, it just felt right to me.
Lots of other stuff i could write. But i was never male or masculine, i was always an ungendered hyperrational science weirdo that presented pretty asexual.
And even many years afterwards when i realised i have the right to be a person and value myself even if it is unpractical the only choice i had is between no gender and female. I literally can't even imagine being male in any way. (Before coming out to my parents i tried to force myself into living in my a male role for a day and embracing my maleness, it was the worst day of a really shitty year..(and i know that is hard to understand what that means, it just means stopping to dissociate and trying to embrace the way my body and social role presented me to be.)
After allowing myself to be myself and try some things that alleviate my dysphoria (to be clear i had strongly dissociated from my body and the dysphoria got really strong after i opened that pandoras box of voulnerability) i saw myself in the mirror for the first time. If felt at home in my body for the first time, i valued my needs for the first time. (I literally didn't really know how it feels to be tired or hungry) i stopped being stressed all day and finally felt i could just be without doing something productive and that being okay.
I had a lot of gender euphoria, i love my real pronous and my new name. It just feels right on all layers of my existance.
This was the only way for me to actually be happy with myself. It was a tough time, waiting through all the psychological evaluation burocracy and waiting times, outing myself to unsupportive family members, being questioned and denied after knoeing and waiting and fighting for so long... but since i finally started hormones i really felt like being alive and wanting to be alive for my own sake For the first time... with 13 i was pretty suicidal for the first time when my puberty began, and i realised that logic itself is paradox and cannot make value judgements. After years of not valuing my life. I was really close to leaving this planet again, before finally allowing myself to be myself. And it was the best decision i have ever made.
I tried to cure myself in many ways for many years, it never went away...
There are a thousand things i didn't write or that i couldn't put into words.(and left out sexuality) Everyones experience is different.
The only thing that really matters is, do you feel like you are("want to be") a different gender outside of functional external reason.
(I am an active feminist for over a decade and from a functional perspective it is insanely dumb to me to live as a women)
(I typed this on a phone, sorry for typos, i am approx 30 btw and outed myself a little over a year ago)
I hope this helps :).
Edit: huh i just remembered that i got a gender neutral nickname in third grade that i kept and liked a lot more than my deadname until i came out...
submitted by Marissa_Calm to asktransgender [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 19:10 Simmetria Should I get a POCO X3? Right now I use a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Exynos

Hello everyone!
I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I wanted to change it for many reasons, because during these years it slowed down and I don't really like both cameras. And, of course, I'd like to upgrade my Android version.
I've seen the POCO X3 and apparently it's better for everything that I mentioned. My budget is about 200-300€, so I was thinking to buy it for 199€ on the Xiaomi store here in Italy.
Is it a good upgrade? Or should I look for something even better or different (I saw F2 pro, but it's more than my budget) :/ I'm not that much into mobiles, so any advice is welcomed. Thanks and sorry for my English, I tried my best!
P.S: I've always used Samsung, this will be my first time with Xiaomi.
P.S: My "biggest" concern is about the display. I'm not sure I'll enjoy the 120hz more than my current S8's display. I use my phone to play games and to watch stuff like Twitch/Netflix or listening to music. Nothing too special, but I'd like to have also better performance while playing.
submitted by Simmetria to PocoPhones [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 17:19 Nerd4Muscle From Galaxy S8+ to Note 20 Ultra?

*Promise of extended support for updates,
*S Pen text selection because text selection is a pain,
*5G support and updated Android OS,
*Support for wireless Android Auto update (Huge need! It struggles to hold a connection to my car),
*No Bixby button,
*Assumed better camera than what I have currently?
*Price but Verizon (USA) let me pay along for this phone,
*Battery life? I have to charge about daily anyway.
*No dedicated headphone jack.
The Otterbox for my phone didn't really protect the screen and relied upon a hard press-on cover. The replacement cover is apparently no longer in production and only a film cover is available. How safe is the Note 20 Ultra screen in the Otterbox? (I know the part about Gorilla glass, but I don't want to leave to chance. I'm clumsy.)
I'm leaning towards the Note 20 Ultra, but want to make sure there wasn't some other Android phone that's better.
submitted by Nerd4Muscle to PickAnAndroidForMe [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 16:34 DarkHeartKnight What’s Your Story appears to be gone... Thoughts?

I noticed this the other day after reading another thread, for iPhone users, it’s no longer available in the AppStore, even if you look through all of Ludia’s apps. I even went so far as to check their official website, and if you click on the AppStore link, you’ll get a popup saying that the app isn’t available in your country. Can any Android users confirm if this is the case on Android devices as well? I’m quite curious about whether or not this app is gone for good. I was JUST playing it last week before deleting it for storage, and now it’s gone!
Here’s the link to Ludia’s official website.
What do you guys think about the game’s apparent disappearance? Do you think this may be a sign that Ludia wants to focus on Lovelink specifically?
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2020.09.22 16:16 Simmetria Should I get a POCO X3? Right now I use a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Exynos

Hello everyone!
I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I wanted to change it for many reasons, because during these years it slowed down and I don't really like both cameras. And, of course, I'd like to upgrade my Android version.
I've seen the POCO X3 and apparently it's better for everything that I mentioned. My budget is about 200-300€, so I was thinking to buy it for 199€ on the Xiaomi store here in Italy.
Is it a good upgrade? Or should I look for something even better or different? I'm not that much into mobiles, so any advice is welcomed. Thanks and sorry for my English, I tried my best!
P.S: my "biggest" concern is about the display. I'm not sure I'll enjoy the 120hz more than my current S8's display.
Edit: I use my phone to play games and to watch stuff like Twitch/Netflix or listening to music. Nothing too special, but I'd like to have also better performance while playing.
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2020.09.22 16:03 AerosolHubris How to easily control push notifications and URL autocomplete?

I like to use bookmark and history autocomplete in the URL bar, and push notifications of new Android Messages. However, I teach and don't want either of these popping up in class. I know that I can keep a separate browser just for class, but alternatively is there an add-on with a simple "privacy" button I can use to turn these on and off?
With regard to push notifications, I found out that they are not blocked by Windows' Focus Assist setting during class when a text from my wife came up. I use the setting to turn off notifications when connected to an external source, but apparently Firefox doesn't respect this setting.
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2020.09.22 12:44 GeneralFrievolous Status bar and bottom navigation buttons vanished, I'm stuck in an app I can't close

The phone is a 2015 Huawei P8 Lite, Android 5.0.2 and EMUI 3.1 graphical interface.
As a bit of a premise, this phone's power button broke down a while ago. It wasn't a big deal, initially, but as a consequence I'm since then unable to shut it down, boot up or reboot it. This also means it inevitably got laggier and laggier, to the point it can't run more than one app at a time.
Yesterday night I was watching a video when one of the usual lag spikes happened. I wasn't worried, since they end in about 5-10 minutes and the phone becomes usable again, but this time the status bar *and* the bottom navigation buttons vanished. To make things worse, I opened another app by mistake during the lag spike itself and now I'm stuck in it, I can't go back to the home screen nor I can close the app. Everything else works just fine, the notification light even lights up when I receive a message.
This morning I tried connecting the phone to the computer via USB to see if I could've at least saved some data, but the phone only connects in recharge mode (last time I connected it, I disabled file transfer because I just needed a quick recharge). As a result, I can't even install the Huawei software suite, the one time I actually needed it, nor access the main memory and the SD.
My theory is that if I can get the phone to reboot, whatever system component responsible for the missing UI will restart alongside the entire system. Problem is, my power button is broken, so I can't do it that way. I tried to use ADB, but my phone doesn't have USB debugging enabled (I never needed it) and I can't enable it since I'm stuck in another app with no way out. I considered using a physical keyboard connected via a USB-to-microUSB adapter, but the original P8 Lite apparently doesn't support OTG, which is a requirement to use this method.
The most drastic method I came up with would be to let the phone completely discharge to the point it shuts down, then connect it to power and boot it up in recovery mode from there by keeping volume-down pressed while connecting it to power. But I'm not sure wether it'll work or not.
Is my phone *de facto* bricked or is there some hope?
I defer to the vast wisdom of this community and I thank you all in advance.
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2020.09.22 12:21 BrokenHandle56 I'm a CISO!

Chief information security officer for those not up on the endless IT acronyms.
I posted a month ago about my possible promotion
For a while wasn't sure the position would come to be, but apparently I had made a bigger impression with upper management with handling the company's SOC2 audit.
Guess I need to wipe that 1000 yard state of my face and get to work.
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2020.09.22 10:53 NewbieWithARuby [Episode 1 Spoilers] Mothers actions near the pit

Why does Mother howl like a wolf and circle the doll around her head when Tally falls into the pit.
It stuck out to me then and 7 episodes deep and we still don't really have an answer.
Was it meant to be showing the start of Mother's irrational behaviour in opposition to what we would expect from an android?
Obviously the Wolf symbolism is very apparent but I thought we would have had more of a direct explanation or at least a recurrence of the act by now but it just seems to be this one off thing that is never addressed.
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2020.09.22 10:02 DELHI_COP [H] 1 Month Adobe Creative Cloud with Entire Collection Of Adobe Desktop & Mobile Creative Apps [W] PayPal,Steam Money,Amazon Pay

I got a code I will give you
Apparently My Family is Broke in this Pandemic and I want to help my family(I am full time student btw) So I could help them
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2020.09.22 09:45 DELHI_COP [H] 1 Month Adobe Creative Cloud with Entire Collection Of Adobe Desktop & Mobile creative apps [W] PayPal,Steam Money, Amazon Pay

I got a Code I will give you
Apparently My family is broke in this pandemic so I am trying my best to earn money from wherever I can get
iGS Rep
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2020.09.22 03:10 HighChairman1 Johnny Encounters A Robit

Johnny Encounters A Robit

\"Oh bloody what is that!\" -Captain Johnny

*Robit Observing The Sunset*

\"It has my bag!\" -Captain Johnny who doesn't realize he is holding his bag and that is not his bag, but then again he lost his mind several adventures ago fighting Chaos.

*Johnny Proceeds To Charge Tackle The Robit Android*

*Johnny Locked In Brutal Melee Against The Robit For It's Medic Bag*
Captain Johnny would later best the Robit in combat, and promptly take it's medic bag afterwards... he would later find Androids don't exactly die after being hit with a sword... though somehow a smack with a sword gives it sentience. So that's a plus I guess.

Same Robit And Captain Johnny Later During Another Incursion Of Trollface Militants Which Are Offscreen
Captain Johnny's Company didn't think so highly of the "Robit" he found. Then again it looks very unusual to the 18th Century Infantry.
"What is with that unusual design of uniform? And what kind of bloody gun is that?!" -Captain Johnny shortly after being introduced to 20XX Warfare
Shortly after hearing the name of said gun, Patriot, Johnny got a case of PTSD of his times dealing with the rebels in the colonies and had to be relived for a short time from the expedition. He was permitted to keep Robit after some arguments with the General that to fight these apparent modern force they must learn modern. What better than this... "Robit".... to teach the British the arts of this modern warfare. Quite reluctant the General was, as the British are the most powerful empire in the world (of their time), but seeing how muskets and sabers are clearly obsolete he accepted that this "Robit" teach Johnny's company how to use these automatic rifles.
And learn his company did. Now armed with Patriots found in a Trollface weapon cache the British prepare for yet another offensive. With orders to test this new weapon and strategy in combat.
submitted by HighChairman1 to Ravenfield [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 03:03 paddingtonrex No-budget movie review thing and compatibility issues

So me and some friends are shooting a movie review thing, camera 1 is my phone on a tripod, camera 2 is theirs, new guest every week lets me use their phone as camera 2 and we transfer the footage to my PC. I'm sure some of you already see the problem.

The raw footage is about 25 minutes a file. My phone is an android, and I have zero problems transferring the footage to my PC. However when I try to move the footage from their iphone using a USB, no dice. Apparently large files can't be moved to a PC directly.
Getting a spare phone or camera isn't an option, as we have no budget. I considered doing just a single shot with my phone, but I feel like it loses a lot of visual interest and "production value".
Is there an easy solution to this I'm not seeing? We just shot just shy of an hour of footage and I'd really hate to lose the shoot entirely.
submitted by paddingtonrex to videography [link] [comments]

2020.09.22 02:58 IEatYourSalad Got myself into the mobile release. First impressions and questions from a long time player.

Hello there fellow Orion haters, Brawlhalla player since the Beta here, active from time to time when I feel like cutting my veins wide open playing this amazing and relaxing piece of software. Never achieved diamond, though I was pretty close at some point; now I'm somewhere mid-gold thanks to inactivity
I was recently bored and suddenly remembered that Brawlhalla was supposed to be on mobile at some point. Apparently that point was in the past and I downloaded the game. I did NOT expect much from a touch control style but OH BOY this is insanely difficult. I did change the layout a bit because in my head dash and jump should be the other way around, but it still is confusing as hell (maybe because I always played on keyboard and not a controller?). After these 7 or 8 games I played I felt absolutely exhausted, my fingers hurt and I still don't feel like I was in full control of what I was doing (I didn't resort to spamming random buttons though); hitting a string of more than two attacks is borderline impossible but sooo satisfying.
My absolutely favorite ranked game (because I went ranked immediately) was a game against a spammer orion. Now, on PC I know how to counterplay that but on mobile I couldn't even think about what to do next before I was hit by another side sig xD (nyes, I lost, 3-0)
Not the best experience overall, BUT if the answer to question number 2 is yes I will dedicate myself to climb to platinum with the touch controls.
So, for the questions:
  1. Can I connect this to my steam account? The more I think about it the more I don't want to do this because playing against players on my actual skill level would suck, buuut unlocking all characters I actually want to play will take ages, not to mention all my sUpEr CoOl CoLoRs.
  2. Is Android part of the crossplay? Because if it really is then, well, good luck climbing anywhere! If not then I won't be too motivated to climb on the other hand, unless it's with another input device, see Q3
  3. Pad support? Kb support? It seems like a fun idea to have a portable Brawlhalla, so if either is natively supported it might actually become my go-to handheld game. And I do already happen to carry around a keyboard from time to time so it's not a problem, might need to buy a new OTG cable though because I switched to a phone with USB-C recently.
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2020.09.22 01:56 Ringo15 Raised by Wolves theories

Alright here are my theories and predictions on what is gonna happen.
Alright, the big mystery is the strange force that is making people see Tally, whispering in Marcus's ear, and talking to Mother in the sim. I think this force is either and AI from earth or an AI from an extinct(maybe) alien civilization on Kepler. Its obviously limited and seems to need stuff to fall in the holes (tally, spaceship) to interact with the other characters. I think it is an AI based on what it said to Mother in the simulation about human beings being a lost cause and telling her shes perfect like the expansion of space. Obviously, it sees mother as an equal and wants her. It's also stopping Marcus from destroying her. I'm not 100% sure what it wants though. For one, it lured father away as Tally so that tempest could go kill the pregnant creature in the silo. My first thought on why it did this because it hoped the creature would kill tempest, or that killing the pregnant creature would drive Tempest to kill herself and the baby which it did. It also appears to Campion as Tally and tries to get him to kill himself, and to Paul who it lures into the pit, I assume trying to kill him. This makes me think that it wants to kill all the children so that Mother will not be distracted by them and the mission anymore and thus have no reason not to join the AI. The only problem with this theory is the first time mother is in the sim, at the end the memory of campion he suddenly grabs her and tells her that tempest is in trouble which causes her to leave and get back in time to stop tempest from killing herself. This must've been the AI. So maybe it wants tempests' baby for some reason? It also returns Pauls mouse after mouse fell into the pit. I think it does this to restore Pauls faith in Sol, so that the tension between Marcus and Sue is greater. I think it wants Marcus to kill Sue (from his vision during sex of stabbing her the scapple) since it knows shes gonna stop him from going full believer that he's really hearing Sol and a prophet. The AI wants to use Marcus and the mythraic for something which is why it helped Marcus kill the head Cleric. I also think the pentagonal thing in the desert is some kind of extension (one of many) for the AI. which is why it didn't want to be blown up.

The host. This is the dude who finds the trackers from the children mother threw away and who has the lair that Marcus and the mythraic find. I think this guy has to be an android of some kind based on the way he was able to jump out of his house and that he has a human like form (head, two arms, two legs). He also has ratty handmaid clothes that make it seem like hes been here forever or a long time. I'm not sure if he's related to the AI at all but I think not. Like why was his lair booby-trapped? why did he have those cards with pictures on them. I don't think he has been in the sim because then the sim would've known he's an android and it says "unknown" to the question of human or android, so that makes me think only the AI has been in the Sim. Not sure, theres not much to go on with this guy.

Helmet dude: So the rapist mythraic with the bucket head. I wonder if the AI was somehow able to speak to him too while the mythraic were coming and told him to rape all the women so that they would be pregnant when they arrived. seems like he only stopped hearing the voice too when they put the bucket on his head so maybe it's blocking the AI talking to him. It almost makes me think the AI wants human babies for some reason but then again why wouldn't it have tried to take the gen 1 kids from the beginning? I guess in episode 9 we're getting "super ortho" per imdb so should shed more light on if this guy has a more important part than just being a crazy who is meant to make Marcus think he is also hearing the voice of Sol.
Dog creatures : Its weird that these only show up after the mythraic arrive specifically the ark crashes.... Not sure what these are about but i thinks its interesting that they appear so human like. They even mention that the taste like pork which is apparently what humans taste like. I almost wonder if these are changed humans or some strange work of the AI on humans or a human-like species on kepler. not sure.
Predictions: Ok so I think the AI is going to become more known to Mother and its going to ask her to abandon the children and join it. But mother will refuse. The AI will then use Marcus and the Mythraic to achieve some goal we can't be sure of yet and probably be Mothers enemies. I think Marcus fully embracing his false prophet role will drive him and Sue apart and Sue will take paul and join with Mother. I think Mother will temporarily defeat Marcus and the AI at which point the AI will use Marcus and the mythraic to achieve it's other goals. here's an idea on what that might be:
I bet this has something to do with the tropical zone. I can imagine that their may be an intelligent race on Kepler in the tropical zone that uses the electromagnetic field mentioned to shield it's self from the AI. maybe because the AI is their creation that went all skynet on them. The AI might use Marcus to defeat the shield and conquer these natives then return to get paul from mother and sue. This would easily make it seem like they were fulfilling the mythraic prophesies and the AIs promise to Marcus to make him king of this world. Perhaps the host stranger is one of the native keplarians? I kind of doubt it though.
oh well thats where i'm at let me know if you guys have other ideas.
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2020.09.21 21:06 honeycity I can't install the game.

I have a ZenFone 5 (android 9, 64 bit and all that jazz), but I can't install the game because apparently my device isn't compatible. Is it because of my android version or what? Is there something I'm missing? :c
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2020.09.21 19:41 FantanaFoReal Strange single vibration

I'm not sure if this is an issue with my phone or the Android OS, but here goes.
For the last couple of months I've had these really annoying single vibrations for no apparent reason. I haven't been able to find any rhyme or reason for them to be happening, but to describe it, tap your finger on a table once. That's the length of the vibration.
They sometimes come in bursts of a few, and other times just a single one. It seems that if I move the phone around (as in a motion of trying to calibrate the map when you do that) it happens a few times.
I know this is all very vague, but this is as much as I know. By any chance has anyone had anything similar happen to them?
I've downloaded Nice Catch but it doesn't seem to have caught anything out of the norm.
I'm fully updated to the latest OS and patches. Galaxy S10+
Thank you
Edit // There is no certain app that this happens it. It could just be on my home screen when I'm holding my phone doing nothing.
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2020.09.21 18:05 Elrann The (most likely) reason why we still can't easily change language in League

Hello! Disclaimer: this is a lengthy post, because I need to show some things. I tried to get my point accross, even here, but it didn't work, so that's why I'm making this write-up. Also, I don't know the actual reason, but from my standpoint it makes a LOT of sense.
This sounds like a stupid reason, that's why I'm writing this. So, let me explain. 1). This is important: I am from Russia. In League I play on Russian and EUW servers. 2). There's the thing called localized prices and it's actualy a cornerstone of this post. Different countries have different prices on different products. It's mostly even pricing for games, but we get a countrywide-discount. I'll give you a short history lesson (don't worry, we'll get back to League). 3). Back in 2005 Gabe Newell tried to get on our market and Steam appeared here. It failed. Miserably. Steam came here with global pricing , but country was drowning in piracy (meme about russian hackers is kinda true, ngl), nobody bought anything. After market analysis Steam made prices localized. Since than we got out AAA-games at around 40$, mid-tier games at 20$ and so on (and than, usual discounts apply from those prices). This is how Steam came to us. Slowly, people from around the globe started to know about this and utilizing VPN would buy games from our Steam to just.... get cheaper games. Eventually, issue got big enough for Steam to introduce region-locking. Proof:
4). Steam isn't the only platform that did this, though (because all game companies that came to Russia later adopted Steam pricing). One of the more egregious examples belongs to Ubisoft. To prevent this abuse Ubisoft specifically released different game editions for the World... and for Russia. I know about two examples, being Might and Magic: Heroes 6 (if you try to reinstall the game modern client automatically downloads worldwide game/patch edition and game just doesn't start) and Watch Dogs (WD 1 has horrendous Russian localization, I wanted to play the original and had to go through some hoops).
Proof (apparently they released a lot of editions, but point still stands): (Here's a dude that abused the system to get a discount and tries to change language back. You have to do some stuff with game files for this to work).
5). But wait, there's more. Blizzard actually kinda does the same. Blizzard allows you to change languages freely and noone can notice you being Russian as long as you play Hots/Overwatch/Diablo/Starcraft/HS (there are also Activision games, but I don't play those), cos we're sitting in the EU zone, game and pricing is exactly the same, people see your BattleTag only (can be in Russian, but this is your choice). And than there's World of Warcraft. We're also in the EU region, but this time, we're region locked, cos here, sub only costs 9$ (7$ now, cos Ruble is falling into the Void) compared to usual 15$. Again, technically, we're still in EU region and if someone plays both HS and WoW we can see each other in both games. Buuuuuut.... There's one catch. If you're playing from Russia you MUST name your character in cyrillic. If you play WoW on EU you'll know what this means. You can be casually denied to parties/raids (I have to admit, that there are dudes who don't invite non-Russians into Russian groups as well) and everyone will assume that you can speak Russian as well. To put it simply: there is no physical barrier, but a certain degree of ostracizing exist. It's made to be inconvenient BY DESIGN (in the only game accross whole spectrum where pricing changes).
6). And now, we can circle back to Riot. First of all... Backend solution to language swapping already exist. Most notably, EUNE support SIX different languages. Ye olde hack to swap languages literally consisted of adding an another line to the list of available languages. It doesn't work rn, but it did, which showcases the ease of this potential change. Moreso, like Blizzard, Riot now also owns a card game and allows to change languages with ease:
7). Also, Riot supports TFT and LoR on mobile. If you play from Iphone (language swapping is only coming for Android and I use Android so no proof here) in LoR you can switch your language, but you can't do it in TFT (note that TFT is connected to your League server, LoR has bigger regions).
8). And noooow, we get back to League. You probably already know what I'll say rn. Yes, RP prices are localized. For example 1300 RP costs 10 Euros on Euw. Packs are a bit different on Ru, buuut, there's one that costs 9.5 Euros (taking todays Euro prices into account) that gives you 2600 RP. 9). But wait, there's more. Riot is fighting an uphill battle in Russia, because historically Dota is a lot more popular here, so we get some insane deals. For example, we can get a lot of chests from watching regional esports. Just for coming each week during split you can get 8 chests+keys, by seeing some special events happen in game you get additional chests+keys as well. Here's the rewards for latest split final: There was mini-event related to that that required you to win 1 game each day to get the mentioned rewards. And basically everyone who watched the actual finals of the split got Blood Moon Kata for free.
BUT THERE'S MORE. Occasionally, we get some special discount-offers, like that one: For 630 RP you could buy a special combo of Chest+Key+Random Skin Permanent (of 10 listed, 2 per role, released in 2020). If you already had that skin you got 7 chests+keys instead. AND THERE'S MORE. About 3-4 times each year there's a big event that lets you get 30 chests+keys for playing... a decent amount of games. Here's the one from this summer:
And this is where we get back to Blizzard comparasion. Game is exactly the same on different servers and if regions are gobal-ish (Europe+Ru for LoR) Riot gives you ability to choose the language in-game. You also still can change languages pretty easily: Just like in WoW language swapping made to be inconvenient BY DESIGN where price localization exists. I hope that I've given enough examples that showcase that this abuse is a REAL issue and it's the REAL (most likely) reason why we won't see convenient language swapping in LoL. 10). One last note. There's a counter-argument about ping and it's a fair one. But you have to note that there's enough servers that are close to Ru (most notable being EUW) and Reddit is a small part of the community, a LOT of people wouldn't care about ping, considering how many people play LoL casually.
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2020.09.21 15:38 NailedOn Using Python with Selenium on Android help

I am a noob programmer, tried off and for years but life keeps getting in the way, but I'm back again. I am looking for some advice on how I may set up a development and testing environment for creating a app that runs on Android.
Basically I am trying to create a bot that will auto follow users on Depop. I found a good Youtube video that teaches you to create something similar for Instagram using Python with the Selenium module and Chromedriver.
I can get it working to the point of logging in to my Depop account, however, the follow button on user profiles are disabled for desktop, apparently they only work using the Depop app. So that's where I'm at.
I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows 10. Any pointers will be gratefully appreciated.
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Programmering Android - YouTube Android appar Hur man installerar Android appar på en dator! Galaxy S20 - 6 Essential Apps You Must Have! - YouTube Top 20 Best Android Apps of 2020! - YouTube How to install Android Apps on Windows 8 Top 5 Widgets for Android!

Android Pearltrees

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Check out some amazing skins by dbrand: _____­­_ Giving away 100 promo codes and five $10 Goo... The most essential #GalaxyS20 #Samsung #Apps to have! They are all free and they are all great for your new S20. Get all of them on the Galaxy Store found in... Android apps on Windows PC Demo using YouWave for Android 2.0.0. Credits: Music: Clock(Rings Onto My Head) by PerlssDj http://www.opso... Skip navigation Sign in. Search ===== GILLA & PRENUMERERA! ♦Länkar: ¤1. ♦Nå oss på: [email protected] ♦Musik: ¤Bakrund: Almos... The next video is starting stop. Loading... Watch Queue How To Setup Windows 7-With Bootable Pendrive Windows 7- Setup Full Windows 2020!! - Duration: 1:12:23. Magic Online360 6,730 views The great thing about Android is its customizability. There are tons and tons of widgets available on the PlayStore. XDA TV Host Zach was told he had to single out 5 that he had to have? He chose ...