Brandy wow

Wow song lyrics by Brandy. Find the accurate lyrics from 'Moesha' is now all on Netflix, meaning fans of the Brandy sitcom can relive appearances from some big names including Kobe Bryant, Usher, Lil' Kim and Jamie Foxx. Brandy took center stage at the 2020 Census Concert That Count. The Vocal Bible served up a chapter and verse in musical brilliance while performing classics such as 'Baby,' 'Sittin' Up In My Room ... Wow! Brandy Reveals Just How Ex-Fiance’ Scammed Her. Posted On : April 20, 2017. Ms. Brandy Norwood has had a string of venting sessions on social media in recent years and they have been quite entertaining to say the least. At first it was the shade she threw at Monica, then it was the clap-backs she posted to online haters, and now her new ... WOW Lyrics: No more sitting at home at night / Waiting for you to come home / No more will I cry for you / I found somebody new / No more late night phonecalls / Don't even bother at all Even Brandy! Wow,life no balance . Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. BUXOMEBONY 20 August 2020 at 16:24. wow,its well with yoi. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Anonymous 20 August 2020 at 17:21. She has never been the same since that accident! Children are a truly a blessing. I know for one thing too if I didn’t have my kids I swear I would have ... Lyrics to 'Wow' by Brandy. No more sittin' at home at night Waiting for you to come home No more will I cry for you I've found somebody new No more late night phone calls Brandy Rayana Norwood (born February 11, 1979 in McComb, Mississippi), known professionally as Brandy, is an American rnb singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, television entertainer, film producer and as of 2010 rapper, Bran'Nu.The RIAA ranks Norwood as one of the best-selling female artists in American music history, having sold over 8.5 million copies of her five studio albums in the ... Brandy 'Wow': No more sittin' at home at night Waiting for you to come here No more will I cry for you I found... WOW This song is by Brandy and appears on the album Full Moon (2002).

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2020.09.16 04:07 Ugly_Swan May i rant about Kyle? (as I do a RHOBH rewatch)

I am not one to post material with this much ire and emotion but....
It's my first time properly watching RHOBH from the beginning and now that I'm at season 2 at the game night gone wild episode (where 2 effing grown women think it's appropriate to hide someone's crutches), I have to release my hate for Kyle to not explode lol
When Allison duBois said that Kyle was the mean girl in high school that made someone kill themselves, I thought it was very left field - why, Kyle? how? she is so matronly? she has old man hands (since season 1), she's not as rich as others, there is nothing special about her, her fashion is a rack at value Village thrown onto a person, her creaky laugh crawls under my skin, etc. who can she hurt????? (except her weak sister, whom she bullied the whole 1st friggin season)
I see it now, though, she was VILE to Brandi from the start for no reason, and esp. at game night. She really is a mean girl stuck in high school while everyone else is in Beverly Hills trying to survive. Her sister was a B, too, but she was deranged at that point so she doesn't really count.
So not only does Kyle constantly bully her sister in season 1, but she really is a mean girl overall. This episode was really triggering for me (i was bullied in childhood). And i don't understand why she chooses to be this way? I also don't understand HOW - like how does she get the confidence to act holier than thou and above others? lol from where? She's like the only one in the group that dresses and acts middle aged as opposed to a fabulous Beverly Hills lady.
Silver lining / lesson learned: Kyle seems to have grown up with an inflated sense of self just because her family is famous - to the point that she didn't notice she is average in everything. And with that attitude somehow bagged a hot rich husband and some cool friends. I mean, wow, if this doesn't teach me that confidence is all that matters to get far in life, I don't know what will.
But to me, she is still just white trash, quite frankly. (Pam can go in the trash, too, worstest hostess)
P.S. her calling herself the "makeup queen" to Kim was just..... too much to unpack.
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2020.09.14 09:18 SoceressJinx Why I went from a total cynic, non-believer to what I am today.

All throughout my life, things would happen (minor or major) that I would write off to coincidence.. or simply nothing. I refused to truly open my eyes. I was extremely stubborn. My entire existence is forever changed after the events that I experienced over the last week.
I have always been interested in things spooky or spiritual.. (my username is what it is because I just thought it sounded cool lol!) I decided randomly to buy a set of tarot cards.. I don’t know where the desire came from.. there was nothing that I saw to make me even think of cards... but out of nowhere I HAD to buy them. I didn’t even think about why. I got the cards and admired their esthetic, but ultimately put them away because I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them. They sat next to my bed for the next 3 months. Rarely thought of.
Tiny back story: I am going through an awful divorce. I am also dealing with an extremely stressful job, I am going through so much transition, so I’m just stressseeeddd.. so my mind is constantly running)
This week my sleep has been horrible. I was either sleeping too much or sleeping too little. One night I was in my bed, so comfy about to drift to sleep. I think I had actually fallen asleep and out of nowhere my eyes opened and I HAD to get my tarot cards. I jumped out of bed without a thought as to why or what I was doing to do with them!?
I grab my cards to do a self reading apparently. I pull a card extremely relevant to my present life and I was just in awe of how much helpful information I was reading.. I decide I HAVE to get a piece of paper to write this all down.
I look everywhere for paper.. there is no paper in any of my usual spots that I would keep paper.. next thing I know I am standing in my closet. I am standing in front of a shelf that I never use. In fact, it is the shelf my ex husband uses and had just cleaned out. On the bottom shelves there were books. I moved a few around and I see a journal. I am immediately confused because I haven’t seen this journal in 12 years. I picked it up trying to figure out how in the fuck this journal is on this shelf. The last time I saw it I lived in England. I now live back in the states. I open then book just truly in disbelief and then I realize.
The journal is from my dad. I gave it to my dad in 2009 right before I moved to England. I asked him to please write his recipes in the journal, so that I’d never lose them. My dad died unexpectedly in 2013.
I’m staring at this journal just like... wow! I can’t believe I found this.. and at this moment? That is so beyond strange... I was like.. well I am so glad I found this!!
For a few days afterwards, I thought to myself- that was a really cool experience that night.. I need to get the cards out again. But it didn’t feel right...? Like I couldn’t force it.
So yesterday, I decide out of nowhere - I HATE this area by my front door. I hate it and I need to put a different vase there or something. I can’t tell you why!? I don’t care about the decor there!
I look in all my regular spots where I’d have decorations and can’t find “what” I’m looking for. Next thing I know, I’m standing in my closet again. I’m standing in that same corner looking at the shelf and there are these old ornate candle stick holders in my hands... I haven’t seen these since England.
I’m standing there about to cry.. because it’s all so bizarre and my closet light starts flashing! And I turn around to look at it.. as I go to look at it I notice on the top shell of my closet - a plain white office box. It is the box that was brought home from my dads work office with his belongings after he passed. His ashes are also in there...
It all hit me at once.... this is my dad.. that closet light started flashing 2 months ago... and it only flashed while I was in there.. I told my then husband - please fix the light cause it’s going crazy. He said - I have never seen it flash.. it started to flash ONLY when I’m in there... right when things started to go so downhill with my husband.
It’s crazy that I keep being subtly reminded of my dad and living in England.. that was the last time I was TRULY HAPPY. I moved from England in 2013.
The night I found that journal was the night I first cooked dinner in months.. my dad was trying to tell me to get my ass back to cooking!! It’ll bring back your happiness.
He probably led me to my old candle stick holders cause I put them away when my ex “didn’t like them”.. I put everything away even my true self and my dad is trying to lead me back to myself!!!!
I had a dream right after my dad’a death. In the dream, I am sitting next to him in the living room of the home I grew up in. I am crying and telling him I can’t be without him. He looked dead in my eye and said. I will always be with you. I will never not be here for you. You won’t see me, but I’ll be here with you.
I snapped awake with tears streaming down my face. I remember my mom happened to walk in right as I woke up. I told her about the dream and she said it was so sweet he came to tell me that. I said to her, no mom- that is stupid it was JUST A DREAM THAT MY BRAIN MADE UP.
I feel so stupid now after all these years.. he has been trying to tell me he’s here SINCE 2013 and I refused to see it! I was so stubborn.
There have been constant things that have happened that are just TOO much for simply coincidence. Both my sister have called me multiple times to tell me crazy things that happened that just didn’t make sense, and it somehow involved our dad. I would always think there were so... silly. I can’t believe I was so closed minded all these years.
This has all been truly life changing. I am so grateful I finally let my eyes see.
UPDATE: I woke up tonight around 0330.. I went into my closet again... unsure why. I looked at the shelf again and I swear.. to something.. that right where I found the journal from my dad, I see another red journal. I recognized it, but haven’t seen it since maybe 2014?
I picked up the journal and it was in the EXACT SAME SPOT as the other one.. it HAD to of been under the other one but I DIDNT SEE IT? I don’t know HOW I wouldn’t have seen in... but it was in the exact. Same. Spot.
On the inside of the journal there is a written message from my childhood best friend, who I’ve reconnected with over the last few weeks!! I have been contacting her about all of this crazy stuff happening because she has ALWAYS believed in this stuff (whatever it is). I called her after I realized my dad has been communicating with me for years and we cried together! We connected in a way we haven’t for years. She was so happy for me and said - I’ve been waiting for you to get here.. we have been like sisters since 3rd grade, but life has just gotten chaotic for both of us.
There is a cute little message and in the corner it says: “if you ever forget, this journal was from Brandi - 2009”.
She gave it to me right before I moved to England. I don’t think she remembers giving it to me. (I’ll try and post a picture because it’s a beautiful journal.
I am SURE , there will be more to come. Also, If you look at my profile - I’ve posted other updates and hopefully pictures in a minute.
UPDATE: I’ve posted pictures of the journal AND the cards from that night where I found the first journal!!!!!!
this is an older post that I wanted to share in this subreddit because I didn’t before
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2020.09.14 06:38 Asianguy2385 List 6

The holy grail of NSFW subreddits
[Edit] Y’all...
Credit: u/JustPMingyou
Original credit to: u/obkreddit
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2020.09.13 17:09 remy547 X

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2020.09.07 18:51 ChrisBenRoy The constant efforts to tarnish SCJerk are exhausting

Every time there is a comment criticizing M'eltzer or M'dub, the internet seems to explode with literally thousands of people trying to shit on it.
it started off with us getting shit on, for saying things like how R E F R E S H I N G it is or how excited we are to watch wrestling again that makes us eager for the show. when we compare SCJerk's big shitposts to anything mainstream we get laughed at and ridiculed called incels, racist, bigots.and yet SCJerk keeps jerking more and more and more and the memes are always good to great, and hitting all kinds of marks that I didn't even know I had as a fan anymore.
If you visit "The other subreddit" you know what I'm talking about though. Constant instant downvotes, constant heat about every misstep. Gross overstatement of the few things they do have some room for improvement.
I knew right away it was going to be like this because the first few weeks of dynamite saw certain complaints became amplified. And with them and that amplification, came tryhards who overblew them 10 times over. You guys know all the hits. Some Nyla Rose trolling issues here and there turned into "wow I can't believe SCJerk is so against trans people" concern trolling. The complaints about the women's division are still going on today, and they've been hypocritical since the start. Everyone complained they didn't showcase the women's division enough but then rolled their eyes when it was Britt Baker or the Nightmare Collective out there. The hypocrisy is always evident on these concerned troll moves. like these discussions that have been cropping up recently about JR as though he's constantly making inappropriate sexual jokes at women half his age, which is completely true and again, overblown to make it seem like a huge issue.
This has been the recurring theme basically every Thursday morning since Dynamite debuted for me,
So I'm not surprised that there are literally thousands of upvotes over on the other sub right now about Matt Hardy's situation. Why I'm sad about is the the constant ongoing effort to paint SCJerk as nefarious or illegitimate, and just how grotesque gets gotten with this Matt Hardy thing.
if you read most of these Matt Hardy threads they are basically implying that Tony Con is on evil douchebag who made the guy work hurt for his own pure evil delight. There is a guy right now who has posted countless times in response to Matt Hardy coming back negative for a concussion a copy paste response of how if they dissect his brain there may be some damage so no one should count it, for just one sad example.
This is pathetic. Even if you disagree with the Matt Hardy call, it was at worst a mistake or a bad call, it was far from anything nefarious or reckless. We all saw the match, Hardy didn't have to do any bumps afterward, would that knowledge of the scripted finish and what went on between the people that we could not hear, it seems a lot less controversial in nefarious. This is probably the real reason people were kicked from media, because you put on a 99% terrible show and all you do is try to paint them as dangerous or foolish as they are so you don't want to acknowledge it and sweep it under the rug.
These sort of fans are the MAGAs of the wrestling world. You have no standards of their own and all they can do is try to delegitimize the things that are better than their preferred platform whose merit begins and ends at "currently exists."
I am tired of this frenzy of hate and exaggeration after every. Single. Show. It is out of control.
No, JR doesn't hate workrate wrestling, he puts over women and their sexual attractiveness.
No, the women's division isn't being intentionally held back, it's much harder to find time to put them on the show when we have to have air time for Kip Sabian and Shawn Spears and Luther
No, Brandi isn't feature because she's Cody's wife, it's because she is Cody's wife ok yea that's true.
No, Cody isn't over pushing himself he elevated countless stars from his first time through the curtain including his dog Pharoh's anxiety level and heart rate and has done so very effectively and to his own detriment on multiple occasions.
No, the tag matches are not "a mess" they are awesome frenetic and exciting and have absolutely no rules or sense in matchups at all this is the best tag divison of the last 30 years period.
No, the matches have plenty of psychology where people stand around waiting for someone to do a flip off the top rope for no reason and story, almost to the point where every match does this exclusively.
And no. Tony Khan is not some altruistic bastard like he pretends to be who is trying to exploit every last dollar out of his talents' broken bodies, lie about their medical status, lie about them getting insurance and gets into spats over dog wanking on twitter, unlike some promoters we all know.
I am just so so exhausted. I just want to like this show and if it has a misstep I want to talk about it as a misstep... not as some epic disaster that should put them under because reasons.
It's to the point where when we're done watching an AEW show, I turn to my wife and tell her the two or three exaggerated loads of crap that we're going to see getting jerked about the next day. It's practically telegraphed at this point.
Am I alone on being exhausted by this?
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2020.09.07 06:07 porcelainwalleye Watching cycle 4 for the first time.

I’ve seen up to cycle 12 but skipped the fourth one for some reason.
Brandy should’ve lasted longer. Dear lord did she have an attitude but I just really really loved her look. I’m in awe that noelle or lluvy didn’t do before her. I’m not saying she should’ve won, but I would’ve liked to see her go a bit further.
Kahlen is a beaut. I adore her, but I love Naima as well. Could’ve gone either way, Naima’s runway was awe-inspiring but Kahlen had a better overall portfolio. However, I dislike how people say that Naima’s portfolio was shitty. Kahlen’s was amazing but Naima had some great photos as well.
Lady Kat should’ve been in the house over Sarah lol. I would’ve also liked to see Mary.
Brittany was so inconsistent but Jesus when she was on she was ON.
Rebecca bored me but she took decent pictures. She never really wowed me (her double elimination with Tiffany was kinda bull, though. I like Tiffany but it should’ve been just her going home).
I really love Brittany’s giraffe pic for some reason. Idk why. Maybe the silhouette of the pose? It’s just an appealing pic to me.
Never got Tatiana tbh. She just never did it for me.
Just some basic thoughts. What are yours? This cycle was pretty great, I regret skipping over it. I’m probably gonna binge watch a bunch of cycles while work this week, so if you wanna hear my thoughts on them just me know.
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2020.09.07 04:14 Resolute002 The constant efforts to tarnish AEW are exhausting.

Every time there is an AEW show, the internet seems to explode with literally thousands of people trying to shit on it.
it started off with us getting shit on, for saying things like how refreshing it is or how excited we are to watch wrestling again that makes us eager for the show. when we compare AEW's big successes to anything mainstream we get laughed at and ridiculed.and yet AEW keeps succeeding more and more and more and the shows are always good to great, and hitting all kinds of marks that I didn't even know I had as a fan anymore.
If you visit "The other subreddit" you know what I'm talking about though. Constant instant downvotes, constant heat about every misstep. Gross overstatement of the few things they do have some room for improvement.
I knew right away it was going to be like this because the first few weeks of dynamite saw certain complaints find purchase and become amplified. And with them and that amplification, came tryhards who overblue them 10 times over. You guys know all the hits. Some minor volume issues here and there turned into "wow I couldn't even hear half the show is it always this bad" concern trolling. The complaints about the women's division are still going on today, and they've been hypocritical since the start. Everyone complained they didn't showcase the women's division enough but then rolled their eyes when it was Britt Baker or the Nightmare Collective out there. The hypocrisy is always evident on these concerned troll moves. like these discussions that have been cropping up recently about JR as though he's constantly shitting on every match, which is completely untrue and again, overblown to make it seem like a huge issue.
This has been the recurring theme basically every Thursday morning since Dynamite debuted for me.
So I'm not surprised that there are literally thousands of upvotes over on the other sub right now about Matt Hardy's situation. Why I'm sad about is the the constant ongoing effort to paint AEW as nefarious or illegitimate, and just how grotesque gets gotten with this Matt Hardy thing.
if you read most of these Matt Hardy threads they are basically implying that Tony Con is on evil douchebag who made the guy work hurt for his own pure evil delight. There is a guy right now who has posted countless times in response to Matt Hardy coming back negative for a concussion a copy paste response of how if they dissect his brain there may be some damage so no one should count it, for just one sad example.
This is pathetic. Even if you disagree with the Matt Hardy call, it was at worst a mistake or a bad call, it was far from anything nefarious or reckless. We all saw the match, Hardy didn't have to do any bumps afterward, would that knowledge of the scripted finish and what went on between the people that we could not hear, it seems a lot less controversial in nefarious. This is probably the real reason people were kicked from media, because you put on a 99% fantastic show and all you do is try to paint them as dangerous or foolish you're wasting the presser's time.
These sort of WWE fans are the MAGAs of the wrestling world. You have no standards of their own and all they can do is try to delegitimize the things that are better than their preferred platform whose merit begins and ends at "currently exists."
I am tired of this frenzy of hate and exaggeration after every. Single. Show. It is out of control.
No, JR doesn't hate workrate wrestling, he puts over unique styles and stars constantly.
No, the women's division isn't being intentionally held back, it's much harder to find people who will be able to compete with the standards on cards with many of the literal best on earth, it is naturally going to take time and putting everyone on TV while they try to find what clicks is exactly what everyone bitched about with Nightmare Collective and Britt.
No, Brandi isn't feature because she's Cody's wife, it's because she has TV training and experience where many of the others aren't there yet. She's been nowhere near the title and nowhere near the top of the card.
No, Cody isn't over pushing himself he elevated countless stars from his first time through the curtain and has done so very effectively and to his own detriment on multiple occasions.
No, the tag matches are not "a mess" they are awesome frenetic and exciting and this is the best tag divison of the last 30 years period.
No, the matches have plenty of psychology and story, almost to the point where every match does this exclusively.
And no. Tony Khan is not some nefarious bastard trying to exploit every last dollar out of his talents' broken bodies, like some promoters we all know.
I am just so so exhausted. I just want to like this show and if it has a misstep I want to talk about it as a misstep... not as some epic disaster that should put them under because reasons.
It's to the point where when we're done watching an AEW show, I turn to my wife and tell her the two or three exaggerated loads of crap that we're going to see the next day. It's practically telegraphed at this point.
I'm tired of spending every Thursday morning getting bombarded. Matt Hardy has jumped off and falling off about a thousand things under Vince McMahon's watch and nobody shed a tear, but the same sort of thing happens in the AEW and it's all in nefarious conspiracy! Sure.
Am I alone on being exhausted by this?
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2020.09.05 02:58 Zithero Of Nite and Dei [Chapter 14]

---------------------------------Table of Contents-------------------------------------
Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 l Chapter 3 l Chapter 4 l Chapter 5 l Chapter 6 l Chapter 7 (NSFW) l Chapter 8
Chapter 9 l Chapter 10 l Chapter 11 l Chapter 12 l Chapter 13
“We have an extremely tight schedule to meet, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo said as she picked up her tablet, following Sorjoy as he left his office.
“I’m well aware, but the press conference to unveil the diamond literally could not wait,” Sorjoy explained.
“No point in using the word literally…” Cleo mumbled.
“Excuse me?” Sorjoy said, narrowing his eyes at Cleo.
“Nothing, sir,” Cleo said, tapping her tablet as the elevator doors closed behind them.“Because of the regulatory summit in two hours, this press conference cannot even run fifteen minutes late.”
“So you keep saying,” Sorjoy said, exasperated.
As the elevator opened, Cleo noticed security was clearly tight in the lobby. A number of angels in police uniforms were inside of the lobby. In front of the building, multiple armed guards stood before a large square box with blue velvet draped over it.
A mob of reporters and onlookers had gathered outside the front steps of Fondsworth Inc,’s entrance.
“Well, let's get this show on the road,” Sorjoy said to Cleo as he opened the front doors of the building. Sorjoy made his way from the front doors to a podium set-up not too far from the large covered object and the top of the steps leading to the entrance.
The crowd hushed as the microphone gave a tone through loudspeakers set-up around the outside, signifying that a statement was about to be made. Sorjoy smiled confidently, his red wings held slightly further out on either side of him than normal, but not spread out fully. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumors surrounding Fondsworth Inc.’s latest acquisition.”
The crowd’s excited murmured grew louder as flashbulbs popped again in another round of photos.
“Amidst the recent tragedy that Fondsworth Inc. has experienced, there was a surprise among the minerals we had found. This past week we have been working on presenting this brilliant find to the masses.”
More flashes illuminated Sorjoy and the podium.
“Without further delay…” Sorjoy smiled devilishly as the velvet cloth was removed from the large square item behind him. He stepped to the side to reveal the massive stone behind him.
The stone was no longer rough in any place. Rather the surface was now flawlessly cut, with thousands of facets catching every light shown. Rainbows shimmered deep within its flawless depths and the crowd gasped in awe. As the cameras flashed, even more, beautiful patterns of lights emitted from the massive stone. The glittering marvel behind Sorjoy even reflected fleeting beams of light off of his slightly opened crimson wings.
“The weight is over 226 kilos for this single stone alone, there are ‘shavings’ which weigh in over one thousand carats! Those will be marketed separately for the most part,” Sorjoy continued.
A hand quickly rose from the mob of press, and Sorjoy grinned, noticing a familiar face, “Ah, Mr. Resome? Nice to see you again, you have a question?"
“As a matter of fact,” David Resome from Feather News smiled at Sorjoy, “I do. Do you actually plan to sell such a valuable and rare find? Shouldn’t such a thing belong in a museum?”
Sorjoy grinned, “If the Museum can afford this gem then they are more than welcome to it sir. However, I am a businessman.” There were murmurings, “A very successful businessman – the profits from this find alone will stimulate this economy in ways that most could only dream of.” Sorjoy’s sly smile grew only more confident before saying, “Unless you’re advocating that this sort of find be seized by the government…?”
David sat down, narrowing his eyes on Sorjoy. If he continued further he knew where this line of questioning would lead: Accusations of Socialism, anti-business acquisitions, and other such slander. Things the older reporter was smart enough to avoid.
“Tomorrow we will announce official bidding for the gem… The cut, as it were, was done by renowned gemologist and jeweler, Mr. Finnis Jarvis.”
Finnis, the same smallish imp from the lab, stood next to the police security. He had brown skin, wore a white coat, and suit underneath. He took a bow, a distant look in his eyes as he reached for the gem, only to have a uniformed officer adjust his position to separate the imp from it.
“Are there any other questions?” Sorjoy asked the crowd.
Another reporter stood up quickly, raising his pen. “Mr. Sorjoy, New Evangelical Post. What are you going to name this incredible diamond?”
Sorjoy stood closer to the diamond, opposite Finnis. “We’ve decided to name it.” He paused for dramatic effect, looking over the swath of reporters, “The Heart of Lucifer.” As Sorjoy said this, his own eye caught the blue liquid within, trapped for however long it was inside. He wondered what it was, but wanted to leave it a mystery to drive up the price. Let the buyer find out about the liquid within.
“Sir, the blue liquid inside the gem, has it been analyzed?” another reporter shouted out.
Sorjoy tore his attention from the gem, looking to the reporter, sparkles of the facets still lingering in his vision, “We have not been able to identify exactly what the fluid is, but we have affectionately referred to it as the Blood of Lucifer.”

Hoffman sat in his darkened office smoking a thick cigar. His TV blared, “the Blood of Lucifer.” Hoffman shut it off, grumbling to himself. He sat on his office chair wearing a white dress shirt, a cigar in one hand, and a brandy in the other. “Little whelp is going to have even more leverage in the organization…” He stood up, growling to himself. “How do you take a corporation from near bankruptcy to profitable in under two years?” He shouted, “Lucky break after lucky break!”
A thin blond-haired man with flawlessly white feathery wings walked into the room in a similarly well fitted light blue suit. “Sir, I have excellent news for you.”
“Oh?” Hoffman sat down, puffing his cigar.“What have you got for me, Robert?”
“It’s actually, Richard, sir,” Richard Smith, the blond-haired angel, explained as he approached Hoffman, “We just received some interesting confidential information sent our way.” Richard beamed, “We have the beacon codes from that Fondsworth Inc. fallen miner.”
Mr. Hoffman raised an eyebrow, “Why does this interest me?”
“She’s the miner that found this stone sir, she may be worth recovering,” He showed a small handheld device with a very detailed colored screen, showing a map with multiple points on it, one of them blinking. “While the biometrics is showing that she has flatlined, the girl has moved since last Fondsworth bothered to report it. Considerably, I might add.”
Mr. Hoffman puffed out another thick plume of caustic smoke. “Really now…?” He took another long drag from his cigar.
“Yes sir,” Richard coughed as the smoke blew in his direction.
“Has anyone seen this information, the beacon codes?” Hoffman asked.
Richard shook his head, “No, and we want to do a satellite flyby of the area, see if we can pinpoint the location. Her movement is pronounced enough that it seems the girl’s body, or at least her suit, is moving in very specific patterns. It’s possible she’s alive, just that the biometrics are damaged.”
“Robert,” Hoffman began.
“Richard, sir,” Richard corrected.
“Richard, of course,” Hoffman inhaled another pull from his cigar, “mind if I ask if you can tell me how we got this information?”
Richard frowned, giving Hoffman a small note, “That’s the more concerning part, sir. It’s apparently some kind of encrypted message. The bulk of the email said to send it to your phone.”
My phone?” Hoffman lifted an eyebrow, “well send it.”
Richard gave a nod and tapped a few things on his tablet.
Hoffman got a buzz on his phone and then pulled it up. As he opened the email, a prompt appeared: “Enter Biometric Security.”
Hoffman raised his phone up to his eyes, opening them wide as his camera captured an image of his iris.
Hoffman glanced back down to the phone to see: “Biometrics Accepted. Access Granted to Albert Hoffman.”
Hoffman read the message, his eyes wide, “Get out,” Hoffman barked.
“Sir?” Richard asked, confused.
“Get out!” Hoffman shouted. Richard jumped at his tone and turned to leave quickly. “...I need to make some phone calls,” Hoffman growled as he finished his brandy in one gulp, slamming the glass down on his desk.
“A very lovely press conference, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo praised as she tapped a few items on her tablet, sitting in the limo. Cleo sat across from Sorjoy as she tapped away, “Mr. Sorjoy? Do you have the notes for your speech for the regulatory committee?”
Sorjoy grumbled, “I hate doing this sort of thing in public forums. Hoffman and I normally just set the rules we agree upon anyway, it’s not like these regulators have any idea what they’re doing otherwise.”
“Be that as it may, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo began, “here are your speech notes,” she offered a small set of index cards.
Sorjoy pushed them away, “I won’t need them. We’ve rehearsed the questions and answers enough times.”
“I’ll send them to your phone, regardless,” Cleo grumbled and placed the cards in her messenger bag.
Sorjoy’s phone rang and he reached for his pocket, blinking in surprise to see it wasn’t the phone he was used to that was ringing. Another chime and Sorjoy’s eyes went wide. “Shit.”
“Something wrong sir?” Cleo asked, concerned. “I only just sent over the e-mail.”
Sorjoy reached into his lapel pocket and answered a much simpler phone, “Sorjoy.”
A voice on the other end spoke, “Emergency Meeting.”
“Thank you,” Sorjoy ended the call, looking to the building they had just pulled up to, “Cleo head in, I may be a while.”
Cleo frowned, “Mr. Sorjoy the conference is in less than an hour, and they will not reschedule. If you’re not present, Mr. Hoffman’s competing group will set the mining regulations for the next decade,” Cleo explained.
“I’m well aware, Cleo,” Sorjoy said, opening the door, “I’ll be there as soon as possible. Something else has come up.”
Cleo frowned as she slipped out of the limo, “Something else? Sir this is very import-”
“Do what you usually do, Cleo,” Sorjoy ordered before he shut the door, “and handle it,” Sorjoy demanded as he rolled up the window, the limo pulling away shortly thereafter.
“Prick,” Cleo scoffed before turning and walking towards a large white government building.
She walked up to the building, checked in with the security detail, and provided her credentials.
“Will Mr. Sorjoy be present?” The clerk at the front desk asked.
“He said he would be here as soon as possible,” Cleo informed, “but not at this moment, no.”
The woman nodded and handed Cleo some documents and a lanyard with her face printed on the front, “the committee is meeting down the hallway, auditorium C.”
“Auditorium?” Cleo questioned.
“Yes,” the clerk shook her head, “this is apparently an impromptu hearing as well.”
“What?!” Cleo shouted, “We were not informed-”
“No one was,” the woman explained, “now move along.”
Cleo grumbled as she spotted another man behind her with blond hair and white wings. “Oh, hello.” Richard, Hoffman’s assistant, smiled to Cleo, “Well, aren’t you a lovely little thing.”
Cleo narrowed her eyes, “I am not a thing, Mr?”
“Smith,” he said, extending his thin hand, “Richard Smith.” He looked over Cleo as if appraising a painting, “I have to say, the dye job is impeccable, even your eyebrows.”
Cleo peaked one said eyebrow, “Excuse me?”
“The white,” he spread his own wings as he checked in. “Pain to dye your wings, but it’s a striking look, don’t you agree?”
Cleo took a deep and calming breath as Richard spoke.
“The hair is a bit much though, I mean-” Cleo cut him off.
“This is my natural hair and feather coloring,” Cleo snapped, “I suffer from a form of albinism, a lack of pigmentation in my wings and hair.”
Richard blinked at her, “wait, you mean, your eyes aren’t even contacts?”
“No,” Cleo widened her eyes at him, as proof of this, “if you’ll excuse me, I have a conference to go to.”
“Wouldn’t you know,” Richard grinned lecherously, holding up a similar lanyard to Cleo’s, “so do I?”
Cleo glanced at the ID, and turned on her heel, “then I’ll see you on the other side of the podium.”
Richard snickered to himself as he shamelessly watched Cleo’s rear saunter off, “cute little white bird…”
Once inside, a few security personnel checked her ID and she was brought into a staging area. “The committee meets in twenty minutes, all cell phones and mobile devices need to be set to silent in fifteen,” the large angel advised.
“Thanks,” Cleo said as she moved to a set of chairs in the staging area. Cleo sat, tapping on her tablet and sending yet another series of texts to Sorjoy’s cell phone. She looked up from her tablet briefly to see Richard, who gave her a creepy smile before looking rather distraught himself.
Cleo fixed an earpiece onto her ear, and tapped a few buttons on her tablet, using it to spy on Richard’s conversation.
“Mr. Hoffman? Sir? Where are you? I am certain you received my messages about the regulatory conference? Sir, it’s a hearing! You need to be here!” Richard whispered into his phone.
Cleo frowned, leaning back in her seat and removing her earpiece. “Why would both Sorjoy and Hoffman not be at this event? It’s beyond important.” she thought to herself.
Naberious soon tapped Cleo’s shoulder.
Cleo looked up to him, “...not who I was expecting.”
“Sorry,” Naberious sighed, “got some bad news for you.”
“Is that bad news you telling me: ‘I accidentally killed Sorjoy before you could get to him’?” Cleo narrowed her eyes, “Because if you’re about to tell me-”
“He ain’t comin’,” Naberious explained.
“Brilliant,” Cleo snapped, “Where is he?”
“Honestly?” Naberious shrugged, “I don’t have a clue. Told me to come back here and wait for you. Didn’t feel like waitin’ in the car so…”
“I’m having a nightmare,” Cleo shook her head, “wait,” she turned to Naberious, “did you happen to see anyone following that guy around?” Cleo motioned to Richard.
Naberious looked up, “...the creep?”
Cleo nodded.
Naberious shook his head, “no, can’t say I did.”
Cleo grinned, “perfect,” she checked her phone, looking at the time, “okay, there’s still time to save the situation.” She got up, making her way towards one of the representatives who sat at a large, shared podium with multiple microphones and seats. Each seat was filled with a representative or senator of some sort.
An older fellow looked to Cleo, his hair was gray and his wings were wilted, though clearly once a vibrant blue.
“Excuse me,” Cleo began, glancing at the placard in front of his microphone ‘Sen. Joseph Snode’, “Senator Snode?”
Snode smiled to Cleo, “Yes, dear? What can I do for such a lovely lady?”
Cleo smiled brightly as she tried to push back her disgust, “I’m Cleopatra Cassandra Walters, from Fondsworth Inc, representing our S.M.A.C division.”
“Ah,” Senator Snode chuckled, “the S.M.A.C’er!”
Cleo’s smiled wilted, “I suppose, uh, listen-”
The Senator cut her off, “perfect timing love, have a seat there, I’ll get a new nameplate for the cameras.”
“What?” Cleo gasped, “no, sir, you don’t-”
“Hey, Fran!” Senator Snode waved to an intern who rushed over, “Get this young lady seated, she’s representing Fondsworth’s S.M.A.C!”
“Senator if you could just-” Cleo frowned as the Senator turned to the colleague to his left, ignoring Cleo.
Fran, a beleaguered looking young woman with heavy framed glasses, a frumpy suit, and disheveled, but tied back hair shook her head, “come on hun, he’s done chatting.”
Cleo frowned, “Fran, listen I’m not here to rep Fondsworth.”
“I’m not paid to question the Senator,” Fran explained, “name?”
Cleo hesitated for a moment before she cracked, “Cleopatra Cassandra Walters,” she sighed, “Executive Assistant to CEO Erik Sorjoy.”
Fran blinked as she was arranging letters on the nameplate, “yeah, this is the best I’ll get for you.” She handed Cleo a nameplate with letters arranged to spell out: “C. WALTERS. S.M.A.C."
Cleo frowned, moving to the small table which was set with one chair. Fran removed the nameplate which had read: “E. SORJOY. S.M.A.C.”
“Sorjoy is either going to be happy or furious with me,” Cleo shifted in the seat, as she looked up to the massive panel of senators and representatives. She pulled out the index cards in her messenger bag. “Luckily, Mr. Sorjoy and I went over everything together… and he did tell me to ‘Handle it’, didn’t he?”
Cleo looked to the other table sitting opposite her, there, a nameplate was set as well: “A. HOFFMAN. DMC.” No one was seated.
At least I won’t have any cross-examination from that side of the aisle,” Cleo sighed. To her dismay, however, Richard soon wandered over, sitting down at the table, his name being swapped out for Hoffman’s.
Cleo grumbled and turned to her left, where she saw Naberious grinning ear to ear. He gave her a thumbs up and vanished into the crowd.
A gavel slammed down onto the conference table as Senator Snode spoke up.
“Let's bring this committee to order, we have our private sector representatives for asteroid mining present, so let's get this show on the road, yes?” he grinned, eliciting chuckling from the other representatives and mild responses from the small room of reporters.
Cleo shifted in her seat, knowing the first steps.
“The regulations today are primarily on miner safety and workers' rights, so we’ll begin with some opening statements,” Senator Snode announced as he turned to Richard, “Let's go alphabetical and start with Dei Mining Corp, yes?”
Richard cleared his throat, leaning to the mic, causing it to ring with feedback, “Dei Mining Corp has no opening statements we’d like to make.”
“What’s your name, son?” Senator Snode asked.
“R-Richard Smith, sir, sorry sir,” Richard stumbled.
Senator Snode leaned back in his chair, “you’re certain about not having an opening statement, son?”
Richard was sweating nervously and gave a nod, “yessir.”
Senator Snode shrugged and turned to Cleo, “how about Fondsworth? Are you equally unprepared?”
Cleo smiled brightly as she was prepared. She was much less nervous now as she noticed Richard was having a panic attack at his table, “I have some opening statements on behalf of Fondsworth Inc’s S.M.A.C division.”
“Well little lady,” Senator Snode grinned, “the floor is yours.”
“Thank you, Senator,” Cleo beamed as she began, “My name is Cleopatra Cassandra Walters, I am here to represent Fondsworth Inc’s CEO Erik Sorjoy, who sadly could not make it here today and sends his sincerest apologies.”
“Well, Ms.Walters, glad to see Mr. Sorjoy is at least apologetic for his absence,” Senator Snode chuckled.
Cleo took a sip of water, trying to ignore the Senator’s comment. She spread her index cards out for reference points, though she didn’t need them as she looked up to the committee.
“Miner Safety,” Cleo began, “is paramount for our employees and for Dei’s mining industry. The free flow of minerals, while important, is not worth the life of any miner. That is why Fondsworth would like to voice our full support for any measure to protect our brave miners.” Cleo paused gauging the reactions of the committee before she continued. “However, consideration to infrastructure, sustainability, and profitability cannot be too heavily impacted. That is why we are reaching for protections that are both meaningful and efficient.”
Senator Snode smiled to Cleo, “well, nicely put.”
Another representative, a middle-aged woman with brown wings and short brown hair in a brightly colored power suit, spoke up, “Ms. Walters, what is your exact position in the hierarchy of the Fondsworth Inc S.M.A.C division?”
Cleo took a moment to adjust her microphone, “I facilitate scheduling, as well as oversee the proper flow of time management for all of Fondsworth Inc’s many activities. I’m the primary point of contact for press relations as well.”
The representative, who’s placard read ‘REP. C. WARREN’, gave a nod, “And you feel that this position gives you the proper authority and knowledge to make these regulatory decisions on behalf of Fondsworth Inc?”
Cleo smiled to the representative, “about as much authority as you have to set them, Representative Warren.”
The press made some chuckles and some cameras snapped as Cleo leaned back from her microphone.
“So, miner safety then?” Senator Snode interrupted, “Ms. Walters, there’s been a pretty public report that floated regarding survival kits in the event of a ‘Dei Fall’, with this information coming to light, primarily that one item is a loaded pistol with a single bullet. Is Fondsworth Inc providing proper care to their miners, really?”
Cleo reached for an index card, checked it, and leaned down to the microphone, “Fondsworth has taken the event of the Fallen Miner, Yuki Karkade, very seriously. We have put forward a number of suggestions, such as an increase to the minimum distance an object has to be to Nite’s orbit, in order to prevent such a tragedy from happening in the first place.”
Senator Snode nodded, turning to Richard, “any input there, son?”
Richard cleared his throat, “so, we can keep putting guns into survival kits for miners to shoot themselves?” He sputtered.
The press murmured and cameras snapped.
Warren turned to Cleo, “while this isn’t a cross-examination, he makes a good point, Ms. Walters. I find it barbaric that you would suggest that this practice isn’t coming to an end.”
Cleo reached for another card, taking a sip of water, “Representative Warren, have you ever experienced a nightmare?”
“I’m sorry?” Warren narrowed her eyes.
“Have you ever experienced a nightmare, perhaps where you’re alone and being chased by a monster of some sort?” Cleo asked.
“Is this a serious question?!” Warren scoffed.
“It is,” Cleo said, flatly, her eyes locked on Warren’s.
Warren cleared her throat, “Everyone has had a nightmare like that.”
“How large was the monster that was chasing after you?” Cleo asked.
Warren laughed, “a big hairy boogeyman, it was the size of my closet, very scary when I was a toddler.”
“So, you’d say about two meters tall then?” Cleo said, glancing at an index card.
“Roughly,” Warren asked, with a grin, “do you plan to propose we maintain a safer distance from boogeymen?”
Cleo tapped a screen, showing a blurry image of a massive creature with fur-like feathers and a massive jaw full of teeth. The creature was a Scavenger from Nite. “This is drone footage of a creature we observed on the surface of Nite.”
Warren frowned at the image.
“Mean looking mother,” Senator Snode remarked.
“If I were to ask the committee, about how large would you guess this animal is?” Cleo asked.
Snode grinned, “Well I’ll bite: four meters?”
Cleo smiled, “this creature stands six meters tall, is twelve meters long and we estimated it is conservatively ten tons.”
There was murmuring in the room, more photos snapped.
“This is not the apex predator of Nite,” Cleo said flatly, “but it is a creature which roams freely. We took a stab at the numbers, and determined that to have proper stopping potential, a .945 caliber rifle, which weighs in at 50 kilos, would be the only thing which could penetrate the hide of the creature while providing enough damage to fend it off.”
Warren now leaned forward, looking to the image.
“It’s impractical to load such defenses on a ship,” Cleo continued, “and this is not the largest animal which roams the planet, I’ll remind you.”
Richard shifted in his seat nervously.
“So if my competitor’s representative wants to fill mining pods with an extra 50 kilograms of weight while providing only limited protection and survival odds and requiring a miner to square off against creatures like this,” Cleo reasoned, “I would respectfully call him insane.”
Senator Snode looked over some paperwork, “and looks like adding that weight would limit fuel, distance, and safe travel…”
Warren leaned back, “and I doubt that is a compact weapon.”
“The rifle is normally something mounted on a military vehicle,” Cleo pointed out, “those who test-fired it stated they would have preferred to have been hit by a motorcycle, regarding the recoil.”
Senator Snode laughed, “Well, that puts that to bed then,” he looked to the council, “I don’t know about you but… if that was about to eat me? I’d like to go peacefully.”
Cleo smiled wide to herself as far more regular questions popped up, each having a precise and efficient answer to them on her index cards.
As the hearing came to a close, Senator Snode once more addressed Cleo and Richard, “Well, I think that wraps us up. I want to thank Fondsworth Inc for sending a knowledgeable rep to our chambers.”
“Happy to be here,” Cleo said, “I want to thank the committee for hearing our case as well.”
“Well, I think we can call this meeting adjourned,” he looked to the other representatives for approval, “alright then.” he knocked a gavel on the table, “we are adjourned!”
Cleo got to her feet, collecting her index cards and packing them into her tablet’s carrier bag.
“Cleo?” a man’s voice whispered from the crowd.
Cleo spun around so quickly she nearly snapped a heel and who greeted her was someone she had not expected to see ever again. She narrowed her eyes at the man before her. He stood in a three-piece suit and had the same slicked-back dark hair Cleo remembered. A pair of small glasses sat on his face.
“Hello, Father. You’re looking…” Cleo looked him up and down, “...destitute.”
The man narrowed his eyes, “what are you doing here?”
“Well, at the moment,” Cleo said, pushing her chair under the table, “Leaving. And you?”
I’m working for the Senator,” Mr. Walters snapped. “This isn’t a strip club, young lady.”
“No, it’s not,” Cleo said, turned from him and walked away.
“I was not done talking to you!” he shouted.
Cleo continued to walk away from him.
“Don’t you turn your back to me you little slut!” Mr. Walters shouted, causing a scene.
Senator Snode stopped Cleo as she walked past him, placing his hand gently on her shoulder, “Is that man speaking to you?”
Cleo turned to face her father, “I would assume so. I pay no mind to men who belittle me based on my appearance, Senator Snode.”
Senator Snode gave a nod, his face hardening, “yes well, I give plenty of mind to my subordinates when they insult a young woman as intelligent as you.”
“He works for you?” Cleo asked.
Senator Snode nodded, “Not for long.”
Cleo looked back at her father, her brow furrowed, “Please, don’t fire him.”
Senator Snode chuckled, “intelligent and forgiving? You must have a very lucky man at home.”
Cleo smiled to Senator Snode, “Now, Senator, if I had a man to take care of I don’t think I’d have the time to be so intelligent.”
Senator Snode laughed and shook his head, “Well, Miss Walters, I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of each other.”
Cleo handed him her business card, “I hope it isn’t the last time we meet either, Senator Snode. Mr. Sorjoy is always looking for a friend in government affairs.”
Senator Snode nodded, “Well I’ll give you and Mr. Sorjoy a favor, for my employee’s rude outburst.” Snode strode up to Cleo’s father, reprimanding him rather harshly in front of the crowd.
Cleo gave a slight smile and headed towards the back where Naberious was waiting.
“So,” Naberious chuckled, “old client?”
“Like a client would out himself like that,” Cleo shook her head, “no that was my father.”
Naberious lifted an eyebrow, “Well,” he checked his watch, “It’s late and this sounds like a story to be told over some drinks.”

Cleo sipped a fruity and heavily alcoholic beverage across from Naberious, who sipped at a beer.
“So,” Naberious leaned forward, “Daddy issues?”
Cleo rolled her eyes, “father was destitute when I was in college. He worked as a high profile lawyer. However, between a number of lost cases and fumbled business decisions, daddy found himself in a mountain of debt with almost no new clients.”
Naberious gave a nod as he sipped his beer.
“Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased the first time I told him about Palma,” Cleo frowned, taking a long swig of her drink, “he blamed me for his downturn in won cases, claimed the DA had it out for him since his daughter accused the police chief’s son of rape,” Cleo sneered, “falsely.”
“Rich people,” Naberious shook his head.
“Watch it,” Cleo mocked, “I come from rich people.”
“Yeah, but you wised up,” Naberious pointed out.
“Yeah,” Cleo took a long swig, “getting raped twice by the same asshole while no one believes you or comes to your aid, will do that.”
Naberious cleared his throat, “so, was that the only reason for the falling out?”
Cleo nodded, “Him never believing me, blaming me for everything… oh… yeah… and the day I got kicked out of college was fun.”
I remember the taxi I had climbed out of after being kicked out of college. It was a long trip, I was tired and I couldn’t even bring my bags in. I decided to head inside and ask my father to help me with them. That went well.
“Daddy,” I began, “I’m home and I know you’re probably surprised-”
My father’s gaze was all fire and fury as he opened the door, “I spoke to the dean, he told me all of your scholarships was revoked, and that I was going to have to pay it back tens of thousands of dollars if you couldn’t!”
I shrunk back from him, “I need your help, we can clear it up, I know we can, you just have to believe me for once.”
“Believe you?” my father laughed, as he shook his head, “the dean told me what you were expelled for: Prostitution.”
Tears welled up in my eyes, “No, Daddy it’s not what it sounds like! It was Azrael Palma, he has a vendetta against me, I swear if you would just-”
“Azrael again?” My father barked, “If anyone has a vendetta, young lady, it’s you trying to sully that poor boy’s name! That's it!” he screamed.
“Daddy, please!” I begged.
“Julius, please!” I heard my mother from behind the door, “don’t do this!”
“I have one way to avoid this debt,” he glared at me, pointing to the taxi, “get out of here.”
“What?!” I shouted, shocked and hurt, tears streamed down my face in a mix of sorrow and anger. “Daddy, I need your help and you’re-”
“Get. Out!” My father bellowed, “I don’t want to see you here, you filthy harlot! I won’t hear this ridiculousness about that Palma boy! You’re a liar and a whore! You are not the little girl I raised!” the door slammed in my face.
I recalled pounding on the door for the better part of five minutes before the taxi honked.
A sudden realization hit me: I had no money, I had no place to stay and my parents wouldn’t help me. My mother was useless against my father and despite her objections, I knew she’d never defy him.
As I made my way back to the taxi, that’s when I felt around in my pocket and I found Mimi’s card.
I got to the taxi, drying my eyes, “Uh, so, I need to go somewhere else.”
“Meter’s running,” he said flatly.
I nodded and picked up my cell phone, calling Mimi.
“Hello, this is Mimi,” she said shortly.
“Hi,” I sniffled, “uh, my name is Cleo and I-”
“Teryn's friend?” Mimi said, sympathetically.
“Y-yes,” I choked out.
“What’s wrong, hun?” Mimi questioned.
“I…” I turned from the taxi, “my father… disowned me… and I have… nowhere to-”
“I’ve got you, sweetheart. Teryn just moved in, you are more than welcome to stay with us. I’ll give you the address. Do you need some money for a cab? Don't answer that! Just come to the address and then we’ll work something out,” Mimi said, kindly.
The only person to give me any kindness that night was Mimi.

Naberious took a long drink of his beer, placing it down on the table hard. “Wow… fuck.”
“Yeah,” Cleo leaned back, taking a long sip of her own drink, “fuck.”
Naberious was silent, not sure how to respond to Cleo’s story.
Cleo was silent as well, looking out the window of the small diner the pair were sitting at.
Naberious shook his head, finally saying something, “I can’t imagine my daughter ever disappointing me, and if she needed my help I’d never turn her away.”
Cleo looked down into her glass.
“I would fight for her even if I thought she was wrong,” Naberious turned to Cleo, “that’s what fathers are supposed to do.”
Cleo gave a nod, her eyes devoid of emotion.
“You seem oddly calm,” Naberious pointed out.
“I’ve cried all my tears,” Cleo took another sip, “he’s not worth any more of them. My father decided he would leave me to the wolves.”
Naberious nodded.
Cleo smiled as she looked at the ice shifting in her glass, “I wonder if he ever suspected I’d join them? Speaking of wolves,” Cleo thought to herself. “Nab, where did Sorjoy run off to?”
Naberious chuckled, “him? Oh… well here’s the thing…”
Sorjoy leaned back in the limo and pulled up his phone, “Driver, new address if you would,” he announced the new destination to Naberious.
“Not a problem,” Naberious announced as he drove Sorjoy to a location on the far side of the city.
Sorjoy got out, approaching the driver, “head back to where Cleo is, I’ll have a ride back to the office.”
Naberios lifted an eyebrow, shrugged, and drove off.
Sorjoy made his way to a building and walked into an alley. He placed his finger against a door lock. After a brief click, the door opened to an elevator and Sorjoy entered.
Sorjoy descended quickly from the dingy above-ground facility down into a well kept and modern looking hallway.
As he walked to another doorway, he placed his thumb against the double doors, both unlocking.
“Nice to not be in front of annoying government regulators, huh Sorjoy?” Hoffman chuckled, walking up behind Sorjoy from an adjoining hallway.
“Hoffman,” Sorjoy turned to him, “seems we were heading to the same place when we got the call.”
Hoffman scoffed, “Something you want to tell me about said committee meeting?”
“Outside of effective time management and scheduling, no,” Sorjoy said.
“So you know nothing about this?” Hoffman growled, showing a stream of the committee hearing on his phone to Sorjoy.
Sorjoy’s eyes went wide as he watched Cleo give the opening statement to the committee, “What?!”
“You had a rep lined up?” Hoffman growled, “well played, you little shit. I thought I would have caught you with your pants down with this meeting and the committee would have to reschedule. But no matter,” Hoffman grinned.
“Caught me off guard?” Sorjoy questioned, his eyebrow lifting. “Wait, how could you have known about this meeting beforehand?”
Hoffman grinned, “oh, Sorjoy, I’m the reason this meeting is happening at all.”
“Mind cluing me in?” Sorjoy asked.
“No,” Hoffman said snidely, “I don’t think I will.”
Sorjoy narrowed his eyes and Hoffman forced himself past Sorjoy, walking to the long table as other members of The Scale filtered in here and there.
Both men took their seats at the long, opulent table, Trueman sitting at the head, his oxygen tubes hissing as he labored his breaths.
Hoffman sat to Trueman’s right and Sorjoy even spotted Palma’s father, Gabriel Palma, sitting next to him.
Others all filed in and Sorjoy took his seat opposite Hoffman.
Mr. Trueman knocked on his gavel, looking around the room, slowly getting to his feet. “It seems everyone is here.”
Sorjoy and Hoffman’s attention was fully on Trueman as he spoke.
“It would seem that the scale has a problem,” Trueman announced.
There were murmurs before Trueman knocked his gavel down on the table again, “Mr. Hoffman has provided unsettling information to me,” he turned to Hoffman, “Mr. Hoffman?”
Hoffman grinned and got to his feet, “It would seem that the Yuki situation has not resolved itself.”
Sorjoy placed his elbow on the table, biting his thumb in frustration.
“In fact, one of my men was provided satellite data that showed that the fallen miner had not died when the official report states,” Hoffman grinned to Sorjoy.
Trueman turned to Sorjoy, “Sorjoy, explain.”
Sorjoy got to his feet, taking a swift to inhale, “Mr. Trueman, the situation is very much unchanged. I only learned of Yuki Karkade being alive very recently from my Niten contact.”
There was an eruption of murmurs and grumblings.
“Enough,” Trueman shouted, glaring at Sorjoy, “and you were going to tell me, when, exactly?”
“During the next meeting,” Sorjoy confessed.
“Something I must take your word for,” Trueman narrowed his eyes on Sorjoy, “going forward, if there is such a development regarding Yuki Karakde, you will inform me immediately. Understand?”
“Yessir,” Sorjoy cleared his throat, “my apologies, I did not consider this such a matter to call an emergency meeting over.”
“It isn’t,” Trueman explained, “Mr. Hoffman will explain further.”
Mr. Hoffman held up a single sheet of paper to the entire room, “attached to the information that was leaked to my group, was the following encrypted message.” he placed it on the table, where it was projected up above the table for all to see.
“Good Evening,
I know the truth about Nite.
The room erupted into a cacophony of murmurs and shouting before Trueman once again slammed his gavel down on the table. “Gentlemen,” Trueman announced, “this message was encrypted and was only seen by Mr. Hoffman after biometric verification.”
More murmurs filled the room.
“It seems,” Trueman announced, “that we have someone from the outside, who wishes to get in.”
“I’ll flush out this, Persephone, whoever it is,” Sorjoy announced.
“No, Mr. Sorjoy,” Trueman narrowed his wrinkled eyes on Sorjoy, “I want you to see this "fallen miner" task to its completion. Do I make myself clear?”
Sorjoy nodded, “Yes, Grand Patriarch.”
“Good,” he turned to Hoffman, “Mr. Hoffman, I am putting you in charge of this "Persephone" situation, as you seem to be the only one that this mysterious Persephone is reaching out to, so far.”
“Whatever you need, Grand Patriarch,” Hoffman grinned smugly at Sorjoy.
“I want you to find out who this Persophone is,” Trueman glared down to Hoffman, “and bring them to me.
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2020.08.27 06:53 saltnrox Season 10 Finale

I ended tonight’s episode feeling a bit of sadness...
Yes, the reality of covid came and I hope that the lockdown aspect has been a time of reflection and growth for all of them. Who doesn’t need that?
Now let’s get into it
First of all it was nobodies business about what did or didn’t happen between Denise and Brandi. I personally think Brandi is desperate trash. I also feel that Denise whether she is conscious of it or not is attracted to risky situations. Yes, I can easily say that because she was married to Charlie....but it seems like she will either go hot or cold, flake, and let the wounds fester instead of attacking damage control. Walking away is anyones option but it seems to make things worse. She also holds grudges and showed slight hypocrisy...the whole threesome talk wasn’t that big of a deal...I get she is protective but...forgive the ladies for that?
Also we can all obviously agree that there wouldn’t be any drama without her being a bothered center piece in the mix....had she tackled issues with a more open wouldn’t have been a really eventful season...wait
Okay, yes it’s another season of beating a dead horse. It gets so convoluted with “She said, they said, then they texted but showed the text to so and so knowing the other text from them said this -“ type deal...I also see the pattern of the group hanging up on someone. Denise is the target this time. I feel badly for her on one hand, and kind of wish someone would shake her to say,”What are you doing?” One can only use the “I was married to Charlie Sheen” card as an excuse for so long. I don’t think she’s 100 honest, but who is? I do not think posting a sympathy post of an old hospital photo and saying there was a family EMERGENCY, was anywhere close to rational. Why couldn’t she have simply said,”I got wind Brandi was going to be there, I do not want to subject myself to her presence.” Or say,”Something urgent has come up.”
No one would have believed that last comment...but the family emergency excuse..does not end well. That’s kind of like saying there was a major car accident/I have an illness/my kids are in danger....who knows?
I do hope Denise figures her shit out...I don’t think she will be on next season. It’s a shame because I feel theres a lot she is holding back within herself, and shits just shady.
Back to the others...
Kyle: I used to like her, but since she became such close friends with Teddi, I see clearer now how her dynamics work with her best friends. I think she’s doing to Teddi what she felt VP did to her...kind of have the puppet talk for you and not so much you?
Her off the cuff remarks saying,”You have no friends” to Erika, or “You all are fake bitches...” and sobbing and interrupting people was not a good look. Learn to rephrase your words Kyle and be careful who you spew your word vomit onto.
Also, it didn’t sit well how she treated the people who were looking to spend more time and energy on her clothing line than she is...Something is screaming Identity Crisis and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I liked the Kyle that appeared to want to hold people accountable....but there’s a two face mask in her closet.
Garcelle: I think she’s a wonderful addition to the cast, and I’d love to see her back next season. She has some cut throat comments but she says it to your face...for the most part. I think the whole,”How did you get that money, Sutton?” or “Rinna, do you think your dancing on Instagram contributed to your daughters eating disorder?” were in part to the producers wanting a little sass to come out of the newbie. Garcelle strikes me as being more polite than that....she is a working, single mom and maybe that’s why she wasn’t so available for many social meet ups. That or she didn’t feel like being around the others for a bit....I think she’s refreshing as a whole and I like her style.
Sutton: She can afford a personal trainer if she is so uncomfortable with her body image. I feel badly she had a breakdown over her trying things on. It’s never too late to learn to embrace yourself. Many side comments indicate low self esteem. Aside from some odd behavior at her party and sudden tears, she’s a pretty polite and warm hearted person. I think she’s a good addition too. She shouldn’t have taken it seriously what so ever when Teddi awkwardly announced,”I don’t care if any of ya’ll don’t come to my retreat...”
Teddi: I cannot stand her. She tries to school people when she in fact is not that cultured. Thin skin is cringeworthy for her in all ways. “Never in my life have I lied...” wow...something tells me she hasn’t had many friends in life, and she’s obviously sheltered, spoiled and lacks awareness. She makes it all about her when quite one cares. So many fans of the show do not like her. Not like, she’s Ramona Singer unacceptable....she brings only annoyance to the table. I don’t think viewers want to see her. Wet blanket, dull, irrelevant. Next
Erika: I understand why people think she’s cold, but I never found her to be that cold. What’s wrong with a woman being confident to not sugar coat? I don’t think of her as a gold digger. She’s been with her husband several years, never signed a prenup, and realizes that one day all of the fortune could be gone. Is it so strange how she spends time with her husband? It’s not crossing a line because that’s their choice....but I wish I saw more of them together. I think she’s warmed up, maybe too much, to the other women. I think she is a girls girl when you’ve gained her respect. She seems very happy to be on Broadway. I think it was perfect for her to be Roxy in Chicago. She earned praise for her performance. I respect that. I like Erika for the stoic stance she holds.
Rinna: Pot stirrer yes, and shady, sure at times....but as a whole I like her. I think without her the show would suffer a lot more. I like how she does not only say,”Own it...” but she seems to actually do so. Sometimes it’s like,”’re dancing on the edge of drama....” but that’s par for the course. UPDATE: Rinna is relentless though and looks like she is ready to go back to being on the attack to Denise. If she feels Denise has lied to her in general...that’s one thing...but ugh...she can go in so hard that it’s like..Rinna, STOP. She has gotten way too big for her britches.
Dorit: I’ve warmed up to her more this season, which is another pointer in perhaps her pantygate saga and other rude behaviors were somewhat part of production. She seems a lot more down to earth than previous seasons. The Camille see you next Tuesday moment and delusional behavior took a back seat this season. The Capri room was a little bit of a disappointment. Anyone else thinking she stole the lemon aesthetic from Sutton? Sometimes I like her styles, other times I’m like....WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!? Self absorbed is Dorit, but who isn’t on this show?
I hope next season the women will show more business ventures and have more of a plot about less petty things.
That’s all.
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2020.08.26 23:04 WolverHollow In which I go way too hard on creating a Howl's Moving Castle perfume blend

In which I go way too hard on creating a Howl's Moving Castle perfume blend
Howl's Moving Castle seems to pop up every once in a while and it's been a scent journey I've been down myself as well in the past. The movie especially has a special place in my heart but the book does as well. After seeing the posts from u/Improprietease about Apple Blossoms and Hyacinths for Howl I was inspired to really blend something up.
My aim was to have a general atmospheric overall.
From the movie we see a cold stone furnace with Calcifer, the flower fields, Howl's colorful bathroom, and a variety of scenery across the city and mountainside.
From the book we have the descriptions of hyacinths, apple blossoms. lemon verbena, and gentians (which is apparently a flowering plant that smells slightly bittecitrus-y).
So I decided to go way too hard on this.
My scent list became as follows:
Apple Blossom essential oil - from an Etsy seller (Gia's Traditions)
Fyrinnae Hyakinthos - sweet hyacinth dominates gentle notes of patchouli, resins, Himalayan and Atlas cedarwoods, oud, and amber
Sixteen92 You Who Swallowed a Falling Star - Dark stone fruits, glowing embers, night rose, sweet sandalwood, plum blossom
Sixteen92 Pyromancy - Green cardamom, fireplace embers, agarwood, smoked tea, white tobacco, hearth smoke
Sixteen92 E Lucevan Le Stelle - Dark Earth, Night Gardenia, Starlit Cobblestone, Ambergris, Galbanum, Tree Moss
Death and Floral Lay Me in the Earth and from my Fair and Unpolluted Flesh let Violets Spring - Milky baby deer skin, soft fur musk, warm earth, oak trees, floral forest floor moss
Hexennacht Hecate - thorn-riddled blackberry brambles, cabernet sauvignon, sagebrush, dark patchouli
Hexennacht Fallen Angel - Stone, Air accord, Petrichor, Ivy, Soil
Salmonberry Origins Corvus Corax (shop permanently closed) - the fruity scent of carrion and black feathers as crows feast
Fyrinnae Magellanic Cloud Mage - Crushed violet petals, drying tobacco leaves, lightly toasted marshmallows sprinkled with a bit of brandy, rich sandalwood in the background
Stereoplasm Lights Across the Sky - Circles of sun-bleached wheat, twilight musk, English lavender and upturned fennel bulbs. Shaking saucers under steaming cups of Earl Grey sink into comforting vanilla cream
Burts Bees - Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream


Well let's first address why I chose each of these -
The Apple Blossoms and Hyakinthos are pretty self explanatory as they were scent notes listed for Howl specifically. For me Hyakinthos amps the floral scents and the backend resins really vibe with my personal idea of Howl's bedroom having some sort of constant incense burning.
Some weird part of me decided that I was going to use my Burts Bees cuticle cream as a perfume base layer since it was made from similar ingredients as other perfume base seals plus it just so happened to be Lemon scented. I'm not the biggest fan of lemon verbena overall but this ended up working perfectly for the idea in my head.
S92 Falling Star is something I had to include as it was based on HMC and seems to just be the overall most recommended scent when the topic of Howl comes up. It's a scent I had previously purchased on my first adventures in Howl-ing so I wanted to use it here too.
S92 Pyromancy is definitely the scent I think of when I think of Calcifer. It's a smoky and overpowering scent just like how the smoke from a fire permeates your hair and clothes when you're too near. The spices and tea jive with my imagination of just dumping old spell components onto Calcifer to get rid of them which wafts alongside the last remnants of smoke from the Witch of the Waste's cigars (from the movie)
S92 E Lucevan Le Stelle is probably one of my favorite indie perfumes so of course I found an excuse to throw it in. It's the scent of the ground moving beneath castle itself as it moves across the countryside in the depths of a starlit night.
Hexennacht Fallen Angel is straight up the smell of falling rain on stone/concrete so for a mostly cobblestone city and rain falling outside the castle on a rocky mountainside I threw this down.
Now for something a bit tricker - Salmonberry Origins Corvus Corax is one of my grails. Unfortunately I discovered the house right as it went out of business. It has a really unique fruity and bird-like scent that just really hits me the right way for movie version Howl. However for the sake of perfumes being more or less able to get to recreate this blend...
Let's talk about mixing Hecate with Lay me in the earth. I wanted a natural musk scent that wasn't overpowering and I absolutely love the baby deer musk of LMITE. Coincidentally it has a very similar undertone to Corvus Corax and that's probably why I like LMITE so much. Mixed with a little bit of the wildly fruity / wine like Hecate it forms more or less something close to CC especially on drydown. (At least in my own opinion, YMMV)
And finally...
I've also listed Lights in the Sky and Magellanic Cloud Mage here... but why? They're not going in this blend, right?
Nope, they're not part of the main blend !!
These two are my after hours additions for extra fun because as I said I went way too hard on this.
When you've had your day and everything else wears down you can layer on Lights in the Sky. Howl is having a cup of Earl Gray tea under a beautiful clear sunlit sky as he sits on the edge of the doorway looking out into the empty field that will one day become the flower garden.
Magellanic Cloud Mage is a new scent and I was sent a sample of it on my Hyakinthos order. I'm really not a gourmand-y person but I freaking love this scent so I ordered a FS. Layer this one on after the day is over and you get Howl laying in bed, maybe moping after a day of lady chasing, with a cup of hot tea and a sweet marshmallow-y snack treat.


The smell of apple blossoms wafts gently around a bouquet of hyacinths and other florals as Howl comes in from the garden. He turns the dial and cracks the door open slightly on a different view. It's gently raining outside the castle the soft fresh breeze cools off some of the lingering heat. The slightly damp and mossy stones of the doorway are warmed by the crackling (and maybe complaining) of Calcifer as herbal spells are packaged for sale by Markl (or Michael from the book). Sophie is drinking of a cup of dark fruity tea and offers some to Howl. He accepts and squeezes the faintest drops from a lemon into his cup. The castle sways slightly as it moves.
Personally I'm insanely happy with this blend. It evokes a lot of the main notes I had in mind when I was picturing making a scene and I can't stop huffing my arm please send help
The final scent becomes insanely complex, mysterious, and overall unisex despite all the florals. It's not overpowering but it lingers and I would 100% spray all of my clothing and house with this blend.
Finally, I'll leave you with a review from my very basic and non-perfume acquainted boyfriend - "Wow drown me in that, babe."
TL;DR : I used way too much time, effort, and money to recreate a scene in my head from Howl's Moving Castle and I have no regrets.
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2020.08.26 02:10 daveroo Mary McCormack To Star In ‘Heels", Starz Wrestling Drama Series
Dynamite and a second show coming....NOW BRANDI HAS GOT HEELS A TV SHOW! Wow! Maybe it'll be about Brandi and her fight to climb the ladder in a male dominated sport! Her achievements and how she deserves her position in AEW! She didnt just get married into the job. She EARNT IT!
Wait...Its not connected to Brandis group?
fuck. Copyright claim brandi! everyone knows about your liberating and empowering womens group for 50 dollars a year!
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2020.08.20 14:01 Tayuya_Lov3r Complaints with and Fantasy Booking the Deadly Draw

I watched all three episodes thus far of the Deadly Draw, and it hasn't been pretty. I don't know what the plans are for the winners and how the tournament affects any long-term booking, but wow, it's been pretty shit so far. How would you fantasy book this tournament?
Brandi and Allie are the only legitimate tag team, so they kind of have to have a decent run in the tournament, but Brandi especially isn't a good wrestler. I love her as an on-screen personality and I don't want this to become a Brandi hate post, but I'd have the Nightmare Sisters eliminated in the second round.
Nyla and her partner, Ariane (?), could lose early but Nyla needs to be protected. They did that fairly well.
The finals should have been Swoles vs TayJay with Britt running interference thus costing the Swoles the cup. I feel that's more impactful for their feud than the semi-finals. TayJay should win and Taynara Conti should be given a contract and immediately pushed, with her facing Shida at their Fall PPV or whenever fans come back.
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2020.08.18 19:52 grilledcheeseyum [SWAP/SELL][US] FREEBIES WITH PURCHASE! Chanel, YSL, Paul & Joe, Marc Jacobs, Deborah Lippmann, Essie, Illamasqua, Julep, Sephora Formula X, O.P.I. Gelshine, Nail Stamping Plates, Nail Decals/Gems

Lots of gently used and new items looking for a good home! Please ask if you're unsure about usage. I try to list usage for everything, including new items. MAKE AN OFFER!
Minimum $5 purchase please. Shipping will be $3-$6 depending on the numbeweight of the items you're interested in. Primarily selling but open to swaps. Sales will take precedence over swaps.
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If you decide to pass after commenting, please let me know ASAP so the item can move on to someone else!
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2020.08.09 10:09 grlmtswrld It’s 2 am and Teddi has angered me

I think that I am pretty late with that whole “never before scene” clip that’s floating around on twitter. If you haven’t seen it, the gist of it is Teddi and Rinna discussing the rumored “Teddi lives in the shadow of her father” statement that Brandi said Denise said. In this conversation with Rinna, Teddi states the following:
“If me having a famous dad is a problem for you, when you and Charlie are constantly in the press and doing everything you can to be relevant is very confusing to me. Imagine how hard THAT is, living in THAT shadow.”
Putting aside that Teddi doesn’t know for a fact that Denise said this. I won’t even begin to argue that. Here’s my issue with what we see Teddi saying: She’s consistently bringing up Denise’s (underage) children and comparing them to herself. Teddi is treating this statement as if she had been slandered. As if Denise is saying she and her father are garbage. Saying she lives in her (much more famous and beloved) father’s shadow cannot be this serious but clearly, it is.
Let’s break it down.
“If me having a famous dad is a problem for you” — someone saying you live in your dad’s shadow does not imply they have a problem with your dad. they have a problem with YOU and they are saying you’re irrelevant compared to what your parents have accomplished.
“when you and charlie are constantly in the press and doing everything you can to be relevant” — it’s literally a court battle. they’re in a contentious court battle, teddi. a battle that denise has chosen not to share with us. CONSTANTLY. they are not texting each other and posting the conversation on the internet for a few chuckles.
“imagine how hard THAT is, living in THAT shadow” — you are comparing teenagers watching their parents rip each other apart to being the daughter of one of the most beloved musicians in the world...oh my god how disconnected from reality can you be?
Teddi, you are pushing 40. You are a mother of four who still goes by her father’s last name because you KNOW the power that holds in entertainment circles. Please stop comparing the struggle that Denise and Charlie’s children will have with your present day “struggle”. Please stop bringing up these underage children and implying their shitty father means it’s open season for commentary on them.
I mean wow, I know it’s so difficult being known as the daughter of one of the greatest musicians in the whole world. Almost as bad as it is to be known as the children of a drug addled man who slanders anyone in the press, brings hookers to family dinners, and goes to court simply to avoid paying your mom child support. Not to mention a mother who married a man who thinks he can cure cancer. /s
I mean, for god’s sake! Teddi can’t say that Denise and Charlie are waving their drama in the air for “relevancy” when TEDDI was the first person to mention Charlie literally in the season premiere episode. She and Erika press Denise for details and Denise waves it off. She doesn’t want to discuss it. How is that dragging up Charlie’s name up for attention?
Even when she’s being mean, Teddi is dry and doesn’t make sense to me. Her dad is in two hall of fames, nominated for 10+ grammys, and sold 30 million albums. She’s selling 4k group retreat sessions and calling herself an accountability coach. I can think of bigger and worse shadows to be in...such as Charlie Sheen’s.
I had to rant. This isn’t even me waving my Team Denise flag. I have literally had it with Teddi harping on this bullshit. I am honestly almost over all these women. Just grow up.
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2020.08.05 09:31 5Augdacket Group Po-rn Tu-be

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2020.08.04 05:24 grilledcheeseyum [SWAP/SELL][US] Chanel, YSL, Paul & Joe, Marc Jacobs, Deborah Lippmann, Essie, Illamasqua, Julep, Sephora Formula X, O.P.I. Gelshine, Nail Stamping Plates, Nail Decals/Gems

Lots of gently used and new items looking for a good home! Please ask if you're unsure about usage. I try to list usage for everything, including new items. MAKE AN OFFER!
Minimum $5 purchase please. Shipping will be $3-$6 depending on the numbeweight of the items you're interested in. Primarily selling but open to swaps. Sales will take precedence over swaps.
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2020.08.02 04:34 WhenYouHaveGh0st Almost Every Strange South Perfume Known To Man (an ungodly number of reviews) *PART 1*

HOLY COW, alright, so I’ll freely admit I love the shit out of this brand. So much so that I’ve been gradually collecting every scent they’ve put out into the world. I’ve wanted to make a massive review post for EVERY STRANGE SOUTH PERFUME EVER for like a year, and for a while I did have every perfume in their catalogue, but let myself get held up in waiting for new releases and long-ass TAT. That, combined with a tumultuous 2020, means this monster list is still missing a number of things - everything new from this year, to be specific. But with the big sale going on I figured it was time to compile my notes and unleash this beast for anyone looking for reviews.
Annoyingly, they won't all fit into one convenient post, so this will be split into two parts. This part ends at the letter H! The scents are listed alphabetically (not counting instances of the word "the" at the start of a scent name). Just ctrl+F for what you’re looking for :) And yes, I know how bad it looks to start off where it does, but that’s alphabetical for ya! Final note: I don’t yet have a solid grasp on which carrier oil performs better between fractionated coconut or meadowfoam seed, or how subjective that is. That's a future experiment that remains to be seen.
3 Witches in a Fir Tree
Oleander accord, muddy leather boots, pokeberry-stained ivy rope, and fir needles.
Aaugh, this is reading as mildew. Getting mild berry and elements of the other notes but altogether this smells like a wet, mildewy coat. Eventually the pokeberry starts to remind me of certain berry-scented soaps but the mildew never goes away. Hurk.
300 Years
Candle wax shrouded in dust, chilled earth, and brittle black fur.
Super smokey, less woodsmoke-y than Devil At The Crossroads but still pretty heavy. Candle wax does balance this out a bit and soon enough the candle note overtakes the grill. There is a dustiness to this, and overall it does smell old. Not sure about that “brittle black fur,” though…
A Skull Where Her Face Had Been
Old letters, moths nesting in a fur coat, lettuce, brandy, and bitter wind.
Papery, astringent, bitter, a hint of booze. Potent! Smells like paper heavily perfumed with bitter high end florals. Intrigued by “lettuce” as a note, especially because lettuce smells like almost nothing to me. Certainly getting no definitive lettuce here, but I can easily imagine it’s that note giving this a somewhat watery green flair. This scent is pale, mostly clean (brandy muddles this a bit), and cold, so watery-pale-green is a fitting descriptor. An interesting contrast in that this smells wispy, almost ghostly in character, but the scent itself is really strong with serious throw. This is a ghost that wants attention. Love the idea behind this one; it evokes decrepit, distant memory and mournful decay. The brandy is an afterthought for me but does give this a slash of warmth at the base.
Abe Lincoln, Ancient Astronaut Expert
Damp corners with boxes full of stained notebook paper. Burned out halogen bulbs, an otherworldly fog, and the remains of this morning's breakfast: cinnamon and sugar toast. Blended with our unique base, The Ancient One.
Doesn’t even need a review, the description captures it so well. A core of The Ancient One, added atmospherics of fog and wet paper, and yes, cinnamon sugar toast. I’m amazed at this one. Damp, atmospheric, doing that “spiced frog” thing I get from Ancient One, all with a touch of toasty sweetness. This is a treat for weirdos.
The Ancient One
Kentucky timber, cedar chips, cherrywood, amber, and lavender fougère.
What an interesting affect the lavender fougère and cedar is having on my nose… Backed by the amber and other woods, this smells strangely spiced (in an herbal way), wet, and slippery. I’m visualizing frogs?? Looking at the notes it all makes sense. Without that reference it’s weird and unearthly. It’s really cool and wearable even if not something I personally want to wear.
And From the Strong Comes Sweet
Honeycomb, peach syrup, galbanum, rice milk, and a lock of golden hair from the lion's mane.
Warm, honey-sweet, and what is striking me as a spicy bitter green - I guess that’s galbanum? The peach note is very faint, more like a background flavor of the honey rather than it’s own thing. This is strange and interesting, warm and smooth. What I think is the rice milk strengthens over time and that warm-sweet-smoothness is flavorful and comforting.
Baby Shoes
Upturned dirt, gasoline, powdered skin, smashed apricots, cream, and white musk.
Strong initial blast of realistic cream, baby powder, and white musk. Strangely enough I kinda like it despite how unappealing that sounds to me. Definitely getting that smooth gasoline I’m so very familiar with from TSS, which is playing bizarrely well with the cream. Gasoline strengthens very quickly but doesn’t overpower. Not getting much on the apricot front but there is a subtle fruitiness here. Same for the dirt, which is more of an underlying hint than a blatantly noticeable smell. All in all this is actually quite unsettling! Absolutely reminiscent of babies but there’s something not quite right with this child…
Banshee's Holler
Moonflower, wilted carnations, white musk, birch bark, and decaying leaves.
Vaguely smoky? Dank leaves and undergrowth, spicy carnation musk. At first I thought I was getting the clean white musk as advertised but no, this is much deeper to my nose… Which is likely just the way it’s mixing with the woody bark and such. Smells like a sexy, outdoorsy ghost. Only a few minutes in that “smoky” scent ebbs away along with some of the pungency of the vegetation. I would whine about this except what’s left is beautiful - a little paler, softer, and more ethereal. More floral centric too. Generally a bit closer to what I expected reading the notes. Only downside is this gets a little too pale much sooner than I’d like. Sinks to a very light skin scent after about an hour. While still pleasant, doesn’t quite have the oomph it previously did. I don’t mind reapplying scents but this would be frequent.
Before the Drop
Peppermint, green tea, marshmallow, heather, violet, and evening rain.
Inexplicably beautiful and weirdly familiar. I can’t figure this one out. It’s dusty, sweet but mild… Makes me think of opening the door to a dust closet (what my mom called the cupboard where she stashed the vacuum & broom) and taking a big whiff, then stepping outside to watch storm clouds rolling in, the air heavy with the scent of summer rain. And also there’s musty marshmallows?? Doesn’t sound great out loud but I LOVE this blend and these impressions are hitting me in the most positive way possible. I think the “dust” feel is what’s so nostalgic for me. Looking at the notes, some of it makes sense: can pick out just about everything and see where some notes are combining to make “musty” (matcha green tea + somewhat powdery violet + marshmallow), but altogether it’s still a nebulous, nameless atmospheric feeling of a perfume. It’s fantastic, perfect for summer, and totally bizarre. To me this has a petrichor feel even if it doesn’t have a direct petrichor smell. Doesn’t specifically read as floral to me but that becomes a little more apparent over time. Lasts like 8-10 hours.
Cracked earth, mandarin peel, marigold, pistachio, and willow leaf.
Smells like wet dog! Even gets the hair grease scent right! That’s too damn bad because after ~30 minutes it actually smells nice: warm, a little nutty, vaguely good in a difficult to distinguish way, and no more dog. I just can’t disassociate wet dog at the start and that makes it tough to get a read on even after the dog has left.
Black Cat Oil
A tincture of bay leaves, sage, three catnip leaves, opoponax, Himalayan sea salt, and iron nails, with honey (vegan), patchouli, tuberose, orchid, clover, cinnamon, and skin musk.
For all that’s going on in here I don’t seem to be getting much. At first blast, pleasantly herbal and sweet. Light vegan honey and pungent white tuberose (not overbearing to me; blends in quite well). The tuberose chills out fairly quickly and now I smell greenery and clean skin with a light hint of flowers… and that’s kinda it. Wears very close to the skin, have to press my nose there to smell it. Reminds me of a very nice, unobtrusive hand cream.
Black Widow
Chocolate covered berries, bitter coffee, and dank bud.
Yes, the gang’s all here. The bud is clear but inoffensive; wearing this doesn’t make me reek of weed. This is a fresher shade of marijuana green, uplifted by the berries but grounded and sweetened with chocolate and coffee. Smells like a delicious snack. I’ve really come to admire the straight chocolate note TSS uses, it’s so dark and smooth and real. Everything blends together more thoroughly as this dries and the chocolate, once prominent, takes a backseat. Starting to get a bit blah with the berries popping out as the most noticeable note - I think my skin is eating this one. Much prefer the fresh wet stage over this dry down: wet, this is thicker, headier, and wonderfully unique/tasty; dry, on me it becomes a shadow of its former self. To counter this I dabbed some oil on my hoodie and I 1000% enjoyed the comforting, scrumptious cloud I sat in. For someone who dislikes pot IRL I think the bud is an excellent contributor.
Layering note. “How much more black could this be? The answer is none. None more black.”
Spinal Tap reference! Mmm, the house blend Black Musk. It’s a good one, a lovely balance of what I like and dislike about various black musks: black, almost oily, with a strong thrum of that sweet, sticky, nearly coca-cola quality I can’t stand sometimes. This smells dangerous, like animalistic motor oil and coke. Dries down to a beautiful version of its wetter self with cacao-like hints of bitter dark chocolate replacing the syrupy coke-feel, but that makes it no less thick and viscous. Goes on strong and intensely potent, calms down to heavy but quite soft. Can see this will make a wonderful layering note that won’t drown out the scent you’re pairing it with. That’s a damn great black musk.
Layering note.
Wow, does that ever warm up on my skin! Heat really makes this blossom. Spicy (perhaps involving a dash of cinnamon?), resinous, deep red, and fruity the way dragon’s blood is. If dragon’s blood isn’t actually involved in this, I would never be able to tell. Getting a slight tangy sensation - not much, and not in the extra coppery, meaty way real blood is, but it does elevate the idea. More reminiscent of fake blood than real, but that doesn’t cheapen it. This is a fantasy blood accord, and it’s a vampy teen gothic romance. Very long lasting.
Blood on the Moon
Pine needles, frozen leaves, frankincense, crystallized honey (vegan), blood, and patchouli.
Icy and cold. Light honeyed frank without the expected warmth and a sinister backdrop of patch and blood. Almost dreary; winter approaches. This is autumn decay on the cusp of winter and could easily be the olfactory setting of a Poe story. Gorgeous. Still going 8+ hours later.
Burning Rain of Death
Damp wood and stone, ginger, pink peppercorn, cardamom, snuffed smoke, and wormwood.
Yet another blend that strangely reminds me of dogs at the outset, but at least this dog hair isn’t wet and smelly. That gently but quickly fades after a few minutes and the result is oh so pleasant. Everything is so well blended they melt into one another; all is soft and cozy. Ginger at the forefront, closely followed by peppercorn and cardamom and soft smoke. Wood and stone add depth and character. Wormwood may be the exception in that I either barely smell it or I simply don’t know what I’m looking for. Too cozy to associate with burning rain of death! Instead, yeah, a warm, snuggly dog. I’m picturing a golden retriever. Much later, wood, stone and smoke take the forefront and cool the scent down. So maybe the dog got up and left, but his presence lingers.
Carrion Son
Gasoline, blood, honeysuckle vines, swollen cranberries, and tobacco leaf.
Super tart cranberries. Honeysuckle, some greenery. Tobacco blooms after a minute or two. The cranberry hovers in the middle range instead of remaining on top, with the crisp tang lost to a more domineering tobacco. That is a fantastic development for me. Pretty sure I’m getting a hint of gasoline, but it’s a BG note for now. Same kind of gasoline smoothness as in Some Mother’s Boy. Blood is in there and it works especially well with the cranberry - the blood accord leans fruity, but that is offset enough by equally fruity berries to allow me to focus more on the BLOOD aspect. It’s pretty great. Aging has done beautiful things here and has amplified tobacco as the backbone of this scent.
Plum blossom, fig, burnt sage, heather, clover, catnip, and ruffled fur.
Burnt sage is incredibly prominent, smelling singed and smoky. Altogether very herbal and fuzzy. The fruits are present but well hidden in the background, giving this a soft, plummy or deeply fruity base. Not sweet at all to me. Faintly floral in a way that compliments the greenery. Something in here prompts me to describe it as “herbal dust” but unsure if that’s due to the sage or another note. Fuzzy warmth spreads as this dries down and the fig shows its face a little more. After about 30 min the sage chills out enough to stop dominating. Soft, furry, herbal, lightly warm, and backed up by fig. A fresher kind of fig, not too thick and sweet and heady as I usually get. Can easily get a sense of warm cat fur after he’s been rolling around outside on a sunny day.
Spanish moss, gulf mud, oleander, yellow cake, and nutmeg.
Soft Spanish moss swinging over a gently flowing bayou. This is a swampy aquatic without ever overdoing it on the swamp factor, nor does it remain too wet. Everything smells so delicate to me, light and refreshing and so reminiscent of this scenery, but at the same time never getting too real (real swamps have a funk factor). Mossy green, delicate floral, muddy water. And somehow that yellow cake is there with a dash of nutmeg to cozy it up and it just works. Struggling to describe this one: it’s as it says, but better. Light handed in scent but not a disappearing act.
\(Sucreabeille Indie Marketplace exclusive)*
Cold Season
Chimney smoke, black ice, holly, pine, and petrichor.
That is some intense woodsmoke on top. For sure includes burning wood but luckily isn’t crazy BBQ. Behind that lies cold and pine and dark, icy nights. It takes some time but the woodsmoke does ease up, though it remains prominent. This smells just like a starless, frigid evening with smoke heavy in the air. Note: aging seems to have removed some of that bitter cold this initially held, so if you buy this and hang onto it the perfume may “warm up” over time.
Come Play With Us
Bourbon, waxed wood, stale water, red musk, and blood orange.
Seeing as how I typically dislike boozy scents I’m truly surprised by how much I like this one. The bourbon isn’t hitting me hard at all, instead blending very smoothly with the rest of the notes. The strongest notes in my nose are red musk and “waxed wood,” followed by a bourbon-ized orange citrus (this is not a bright n’ happy citrus). It’s like drinking an Old Fashioned at a darkly stained, highly varnished old wood bar, plus red musk. The musk has a spicy, resinous quality about it (or that’s the bourbon’s influence, in which case wow these two play very well together). Not getting any sort of aquatic feel. This is moody and honestly quite sexy; great for date night. Definitely tell your date what you’re wearing!
Mugs of spiced cider, tanned suede, prairie grass, rice, rain clouds, and dust kicked up from a heeled boot.
Spiced cider is very well blended and more atmospheric than any other cider blend I’ve tried. No killer strong spices, more like holding a mug and the smell is wafting up from it. Love that. A little dusty and grassy, a lovely compliment to the cider. Ever so slightly hints at water. This leather though… I love a good, old, well-worn suede note, but this one is leaning toward newer leather just as much as it leans toward suede, and I’m not so into that. Regardless, this one really tells an olfactory story.
Concrete Angel
Cypress, magnolia, water lily, potted fern, tulip, warm red dirt, and damp headstones.
Spiced green florals and dirt. I don’t know if “spiced” is the right word, but that’s what I’ve got - it’s somewhat peppery. Starts off a bit astringent but that burns off pretty quick. Very green with wet stone appearing after a few minutes. An atmospheric clean green scent. There’s a danger in this type going soapy but that isn’t happening on me this time, which is a nice surprise.
Layering note. “I felt myself on the edge of the world, peering over the rim into a fathomless chaos of eternal night.”
Didn’t realize this was a Lovecraft reference at first, but on first whiff it suddenly makes sense. This is powerfully aquatic and one of the least laundry-like I’ve sniffed of that combo so far. Absolutely involves ambergris. Can smell it faintly in the bottle and it blooms as soon as it touches skin, making this briny and sea-like without overdoing it. The water aspect of this is incredible: it’s strong and fresh but with enough salt and ambergris added to make it oceanic. Still manages to retain a freshness that really works. A wonderful perfume version of the sea; I can picture turbulent blue-green waves frothing along the shore.
Damn, It’s Dark Down Here
Jasmine, vetiver, clary sage, damp soil, and coffin wood.
Quite floral and yet not indolic; this doesn’t strike me as jasmine, but that’s because jasmine usually sickens me. Herbaceously green without astringency. Earthy. A good graveyard scent, a sense of deep rot but in a romanticized way… Southern Gothic romance in a bottle. Develops an almost pale honey sweetness as it wears.
Violet, bitter pomegranate seeds, marshmallow fluff, and frost.
Wow, I really love this marshmallow note. Never thought I’d say that about marshmallow, but this one is so musty and strange and I love it. (I think my love can mainly be attributed to my love of the smell of actual dust and musty old books.) Perhaps it’s the mallow+violet making this blend musty/dusty/powdery, or however it should be worded - Before The Drop has that combo as well. This is very like BTD but is a little simpler, a little sweeter, and extremely comforting. Dusty, fluffy, and light purple floral, and I do think the violet promotes that vibe further. There’s a greater depth in here I want to attribute to some kind of pale musk, but no such thing is listed so all I can do is shrug at that. Not particularly fruity; perhaps there’s a hint of pom but I can’t pick it out. No frost either, although the longer I wear this the more likely it seems there’s a tiny bit of chilly mint. Smells old fashioned and frilly, but not nearly as delicate as you might think. Sadly, my skin eats this one very quickly.
Dead Men Only Play the Blues
Menthol cigarettes, sassafras, brown sugar and coconut husk, tuberose and honeysuckle, vanilla, teak wood, and sandalwood.
Thick, hefty, very warm and darkly sweet. Applies like POW to the senses but chills out after a couple minutes. The sweet is on the cusp of being molasses but never really gets there, instead keeping its brown sugar form like it’s supposed to. Sweetness is further emphasized by the coconut husk, vanilla, and sassafras. The coconut adds just enough character to be present and lovely without ever going sunscreen or true foodie, so I fully believe it’s more husk than meat. Sassafras is in competition with the heavier notes, but seems to strengthen as it wears. Tuberose is not too waxy-white and backs up honeysuckle for a lovely shade of floral. The base notes here are powerhouses: smooth sandalwood and vanilla, woody teak and tobacco. Has the slightest amount of minty menthol to make it interesting. Hefty and lasts for hours and hours. Very gender neutral.
Dear Bones
Three musks, plum incense, amber, Indian sandalwood, and fuzzy tonka bean.
Thick incense, almost smoky, definitely musky but not heavily so - mid-range, I’d say, and clean; not very animalic. Background is indeed warm and fuzzy between amber, tonka, and sandalwood. Purple, musky incense and amber draped sandalwood - very witchy! Though not intrinsically animal-like, I’m picturing a warm cat tummy; a witch’s familiar if we’re staying on theme. Sillage and throw are way fainter than I expected and this sits very close to the skin. Aging gave this strength in that department, but unfortunately still it disappears very quickly on me :(
Warm straw, painted corn, antler velvet, juniper, and musk.
Smells like a perfume version of afternoon in late summer. Sounds redundant to say “a perfume version,” but I mean that as in this isn’t a true atmospheric: it’s more of a suggestion. Dry straw and corn - impressed with how strong the corn is. Dusty-smooth with a pale creaminess that becomes more apparent as it dries. I can’t explain that creaminess but suspect it’s the musk at work. Juniper is on the faint side, still adds a nice twinge of gin-like evergreen. I have no idea how to identify antler velvet! Perhaps the velvet is what’s helping along that dusty-smooth feel.
Devil at the Crossroads
Twisted, charred oak trees and snapped pines, leather, pimento, mandarin, dragon's blood, brimstone, and bourbon.
Strong woodsmoke with formidable throw. Reminds me of wood chips on a grill. Hoo boy, this one is an attention grabber. Was waiting for that to burn off but after like 40 min it’s still going strong. Under all that smoke and presumably brimstone I do get boozy bourbon, burnt wood, a hint of leather and spice. But the smoke is potent, yo. It drowns everything else out if my nose isn’t close to the source. I might smell like I’ve recently been on fire, and that in itself is actually fitting for the name, haha. Picturing Satan at the crossroads in a leather jacket, wearing sunglasses at night, smoke steaming off him. Somewhere over an hour later this is still prominently smoke but has eased up on smothering the other notes. Would be extremely sexy with the right skin chemistry or any member of a biker gang who wants a bad boy bonfire smell to match the look.
The Drowned Choir
Black oak, cypress, swamp mud, ambergris, moss, elderberry, and honeysuckle.
Lovely ambergris pairing so well with honeysuckle and oak. There is a thick, grounding backdrop of woods, moss, and mud (earthy but there is a touch of something wet). This is a romanticized perfume version of a swamp rather than a realistic interpretation, but I’m so pleased with how swampy it manages to be. Elderberry is hovering near the top, trying to add a brighter berry-sweetness, but it only partially succeeds. Similar to Slipped Between His Teeth, but Drowned is a bit brighteless dreary and feels more Southern to me than Teeth.
The Emperor of Ice Cream
Limp flowers on a windowsill, strawberry ice cream, tobacco leaves, tonka, and a dribble of young blood.
Disclaimer: I got a freebie sample of this before the notes were released, so this is broken up into first vs second impressions. My attempt to guess the notes is laughable but I did alright with the general feel.
First impression: Pale honey and a very light, almost fluffy vanilla. Not as gourmand as I expected based on the name. Something golden starts to creep out. Blossoming into something beautiful - golden wood. Tobacco involved? Deepens and warms as it wears. Does not smell like ice cream to me at all. Makes me think of late summer warmth, with something green to offset the light sweetness. I wouldn’t be surprised if this had a mild herbal note involved.
Second impression w/ notes: No honey, but the vanillic scent is explainable by tonka and probably whatever sweet creaminess makes up the ice cream. Was right about tobacco! Still not getting “ice cream” specifically but there is a faint, sweet creaminess involved (although I don’t taste strawberries). I’m either picking up on ice cream now because I know for sure to look for it, or that’s the awesome power of suggestion. As for the greenery, depending on how real TSS is with those limp flowers, perhaps there’s a bit of drying stem in there. And now I can pinpoint the bloody bite hiding in here. Still feels like summer warmth but with a spooky edge.
The Family Plot
Honeysuckle, carnation, pink peppercorn, dirt and kudzu leaf, dusty mahogany, and blood accord.
Watery floral but sans any actual aquatic. “Dusty” also works. If I focus I get honeysuckle, a hint of spice, a fruity kind of thing? (blaming blood for this) and an amalgamation of what could be dirt + wood + blood. Very pale, weak sillage, doesn’t smell like much.
Don’t Fear the Reaper
Creaky wooden stairs, spilled tea, and a menacing fog.
Whoa, that is some woodsmoke. Not subtle at all. After a bit, the smoke is thicker, wetter. Not the atmospheric fog I expected but closer to it than at the start. I’m willing to believe a fog accord is mixing with the ‘wooden stairs’ in a way that makes it smokier that it should be, though to me it’s like woodsmoke is an entirely separate note that was accidentally left off the list. It’s hiding the tea from my nose but I am picking up a muddled sweetness that suggests there was sugar in the cup. A heavier scent than anticipated but no less menacing. Roughly 30-45 minutes later (disclaimer: I’d stopped paying attention somewhere in that timeframe) this is right where it’s supposed to be: still faintly smoky but much foggier with dry, old wood in the background and a prominent tea-with-sugar note. If I’m going to be really, really specific this reminds me of a darkly brewed Thai tea.
Fire in a Bottle
Lemon balm, amber, vanilla, and distant campfire smoke.
Warm, sweet, and quite lemony. Smoke keeps to the background and actually feels distant. Uncomplicated and so, so lovely. Gets even prettier as it wears. Over time the smoke gets a little more prominent, as if we stepped a bit closer to the campfire.
First Love
A lone rose stands among hay stacks, threads of honeysuckle, cedarwood, oakmoss, and chypre accord.
A gentle floral with gentle sweetness and a lovely, blooming depth. Very pretty and what I’d consider “girly” without being, like, typical overly sweet teeny-bopper girly. A pale, delicate rose with equally delicate honeysuckle, softened by hay. The other notes add a warm grounding quality that really drive this one home and keep it from being too soft and pretty. Totally romantic and charming; perfect for a gentle first love. Like Ghost Milk I get strong nostalgic vibes from this.
Fox's Wedding
Summer rain, orange blossom, sunflower, juniper berry, white tea, and ylang-ylang.
A warm and summery floral afternoon in a golden field. What I think is sunflower is very pretty. Juniper berry is light but present. Leans soapy after some wear, which I think comes down to rain and white tea mixing with ylang-ylang and/or orange blossom. So, a fancy, good-smelling soap. This vibe calms down after a while, so I wouldn’t consider this any kind of screechy-soapy. Hours later, a simplified and very clean scent. Not mind blowing but it’s a super pleasant kind of clean skin smell that’s easy to like.
The Gatekeeper
Headstones buried under moss and ivy, rusted iron fencing, and gunpowder.
Cold stone, metal, peppery green. Seems like everything is accounted for! Much nicer than I expected. A fetching masculine scent on the surface but I would wear this. Murky green spiced with gunpowder. Stone and metal, neither sharp or strong, just there below a surface of spiced, dark green. There’s a very, very mild sweetness to this I can’t place, something that smooths the edges of this scent and adds a little warmth. I suspect amber. Over time I’m starting to get a hint of pencil shavings so now I’m suspicious of red patchouli (patchouli makes sense for the woody warmth I’m getting now). This would be a keeper but for the pencil note that I amp too much. Ah well. Still a good blend that I otherwise enjoy.
A cornfield burning against a night sky.
Very corn heavy, which is interesting and comes with a somewhat creamy texture as with Deerskin. The smoke is even heavier, raging and fiery, and comes out powerful at the start. Mellows out as it wears, which I appreciate. Hours later this is smoky, burning corn. Not like roasted corn, which is a whole different ballgame; this is more like a sinister fire and not at all foody.
Ghost Milk
Orange blossom, sugar, rice milk, amber, and vanilla.
This is a very likable vanillic amber. Smooth, gentle, and softly sweet; dreamy and a little powdery; baby-like, but not childish or screaming baby powder - this smells more like a sweet little girl. The orange blossom is just as soft as everything else and plays very nicely. Makes me picture white linen and lace and kind, young children playing on the floor of an old house, dressed in Victorian finery. There’s a gauzy haze about this one, like a glamour filter over a film lens. Good throw and long lasting. Super nostalgic, quietly beautiful.
Violet, kudzu, cedar, black pepper, and warm rain.
Dusty florals, rain, greenery, strong pepper. Makes me think of a humid hothouse rainstorm. The pepper really packs a punch! Excellent. It dominates along with the rain and an ever-strengthening lush green, which overtops the wood and floral aspects. Has a clean edge that makes me think a wee bit of soap, but it’d be unfair to call this soapy. I’m pretty sure that’s just my general reaction to most aquatics. This is the kind of smell I’d associate with one of those fancy rich-people showers that has beautiful tiled floors, a luxe wooden shower bench, and jungle plants inside to help you soak up the hot water and steam.
God Of The Lost
Birch, mud, honey (vegan), pelting rain, and the hulking, faceless creature trailing your scent.
Dust, conceivably like old animal fur. Murky aquatic. Reminds me of the fur coat in Skull Where Her Face Had Been. This furry accord pops up a few times in the TSS catalogue but it’s pretty strong here. That remains the strongest part, but honey does come out to play in time. A woody base, but mostly that dry, musky, dusty old fur smell.
Moss, recently disturbed soil, mahogany, citronella, strong black coffee, and the breath of the beast.
Fresh out of the bottle this is CITRONELLA like damn. Eventually other notes start cropping up, and I get soil + mahogany and maybe a hint of coffee? But otherwise it just kinda stays strong citronella forever.
The Grimace of Love
Rose, jasmine, spanish moss, rich amber honey (vegan), tonka, bergamot, black pepper, and patchouli.
Super in-your-face floral. Would definitely be a headache if strong rose and jasmine aren’t your thing, but if they are then this only gets better. Florals dominate but they’re backed by a chorus of interesting notes: I get the spike of pepper and bergamot, a lightly sweet honey, and the warm depth of patch and amber. Conceivably a grandma perfume, and does go a bit powdery, but grandma is awesome and smells great (if potent). This perfume is special to me in that it’s the first time I’ve ever sniffed jasmine in a bottle and not hated it. Impressive on that merit alone.
Harbinger in White
Black roses, black patchouli, and black feathers under a fresh layer of snow.
When first sniffed fresh out of the mailbox, this was sharp and astringent. Aging has done it justice: still carries the aforementioned traits at first, but they’re now deeper and more defined. That black patchouli is black as night. Roses are a sharp and dry floral, like a deadly dame’s perfume. There has to be black musk in here; I’m getting a hint of the Coca-Cola thing some black musks smell like to me. It’s thick but far less syrupy and not very sweet - now that I know what Blackout smells like I’m positive that’s what this is. Would all be so heavy if not for the snow, a cool and slightly aquatic feel that keeps things just light enough that it doesn’t fall into a pit of darkness.
Heat Lightning
Coconut, hazelnut, clove, night blooming flowers, benzoin, and humidity trapped under a tin roof.
Whoa, this is strange and otherworldly. Thick, dank, dreamily atmospheric… “humidity trapped under a tin roof” makes complete sense. Make of it what you will but the first thing that comes to mind is “steamy iced tea.” This is a gulp of room temp iced tea that’s been sitting out for a while. There’s still condensation on the glass. It’s not as refreshing as you want it to be, but it’s so hot and humid in here, and you’re panting, and you just need some liquid down your throat. There is no booze in this tea but you suspect something illicit and heady may have slipped in anyway. Or maybe that’s just how you feel in this moment. Something about this perfume reminds me of sex. It’s not sexy in a traditionally perfumed or raunchy way… More like the humid atmosphere it evokes puts me in mind of a hot, dark night with sticky, naked skin. It’s unexpectedly sultry and highly evocative; not so much seductive as it is post-coital, with a distant storm rumbling closer.
Stepping away from verbosity and into the actual notes: coconut is there and playing very nicely - this is not a coconut forward scent. Neither is it foody; it’s more like fibrous, woody coconut husk to my nose. Definite florals involved but I can’t tell what specifically. TSS is great with white florals and I wouldn’t be surprised if this blend included something indolic to dirty it up a bit. Clove dirties it up for sure, especially with benzoin backing it up in the base. Hazelnut is tough for me to pick out but I know it’s in there as an interesting back note. Can’t begin to describe this humidity business but dear god it exists and it’s fantastic.
Burnt sugar caught between gnashing teeth.
While this indeed smells of burnt sugar, it also smells remarkably like an ice cream parlor. Not getting literal ice cream, but I am smelling a mix of sprinkles, waffle cones, and other toppings. Just the all around sweet atmosphere of an ice cream shop. But especially waffle cones! The burnt sugar aspect gives the whole thing a caramelized veneer.
Blue wisteria, white jasmine, rock rose, crisp cucumber, and aldehydes.
Aging has improved this. Much smoother, less screechy than when I got it fresh (iirc) and is actually quite beautiful. Wisteria, I think, is giving a hint of the screechy-floral still but it’s well tempered now. The rose is gorgeous and rounds out the jasmine, which is white and indolic as usual but in an animalistic kinda-sexy way that I can only imagine is what other people usually get out of it. Finally, I get a taste of what makes jasmine so desirable (I am detrimentally sensitive to white florals/indoles). This has never happened outside of TSS, so this is basically a miracle. The aldehydes perfectly match with the florals and promote a lushness I struggle to describe. A classic floral that suits an attractive older woman - this isn’t your grandma’s perfume, but it’s definitely not a young girl’s scent either. The thought behind this one is great, as this is a sexier version of an old fashioned perfume to go along with the old fashioned concept and treatment of Hysteria.
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2020.07.31 19:57 PrinceVarlin [Black Magic] - Chapter 3 (Comedic Fantasy)

A quick note! This text contains footnotes! I have marked them as #1, #2, etc at the bottom so you can easily ctrl-F to them.
previous chapter here: Chapter Two


They buried her that night.
It was not a grand ceremony. It was in the servants’ cemetery in the town surrounding the palace.
The king came, though, as did the princes, the latter more out of respect than anything as Cela had not raised them, that task having fallen to royal nurses and tutors. All Cela had provided was the very minor fact of their very existence.
To their credit, they were somber and offered Britian their condolences, which Britian accepted.
Rowan was more visibly upset than his sons, but not quite upset enough to have Cela buried in the royal cemetery, of course; it would not be fitting to have a woman interred with the bones of kings, after all.
But he hugged Britian and told her he was sorry, which was nice and kind and felt completely hollow.
Garvin was there, at Britian’s insistence. Lord Bolson was not, for the same reason.
Garvin stood stoically and respectfully, saying not a word.
He even remained after the others had left and Britian stood staring at the grave with red-rimmed eyes.
After ages, she noticed his presence.
“You gave me more time with her.”
“A little. It was all I could.”
Garvin said nothing.
“I know it was magic. I saw what happened to the fire,” she said. “My father has banned magic in Seyt, did you know?”
Garvin nodded, staring at the little headstone.
“Could you teach me?”
He blinked. “Your highness…” he began.
“Err, Britian… It’s a bit more complex than that, I’m afraid. Why do you want to learn?”
“Well, if I could speak to my mother again-”
“No. She’s now beyond the reach of all who might seek her.”
He shook his head. “There is only a small window where we can have any effect once someone has died. When I… helped your mother this morning, it was because she had not yet passed on. But now… she’s moved on for good. I’m sorry.”
Britian looked as though she were going to panic.
“Moved on to where?”
Garvin shrugged. “Who really knows? Mostly I think it seems to be where people think they ought to go.”
“But the Church of Nav says we all go to his Great Vegetable Garden.”
“And do you really believe that?” Garvin said, raising an eyebrow.
“I guess not. Do you?”
“Not at all.”
“But you’re wearing a Navien feather,” she said, gesturing at the silver feather on a chain around his neck.
He tucked it into his clothes.
“It has sentimental value.”
Silence passed.
"What would it take? To learn, I mean.”
“A major commitment. You would have to leave Seyt, for one thing. I cannot teach you from here, and it would be dangerous for you to practice. Would you be willing to give up your life here?”
A week ago, the answer would have been ‘no,’ Britian knew. She was important to the kingdom.
But she was also ignoring the tones of condescension, the little comments muttered as she walked away, the jabs here and there from the king’s other –male- advisors. Lord Bolson was the worst, but he was far from alone.
Seyt was not a place for a princess. It would certainly never be a place for a queen. Her father seemed to have some sort of respect for her, but she was the only of her sisters to have that dubious honor; it seemed he only respected her because of her relation to his sons. Even her mother, the princes’ mother, had to share a room with her daughter and rarely, if ever, was allowed to represent the kingdom in any way.
Britian enjoyed her position, and she did seem to wield comically absolute power over the servants and cooks and scullery, but it was small power, and small power tends to make people petty and vicious as their own self-worth inflates to dangerous proportions.
An image of Lord Bolson loomed in her mind.
She imagined the rest of her life rolling out before her: feast after feast, guest after guest, day after day. Today it was satisfying. Tomorrow? She didn’t know any more.
And to face it without her mother…
“Yes. I’m coming with you. There’s nothing left for me in Seyt.”
The next morning, Britian calmly finished overseeing the loading of the wagons. She was uncharacteristically stoic, staring in a detached manner at the flurry of activity she was, in theory, directing.
The servants understood her silence and did not want to risk breaking it. Her eyes had a faraway look to them and to look into them was to look into despair.
She watched calmly as the last of the food was loaded, and then left without a word to her quarters. She didn’t have many possessions, and the few for which she cared fit in a small satchel she draped over her shoulder.
She took one last look at her mother’s bed.
She hadn’t been able to sleep last night. She hadn’t even been able to stay in the room she and her mother had shared. It didn’t feel like home any more.
Instead she’d wandered the halls of the palace, with no real aim in mind. She let her feet take her where they pleased, and they ended up at her mother’s grave.
She sat at the foot of it for a while, crying gently into the freshly turned soil.
By the time the sun was up she was out of tears. She was out of pretty much everything, except for her resolve, which had been tempered beyond the strength of steel.
She had to leave.
And so, with her meager possessions in her knapsack, she went to face her father.
To her surprise and his credit, the king urged her to reconsider. Bolson’s face was one of barely-disguised glee, and after he whispered into the king’s ear, her father had changed his mind and told her that she may leave if she wanted, as her position would be easy to fill.
There was nothing else. Nothing about family. Nothing about compassion. Not even a mention of her mother.
Bolson smiled the whole time.
She turned around and walked out of the throne room, determined not to look back.
In fact, she didn’t say a word as she walked across the courtyard, through the gates, or up into the carriage to sit across from Lord Garvin.
It was a few days to Undomen, and only once they had arrived at Garvin’s home did she speak.
She’d said “Wow.”
Three Months Later
In the heart of the kingdom of Rea, a small kingdom trying desperately to masquerade as an empire, there was the capital city of Everin. By the standards of our world, it was quite a small capital city but small kingdoms make do with what they have. It was the traditional sort of kingdom, with dukes and duchesses, and lords and ladies, and princes and princesses. And, because there are princes and princesses, there are governesses to princes and princesses. And where there are governesses, there is alcohol.
Perhaps it is unfair to say that alcohol is intrinsically linked to the creation of teachers of young royalty, though it might be fitting to say that, occasionally, the two go hand-in-hand. The governess which springs to mind, and is relevant to this story, is one Shira Darkhollow.
Now, in the middle of winter, Shira is looking for alcohol.
Shira bundled her large coat to keep out the snow, but the wind was having other ideas, trying to force it into every orifice in her clothing. She shuddered and rubbed her hands together fiercely.
After passing it in the billowing snow several times, she managed to find her way to the Dragon's Eye tavern. It was the typical type, usually inhabited by old farmers who talked like pirates, pirates who talked like farmers, mysterious hooded figures and the occasional dwarf with a bag of merchandise that is definitely probably magical, 100% guaranteed, I bought it all off of a man who was in here last week, and he assured me it was all mystical and very ancient. Really.
And there was usually a good chance of a spectacular fight. Now, however, it was mostly empty, and extremely quiet.
Shira ordered herself a brandy and sat down at one of the round tables in the corner. She blinked the snow out of her eyelashes in the warm, golden light. Shira was not what normally sprang into the mind's eye when one said "governess." Normally, what sprang into mind had the momentum to continue springing for a few moments afterwards, and would be described in polite company as "big boned." These types of women usually have kindly faces and bushy grey hair, but are often not quite as kind as their red faces would suggest.
For a start, Shira was young. She was no more than thirty, which was still smack in the middle of "Lady," and a good distance away from "Old Biddy" or "Cow." She was young and she was, if you were to conduct a poll of the male population, beautiful. But not in the traditional way. Her features were what were described as "striking" by self-styled poetical young men. She had a sharp jawline, and piercing, serious eyes. Her nose, on its own, seemed as if it might have the slightest suggestion of a hook to it, and her ears were misshapen in such a way as to suggest that they might be ever-so-slightly…pointed. Taken on their own, these features might be slightly off-putting,1 but put together she was a singular beauty.
The men thought she was beautiful.
The women suspected she was a witch.
Either way, she sat sipping her brandy in the corner of the tavern. She could see quite clearly the only other occupied table and the patrons that sat around it. They were soldiers, drinking large amounts of beer, which –in her experience- was the only thing soldiers ever seemed to drink. Their pikes leaned against the wall behind them, their helmets capping them.
She recognized one or two of them as members of the Rose Guard, the personal guard of the royal family. These were not just soldiers, these were guards. Being a guard was more difficult than being a soldier; soldiers just had to shoot the bad guys shooting back at them. Guards, for the most part, had to prevent shooting from being done in the first place.
One of them was drunk and was very loudly proclaiming to the poor little serving girl, Bay, that he wanted more beer. Bay was one of the wide-eyed variety of farm-girl, with lots of freckles and a tendency to say "Golly!" more than was absolutely necessary. She very timidly hurried behind the bar and returned with a large frothing pitcher. She set it down in front of the man, who laughed and slapped her on her hindquarters, causing her to squeak and again rush behind the bar, into the kitchen beyond.
Out of the corner of her eye, Shira saw the burly barman’s hand reach under the counter, no doubt for a large club or some other weapon; in the streets the city, soldiers held the law, but within the confines of the tavern the only law was "You’ve had enough mate. Now sit down before I club yer head in." Barmen tend to carry a big stick, but do not bother with the walking lightly bit.
The other soldiers apparently were aware that their compatriot was in danger of putting them in danger, and one of them pulled him aside for a whispered conversation. Shira could see the drunken one’s face as it washed between drunken stupor, rage, hiccupping, rage again, and then finally back to drunken stupor.
The afternoon passed.
It was getting late. Through the tavern’s frosty windows, she could see the stilts of the lamplighters as they trekked through the snow to ignite miniature suns in the inky darkness of the winter night. Shira was friends with a few of them. They often overheard all sorts of things as they innocently went about their jobs, well above the heads of people who would so easily ignore them. Lamplighters were good friends to have. You could always trust a lamplighter… just not with your secrets.
Eventually, the soldiers filed out. With their helmets on, it was difficult to tell which was which. Shira wandered up to the bar, and smiled at the barman, a large-muscled man named Bernard.
"Oh, Lady Shira! Is there anything else I can get for you? We have some Lyvian Ale in, just got it up from the port his morning. Very subtle flavor there. Or, if you prefer, Xandian Mudwater? We’ve just filtered it, so there should hardly be any tadpoles."2
Shira smiled again. "I think not, Bernard. I was just wondering if you knew the name of that loudmouth soldier. I’ve never seen him before."
Bernard’s expression soured. "That’d be Thad Montrose. Strange bloke. Too pale for health, if you ask me. Bit of an odd way with folks, too. And have you seen that tattoo on the back of his hand? Not fit for polite conversation."
"Thank you, Bernard," Shira said sweetly, dropping a large gold coin on the counter in front of him.
The man held the coin up to see it better in the light. "Oh, thank you, ma’am! Always so generous!" He looked around. Shira was gone.
She was trudging up the hill towards the castle, the Keep. As is the case with most ancient castles it had seen a wide variety of rulers over the years. The original owners had called it Anarak, which many thought had meant something like "The Great Castle," or "Supreme Ruler’s Holy Residence," but in fact was most correctly translated as "No Vacancy."
After a multitude of wars and an even greater multitude of generations, the castle came into the possession of the Reans, an upstart tribe with delusions of grandeur. Against all odds, they have held it for 700 years, up to and including their current monarch, Pravic Favestel.
For an ancient castle, the Keep had held up rather well, outliving every war and every ruler the cosmos had thrown at it. And what’s more, the castle remembered.
It is a little-known fact that stone has memory. Most assume it is inert and insentient, and this is all very true… and yet, the memory of stone is ancient, immovable… and unforgiving.
Shira reached her small room in the north tower of the Keep. It was near the top, which in most stories was reserved for princess who had never learned to mind their own business or keep their hands to themselves, but this is not most stories.
She flopped down onto her cot and sighed, trying to ignore the call. It was always calling to her. Slowly, she turned over and pulled a fur-bound white book and a cracked mirror out of the small box she kept hidden under her cot.
Shira stood and walked to her door and bolted it shut, to avoid any unwanted intrusions, however unlikely they might be in the middle of a freezing night at the top of the tallest tower. She had found that people tended to be inconvenient.
She sat back down on the bed and picked up the book. She tried not to think about what animal had given its life for this strange little tome, but instead ran her fingers through the fur as if petting it.
Sometimes, it seemed alive to her. Not alive alive, as that would be quite mad of her, but instead she got the sense that it knew what it was and what its purpose was. Its purpose was to be read.
There she had run into a slight snag. She had of course tried to read it, but it had never quite let her. The pages, handwritten pages on hand-pressed paper, were filled with the normal letters, and they made up normal words, but she could never read more than a few of them before they... changed. It was as if though the book wanted to be read, it certainly didn’t want to be read by her.
Tonight she didn’t even attempt it, however. No, tonight it was the mirror that called for her. She sat the book down on her quilt and took the small looking glass in its stead. It was ornate, crafted of some superiorly fine silver, with glass clearer than any she had ever seen. Shira was not a vain woman but looking into the mirror fascinated her.
Perhaps it was the way it glowed.
It wasn’t a strong glow, but it was there, a faint outline of green where the glass met the silver.
Perhaps it was what it reflected.
Usually, it reflected what one would expect a mirror to reflect3, but sometimes, on the edge of her vision, Shira would see something else.
She was never sure what it was, and in any case, it always seemed to be different, but there was occasionally… something else.
Tonight it was just a mirror. There was no strange occult reflection, and even the glow was slightly fainter than usual. Still, she had looked into it, and that seemed to sate it. There was no longer the feeling of a slight tugging on her brain; it had been replaced by a feeling of quiet contentment.
Shira very carefully placed the treasured objects back into the box, and slid it back under her cot.
In the shadowy, moonlit halls of the Keep there was a feeling of restlessness. Far up in her tower, Shira did not feel it, but the scullery maids did, as they did their washing; the king felt it as he tossed and turned in his royal bed; the horses in the stables felt it, stamping their feet in the cold.
The Keep itself felt it, because it knew what was coming.
It knew what was coming… because it remembered the last time.
Now let the mind’s eye pull back from the little room at the top of the tower until the Keep and surrounding city are merely a speck on the moonlit snow, and travel westward. There is a forest, the Kingswood, which runs from the plains outside the walls right up to the bay. Travel up the coastline and continue north along the river that feeds into the bay… and refocus on a small clearing far to the north of the delta, at the base of an ominous black tower.
At least, the tower appears to be ominous. It is certainly old, and a closer inspection would reveal its basement to be stocked with old spiders and their webs, ancient dribbly candles and other odds and ends typically associated with all things arcane. For the most part, however, the tower is quite astounding in its mundanity.
There are two figures standing in the snow, both wearing long, black, hooded cloaks. The taller one is holding in its hands a small dead bird. The shorter figure pulls back its hood to reveal a woman with eyes slitted in concentration. Her mouth moves forming words that few mortals would comprehend. A green glow begins to surround the small stricken bird and, after a moment, the bird springs to life and sings in joy.
A small grey cat watches the proceedings with interest.
The woman smiles and looks to be quite pleased with herself. Her companion removes his hood and smiles as well, taking the bird from her.
It hops into the warmth of his hands. The man waves one of his hands in a complex motion, and the bird falls still and lifeless.
Reverentially, the young woman places the body in a small box and the two head inside, followed -after a while- by the cat.
[#1] Which is natural, as to be taken on their own, they would have to be severed from her.
[#2] The residents of the marshy country of Xand had discovered a great many years ago that it was possible to sell anything to anyone. Most believed it was just a name, but Xandian Mudwater was just that: marsh mud with a little bit of water in. The tadpoles were just a bonus.
[#3] Nostrils, usually.
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2020.07.31 14:40 Lakruna i think i just got scammed on depop/instagram :(

the short story: i saw a listing for black feanne jeans on depop, the seller's profile said to contact her instagram and to pay through venmo, i dmed her, she responded, and i paid $24 for the jeans through venmo, she said she would ship thursday. come thursday, her instagram account is deleted and all the listings on her depop are taken down, im pretty sure i just got scammed.
the long story: this girl's depop had a bunch of lightly used brandy melville, probably about 15 listings, some of them marked as sold, it seemed pretty legit. all of the listings said to dm her on her instagram which was in her depop bio. so i looked at her instagram which was @angelaaabtq and she had the same listings and same pictures with prices. she had story highlights, which i cant remember now, but seemed valid. nothing threw me off, it seemed like any other regular brandy melville seller's instagram store. all of her pictures had the same background and i havent been able to find them anywhere else, so im pretty sure they were HER pictures. i cant show u them now cuz her acc is deleted, but trust me. looking back, the only "weird" thing was that her prices were pretty low. she was selling the feanne jeans for $30 but gave me the deal for $24 with shipping. i saw her selling a black crystal hoodie for $15. i thought, "hey good for her, she's actually selling for a reasonable price" but maybe it was all part of the scam. anyway, i remember one of her story highlights saying that she would really appreciate if people bought stuff, cuz her and her friend were saving up to go on a big trip for their 18th birthday. so, the low prices didnt seem weird at all. when i dmed her, she gave me her venmo @Angelamrtnz2003. i sent her the $24, then she asked for my name and address for shipping. when i sent it, she sent a screenshot of my info in what looked like a shipping label creator, and asked me to double-check that it was the correct info. after i said yes, she told me she would ship it on thursday (yesterday) and send proof of tracking, packaging, and the item being shipped. i was like "wow she's so thorough." she was extremely polite throughout the entire interaction (this all happened on the 28th). then a couple hours ago, i went to dm her to ask for tracking and noticed her handle and name had both changed to "Instagrammer," her pfp was blank, and all of her posts and highlights were taken down. her bio was still up though. when i checked on my computer thinking my phone was glitching, her account didnt show up at all in my dms. after some time, it didnt show up in my dms on my phone either. i didnt remember her depop username cuz the only item i liked was the jeans and she deleted items after they were sold (which she had said in her bio). but im pretty sure her depop is @angelamartinez03. all the listings are gone, and i refuse to believe she actually sold it all in the past 2 days. so yeah, im pretty sure i got scammed. i only started using depop about a month ago so im pretty new to all this stuff. my friend even warned me about paying through venmo cuz of scammers but she seemed so legit that didnt even cross my mind. at least it was only $24 i guess. im just bummed, i was so excited for the jeans!! take this as a lesson to only pay through paypal or depop, because they have buyer protection. dont trust sellers unless you know for sure they are legitimate. does anyone else have any similar stories??
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2020.07.31 02:34 coverthetuba Is Kyle setting Teddi up

Is Kyle setting Teddi up to do her dirty work and create these dumb anti-Denise story lines the same way LVP tried to use her for puppygate and used Camille and Brandi before her? In some of the scenes Kyle almost has this look on her face like “oh wow she really will do whatever I tell her to do. She’s even more of a pawn than I’d imagined.”
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2020.07.31 00:01 Sunny_eloise Bravo, Bravo, Bravo: My Treatise on the Denise/Brandi situation that nobody asked for

I've had many thoughts on this, as have we all, and wanted to get it down in one place. I think Brandi burned Denise, just like she has many of her relationships (Exhibit A. - LVP) mostly because she is an alcoholic who thrives off of attention, however she can get it. She is a serial over-exaggerator (liar), and takes a small nugget of truth and blows it up in ways to make herself look the victim and/or more important. That is my overall thesis, here are my points:

  1. I do think Denise and Brandi have been physical. Brandi is very charming at first and does fawn over a pretty lady (Again LVP). I think their friendship was real, and there was probably some explicit talk and lots of flirting. I'm sure drunk kisses were exchanged.
  2. I believe Aaron was aware of their flirty friendship, was around when some of the sexual innuendo was flying and overall has a bit of a risque but healthy sex life with Denise.
  3. On the night in question, I think they were both drunk and flirty. BUT I don't think Denise would be near as intoxicated as Brandi typically gets. We have seen Brandi falling down drunk in many, many, situations now, but not Denise. Plus Denise's child and friends were there. I think they got in the bed, drunk Brandi probably kissing and feeling all over her, but it didn't go much further. I think these details are very fuzzy for Brandi (even as she was telling the ladies, the story made no sense) so she's filled in the gaps with her tendency to over-exaggerate (lie) and need to make herself the victim.
  4. I think the comment the next morning, "Oh don't tell Aaron, he'd kill me," was Denise's way of making light of the situation, teasing that Aaron would kill her because he'd rather he be involved or have watched any fooling around between Brandi and Denise. I think she said it to make Brandi feel better and make a joke out of an awkward hook-up try by Brandi.
  5. Days, weeks, months go by. Denise is a busy working mom and wife and thinks her and Brandi are fine friends, she's just busy. She probably does confide in her the things about Teddi and Erica, she's not wrong. Brandi however, starts feeling bad. Why isn't Denise paying attention to me? Brandi doesn't have much going on, misses her old Real Housewife attention (and paycheck). She starts to resent Denise. She starts to craft this idea that Denise made her a cheater. Brandi is not a person with a lot of self-esteem, she already feels like shit most of the time - but now, here is a new person to blame for feeling like shit.
  6. And this is where Denise gets burned - she doesn't know this Brandi. She knows fun, flirty Brandi. She thought they were friends, that Brandi wouldn't think the worst of her and assign all these nefarious motivations for not keeping in close contact. She doesn't see that she's done the worst thing you can do to Brandi - STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO HER! (This was LVP's main sin against Brandi as well)
  7. Now here come the ladies. They have been tying themselves up in knots for months to justify some inappropriate talk in front of kids at Denise's party. "How dare Denise not want her kids and their friends to hear sex talk? She talks about sex all the time!" They think she is a big 'ol hypocrite and here comes their proof - Brandi! Brandi in all her fucked up glory! Brandi who never tells any lies (except in seasons 2-5 and pretty much ever after). Brandi! And Brandi is of course, very happy to oblige - "Look, Kyle likes me! They are listening to the important things I am saying!"
  8. Denise is genuinely shocked and blind-sided by the accusations in Rome. She knows they fooled around a bit but doesn't understand why its anyone's business. And she doesn't want it on TV. She still thought her and Brandi were friends. Meanwhile, Brandi is basically accusing her of assault and spilling girl talk about the other women told in confidence. BUT NOW SHE KNOWS, SHE'S BEEN BURNED BY BRANDI. And she now knows the other women are not her friends, they are more than willing to take this story and ram it up the audience's asses as payback for Denise asking them to tone it down in front of kids. That is who they are.
So now here we all are, I personally would like to say a big fuck you to whoever produces this show for bringing back the trash bag that calls itself Brandi Glanville. Girl, don't go away mad - just go away.
Edit: Wow, appreciate you all reading my ramblings and validating the stuff I think about to distract myself from a global pandemic and possible fall of our democracy... my first gold as well, I am truly humbled. I'd like to add, that many of you had good points about Denise toning it down this season because of custody issues and Aaron's adoption of her youngest daughter. And perhaps she got legal advice to do so. If the ladies were aware of this (looking at you Rinna) it makes it even more shitty in my mind. Denise's family could have real world repercussions for this bullshit, but the ladies being so gleeful in insisting she "own it" to make themselves look/feel better is very petty and distasteful.
I appreciate the entertainment and fun this sub provides, now on to Potomac!
Final Edit: One other thing... I gleaned some of this theory after reading the "leaked" (by Brandi) texts between Brandi and Denise. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link, they were on celebmagazine. Denise seems honestly perplexed over what Brandi has alleged. Its also makes it clear to me that the scene in Kyle's bedroom was filmed after the Rome trip. I think perhaps Kyle and Teddi told Brandi that Denise denied the affair and said bad things about Brandi, so then Brandi decided for sure to get mic'd up and go on camera to get her version "out there". I encourage you to read those texts, its why I think that up until Rome, Denise thought her and Brandi were friends.
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Brandy - Diddy- Bow Wow = Dance With Us - YouTube Brandy - YouTube Brandy - Wow - YouTube Brandy - WOW - YouTube Brandy-Wow (cover by Shahin ) Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count (Official Video) - YouTube Brandy - Nothing - YouTube Brandy 'WOW' (Chipmunk)

Stella Dimoko American Singer Brandy Reveals ...

  1. Brandy - Diddy- Bow Wow = Dance With Us - YouTube
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Brandy wow from her 'full moon' album The official music video of 'Almost Doesn't Count' by Brandy from the album 'Never Say Never' (1998) 🔔 Subscribe to the Brandy channel and ring the bell to t... Artist: Brandy Song: WOW Track:16 Album: Full Moon Year: 2002 Label: Atlantic Records (Warner Music Group) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED *I DO NOT CLAIM... Brandy wow cover. Have You Ever? - Brandy cover by Matt Bloyd, Mario Jose, and Vincint Cannady - Duration: 4:33. Matt Bloyd 5,112,820 views Welcome to Brandy's official YouTube channel, home of 90s R&B classics “I Wanna Be Down,” “Baby,” “Have You Ever,” “Brokenhearted” and her Grammy Award winni... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Brandy 'WOW' (Chipmunk) YouTube; Full Moon - Duration: 4:09. Brandy 592,063 views. 4:09. 50+ videos Play all Endless R&B Throwbacks YouTube Music 'It's Not Worth ... Brandy nothing from her 'full moon' album BRANDY !!!!!!! Brandy - Should I go Album: Afrodisiac Release Year: 2004 'We do to own rights to this song or the music. No Copyright Infringement intended'