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INTERWOVEN EPISODE 1: cats and symbols

2020.06.29 02:07 crow-of-darkness INTERWOVEN EPISODE 1: cats and symbols

02/02/19 (8:30am)
A redheaded female woke up at 8:30 am. She is about thirty years, skinny but taller than average. The first thing she does is grab a Russian blue cat mask and she puts it on and goes into a room where all the walls are black and their is no furniture. The only furniture is a table where the camera is laying and she proceeds to go their to turn on the camera to record the situation. She walks toward to a coup filled with kittens and grabs a Persian the coup. She is carrying the cat as if she was holding a baby and goes to the stool that faces the camera. She has the cat in one arm and then grabs a switchblade with a brown oak handle and puts it to the cats neck. She then stabs the cat in the throat and blood starts coming out of the cats throat. She then tears off the head from the body and starts showing off the head in front of the camera. She throws the head in a cardboard box filled with decaying, rotting, maggot filled kitten heads and then stops recording the ordeal. She then got her laptop and went to baboo and saw all the rage and anger from the comments of a live stream she did one day ago of her killing a kitten with a sledgehammer. She then went to Omegle and saw the same rage from baboo, constant death threats, harassment, and general hate. She took off the mask and then went outside of the cabin and saw the trees around her and the sun shining in the blue sky. She then drove to the closet town, about 2 minutes away from her cabin to get more kittens.
 02/09/19 (10:00am) 
Zephaniah Goya worked for the Gillfine police department as a police officer and was given a case about weird sightings, sightings that were disturbing for an average person, sightings like it that have not seen in Gillfine for about 10 years. The commissioner of the GPD told Zephaniah and seven others that were investigating this were told that the sighting was a star formed by cat skulls laying on the floor in a abandoned bakery. This is the first of its kind and when it was witnessed for the first time by a black haired girl, the seven year old fainted and she is still in the local hospital to this day.
"This is the first time this happed, the skulls look bloody and recent. These cats died recently," said the commissioner while scratching his beard.
"Have you notice that every day about five to six cats are sold, maybe one person is buying all these cats, after all this is a small town with a population of 2,000 so one person could be buying these cats and killing them," said Zephaniah observing the situation.
"So you want the police to got to the pet shop," said one of the officers.
"It would be the most logical thing," said Zephaniah while staring into his leather strap watch.
Two GPD cruisers when to the one and only pet shop in Gillfine, Margarita's pet store. When both cruisers got to the pet shop, Zephaniah and another named Emerald zeitgeist went straight to the pet shop. Zephaniah and Emerald slowly opened the glass door and they saw the Cashier. They saw her with a stern expression on her wrinkly face, she had buzzcut of orange hair and looked about fifty five years old. The pet shop around them is a white wall in both sides with clipboards plastered with pictures of of dogs, cats, parrots, iguanas, and other animals
"Hello, I'm officer Zephaniah Goya and this is my partner, officer Emerald Zeitgeist. We're here to ask you questions about a grisly sighting we discovered," Zephaniah said calmly
"Me? What could I have possibly done. What sighting are you talking," Said the cashier anxious and worried.
"No no no no not that, we're just going to ask you a question about a customer," reassured Zephaniah.
"A customer?" Said the cashier.
"yeah a customer. Is their a customer that always comes here everyday, like consistently?" Said Emerald.
"Hmm, the customer that always comes here, I think she has long red hair, she's white, and she is skinny, like a little bit too skinny," Explained the cashier.
Then the owner of the pet shop came out on the room behind the cashier by opening the red door. The owner's name was margarita and she had a tattoo painted on her neck, it was a sword going through a clover. She has long gray hair, looked about sixty years old and was bit chubby. She looked very upbeat and happy go lucky and when the Zephaniah and Emerald were there asking questions to the cashier, her attitude and expression did not change one bit. Zephaniah changed his focus to margarita and saw how pale she was, even if she was not weak.
"Hi, you must be Margarita, the owner of this pet shop right," Asked Zephaniah
"It is called Margarita's Pet Shop after all," Said margarita
Emerald Zeitgeist then turned around to the glass door and she saw a guy with a ski mask but no eye holes and no mouth hole. All it has is a red target out of four circles but the bullseye was yellow. He had a center dent hat that's was colored a very dark shade of red. He is wearing a black trench coat with a symbol covering the back of the trench coat that's colored.
Emerald Zeitgeist then quickly turns around to face Margarita but quickly turn back around to face the man but he was nowhere to be seen. The man was next to a sign that said 65 Gemini street but when he vanished so did the sign. Margarita actually noticed the sign vanished and said.
"Officers, y'all noticed that a sign vanished behind you,"
"Wait what, a sign," Zephaniah said in a confused tone.
Emerald was the the only one who noticed and said
"Yeah, i noticed,"
Zephaniah then looked back and saw a hole in the ground and was a bit confused because he knew that there was a sign at that spot.
 02/07/19 (7:00am) 
A two floored house made out of bricks, inside was a disgruntled, short brown hair with a red line, white, chubby female who lived in the brick house that was in 65 Gemini street, close to Margarita Pet Shop. Her name was Vienna Cornelius and she was 24 years old, was born in Montana, and lives alone. She is not proud to be American and she is definitely not proud to be a human. She spends most of her time time in diverse groups on websites like twitter and reddit online and says things on how she was harassed by white males on the street. Harassment like verbal slurs, assault, and sexual assault. All that she says on the internet is greatly exaggerated. All that happens to her at most is false cat calling. The least that happens to her is a simple hello. She interprets these as assault and sexist attacks but she exaggerates or lies about these stories to get "victim points" and sympathy from these groups. Vienna also had another side that people knew about, she acted like a deer and she would record her self doing this, she would replicate deer behavior and sometimes if not most time would get into a stage that these groups dubbed "a deergasm". These deergasms are her getting petted and scratched by another person and this causes her to moan a scream like a deer, according to her at least. The fact that she does this constantly means that she would rather be some forest creature than a human. Another thing that she dislikes is the United States. She feels ashamed of being an American citizen because she feels that she is part of the daily prejudice against people of color and the LGBTQ+ community, even if she had nothing to do with it. She claims that LGBTQ+ community is marginalized and in danger but she sees constant news of straight people being attacked for no apparent reason. One day she sees a post in a feminist group she's in and she sees a symbol
She took this symbol in two ways, the first was that she thought this was a symbol against women, but the she thought this might be much more than she thought it was. She began thinking that this meant something else but she wasn't sure yet. For now, she thought it was a anti feminist symbol until further notice.
 02/04/2019 (4:00pm) 
A white, scrawny built man usually walked around the forest to find what he saw days ago. He usually walked into the forest when its most windy, this causes his black hair to start moving and swinging around violently but he did not seem to care about it. He had hair that got to his shoulder and usually wore a black jacket with no hood and black jeans that was a bit ripped and shredded. He also wore boots that were unbreakable because he has suffered multiple bare trap injuries, falling and tumbling from hills, and gashes from branches and thorns in his foot. His name is Severe Serenity and what he saw was a man with a trench coat and blue jeans, but this man was wearing a Russian blue mask and he had trailing point knife. Severe had been looking for the Russian blue for several hours and the most progress he's gotten is a kitten skull. Severe than got a phone call, he pulled out his iPhone X and answered, the caller was Emerald Zeitgeist. She called him because she needed help from him to deal with a certain situation.
"Severe, I need your help with something, its urgent," Said Zeitgeist desperately
"What do you want, you ask me for favors all the time and you said you would pay me back, but you never do," said Severe.
"Why do you even need my help to begin with, what's so urgent that you need my help out of anyone you know," Questioned Severe.
"Well, you have a quality that no one else in Gillfine," Mentioned Emerald as a reason.
"Yeah but I'm not going to risk you not paying me back," Said Severe.
"Ugh, fine i'll pay you and pay you for all the favors from past favors," Said Emerald desperately.
"Alright i'm coming," Said Severe. Then Severe hung up.
Severe drove his car than called Emerald than hooks his phone with Bluetooth so he wouldn't get distracted, he was driving in the poorest area of Gillfine, 55 vicious street to see what was happening because Emerald told him to go here.
"You told me to go to vicious street, but I see no trace of you," Exclaimed Severe.
"I'm at the Ottomans building, I told you I was there," Said Emerald.
"You never did, what are you talking about," Said Severe confused and frustrated.
"It doesn't matter dumbass just come here," Said Emerald with a raised toned.
Severe Serenity than hung up and was now driving to the Ottomans building.
Emerald Zeitgeist and Zephaniah Goya are in front of the building with thirty other police officers and 6 cop cars. An officer named Joãozinho Archimboldo was using a entirely red megaphone to shout at the sand colered building. He was shouting at a half Asian- half American man at the third floor named Hieronymus Langdon Bosch. Hieronymus was standing outside of his window in the third floor of the five story building. He was wearing a red shirt and blue Jan's but he was wearing a black jacket and he was wearing cracked glasses. He was sporting a large butchers knife and started shout at Joãozinho. He shouted
"The Gillfine police is corrupt, you pigs don't care about justice, all of you want just want to destroy and take,"
Joãozinho then shouted with his megaphone.
"All we want to do is help, just come down here peacefully and things will go allot easier,"
Severe than walked to Joãozinho. Joãozinho looked confused when Severe Serenity, someone who wasn't a cop walked towards him.
"Who are you, your not even a cop," Said Joãozinho a bit confused but mad.
"My name is Severe Serenity, Emerald Zeitgeist said she needed me here," said Severe.
"What kind of name is Severe Serenity and why does she need some one like you," Said Joãozinho aggressively.
"Hey, we just met. There is no need to be mad plus I already told yo that Emerald Zeitgeist told me that she needed my help," Explained Severe.
"Excuse me for a second," Said Joãozinho.
Joãozinho walked towards Emerald Zeitgeist and he asked.
"Who the hell is this, he is not a cop," Exclaimed Joãozinho.
"What's wrong with Severe," Said Emerald.
"Well one, he is not a cop and two, he looks like a god dam hobo," Said Joãozinho with aggression.
"Oh come on, clearly none of us managed to get to Langdon, let him try," Said Emerald trying to convince Joãozinho.
Zephaniah then walked towards the two to see what was the problem between Joãozinho and Emerald.
"What the hell is going on," Said Zephaniah
"Well me and Joãozinho here were talking about Severe Serenity," Said Emerald.
"Severe Serenity?" Said Zephaniah confused.
"That's the name of the the guy here," Explained Emerald.
"What kind of bullshit name is Severe Serenity?" Questioned Zephaniah.
"Honestly I have no idea but he can do just watch," Said Emerald confidentially.
"Don't ask me, ask Joãozinho," Said Zephaniah.
Emerald Zeitgeist then asked Joãozinho.
"So can he,"
Then Emerald got cut off by Joãozinho
"Fine, he can go in. I don't see any other choice," Said Joãozinho out of options.
Severe Serenity got the permission he needed and walked slowly in to the Ottomans building.
 01/22/19 - 01/ 27/19 (7:00am 22- 7:00pm 27) 
Erza Calandrucci was in the blue crystal motel, currently hiding from police and posting updates on "4chan". He was posting about the entire sequence of events on how he killed a five years old boy Jaiden Warhola. Five days ago, Ezra was in Syracuse, which is about 30 mins from Gillfine went to his neighbor's house to see the five year old, who was pale and sickly. Ezra got in to the house and the first thing he did was stab the boy and the next thing he did was get rid of the evidence. However, he left the door open, so an African American woman walking her dog witnessed strange activity, she walked away from the sighting and called the police. One day later, the Syracuse police got to Ezra's house because of what the witness said. She described a skinny, white, light orange hair, and has blue glasses. When three SPD cruisers got to the Ezra's house and five cops entered the property , the cops couldn't find Ezra. The only thing the cops found was an AP science textbook, this implies that he or was in high school. After 30 minutes of the five cops searching, they could not find evidence. Ezra got his phone, computer, tablet, and other technology. One out of the five cops stayed, he is officer Giani Bernini. Giani was a a African American man who had a stocky build and was completely bald but had a black bush beard. He had blue eyes and had an oval shaped head. Giani was looking for evidence in the attic even though its completely empty. The wooden structure had a circular window but all the wood was covered in symbols. Giani drew down the symbol on a small notepad he has and what he drew was this.
Giani got out of the house, walking out with a good posture and with a confident mood.
"Why so confident," Asked a female officer.
"I found evidence where no one else thought to look," Said Giani confidently.
"And what is that," Asked the female officer on why Giani is so confident.
"This," Said Giani showing the symbol to the officer.
"A symbol, interesting. Never seen anything like it," Said the officer.
"I know someone who is good at this kind of stuff, things like symbol and shit,"
Giani walked away from the police scene to give a call to this "someone". Giani calls and is waiting for the other caller to respond. After a minute, the other caller responded to Giani's call.
"Hi sis," Said Giani.
"Hi, bro," Said Emerald Zeitgeist.
Giani and Emerald were talking about their situations and the symbol that Giani sent to Emerald by text but turns out that Ezra was actually still in the neighborhood, observing Giani talking over the phone. Ezra is hiding in the bushes not far from Giani writing every detail of Giani's appearance, from his skin and wrinkles and bumps in the skin, his face, eyes, and any other detail that Ezra notices about Giani's appearance so that he could write down in his notepad so he would not forget how he look like so he could kill him. Ezra then overheard a conversation between Giani and the caller on the phone.
"So do you think you could visit Gillfine for a couple of days. You could meet my partner from GPD Zephaniah Goya, and you could meet my now husband Josmil Monet Zeitgeist again, and my best friend Severe Serenity," Said Emerald Zeitgeist enthusiastically.
"Alright first off, what kind of name is Severe Serenity, and why the two other people you mentioned have weird names, Josmil Monet Zeitgeist and Zephaniah Goya and also I don't know you've seen the news but a child named Jaiden Warhola got stabbed and me and other cops are trying to find anything that could point at a killer but now that I think about it, maybe I should come to visit Gillfine to get my mind off the case," Said Giani thinking about his decision.
"Well ok. When do you think you could come to Gillfine," Said Emerald happily.
"Maybe in February 10," Said Giani to Emerald.
"Ok well sounds like a plan," Said Emerald.
"Oh and thanks for the information that you know about the symbol," Thanked Giani.
"Your welcome and also Severe Serenity, Zephaniah, and Josmil are not weird names," Said Emerald with a elevated tone.
"Ok sorry. Well see you in weeks," Said Giani.
"See you soon," Said Emerald happily.
Giani and Emerald both hung up and Giani walked back to the police cars. Ezra was writing Down the information he heard from the conversation between Giani and the caller. He wrote down the names mentioned like Severe Serenity, Zephaniah Goya, and Josmil Monet Zeitgeist. He wrote down Gillfine because that's what Giani said that Gillfine was the city that he was going to visit. Ezra than hid even more in the bush and then he got out of the bush from behind and then he ran tho the grassy path that is between his left neighbors house and the house next to it.
"Guess I'm going to Gillfine," Mumbled Ezra to himself.
Five days after evading the authorities, he is now staying at the blue crystal motel. Ezra is posting the sequence of events of him murdering a child in "4chan".
 02/04/2019 (4:20pm) 
Severe Serenity has gone in the Ottomans building, he is in the first floor walking towards the elevator. It was a straight line the path to elevator, about twenty steps from the door. The stairs were five steps backwards from the elevator. The stairs were attached to the white flakey wall in the right and Severe chose to go to the elevator. He had a orange sticky note with the number "310" written on it. It is the number where Hieronymus lives in and Severe Serenity was going to go their to retrieve Hieronymus to the police so he can get help. He got to room 310 and he was about to knock on the door but then he used his other hand to turn the door knob, he than realized that he left the door open. He then opened the door slowly with a light smirk in his face because he thought that this was a dumb mistake. Severe walked slowly into the apartment, the apartment was bland and life less. It had a black sofa surrounded by grey walls. There is a needle board covered in "evidence" on how the Gillfine police is corrupt. The kitchen was Irtysh and the sink was filled to the brim with dirty dishes and dirty cups and there was a glass table next to the small kitchen. On top of the table was a black laptop and on screen was the YouTube channel "Lang Marine". Severe Serenity assumed that this channel belonged to Hieronymus because Severe Serenity saw one out of the seventeen videos and the video consisted of a camera recording a black van that was recording back. Severe came to the conclusion that this van was a van for guerilla shooting but Hieronymus thought this was the police being unconstitutional and unlawful. Severe was watching this channel but it seems that he didn't notice a guy behind him. The guy behind him was Hieronymus, a sweaty, skinny, pale Asian American. He has large eyes that weren't too slanted, he wore glasses but they were cracked and he had shaven his hair but it wasn't before when Joãozinho shouted at him with the megaphone. Severe then heard a whisper and then turned around and he saw Hieronymus behind him holding a butcher knife. Hieronymus than stabbed Severe three times, two in the left kidney and one in pancreas. Severe started bleeding and got woozy but apart from the wooziness it didn't affect him. Hieronymus was shocked but then he decided to land a blow aiming for Severe's neck. Severe grabbed Hieronymus's hand and one second after he did that he swiftly kicked Hieronymus in the rib and that damaged him because all he wore was a leather jacket but no shirt, he was also wear red basket ball shorts. Severe then choked out Hieronymus rendering him unconscious but not dead. He walked towards the balcony that Hieronymus was on and he proceeds to shout at the police below him that he rendered Hieronymus unconscious. Joãozinho then mumbled to him self.
"We could have helped him"
"What did you say Joãozinho," Asked Emerald Zeitgeist.
"We could have helped him," Responded Joãozinho.
Emerald then thought.
"What did Severe do,"
Severe was about to leave the apartment but then he took a look at the unconscious Hiernoybus and thought how someone gets to a point a tragic as Hieronymus.
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2019.07.04 09:19 vivekvad Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend

Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend

Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend.
Are you looking for cute nicknames for boyfriend?

Calling nicknames for boyfriend shows how much you love them and care them.

When you fell in his love deeply then you should need cute nickname to call him. calling nicknames for boyfriend is more better than calling his real name. It shows your care and love on him.

Best Nicknames for Boyfriend

  • Ace – Best nickname for genius guy.
  • Addiction – you just want to spend all time with him.
  • Addictive – nickname for guy you want spend all time with him.
  • Adorable – for a guy who is funny and charming.
  • Affection – cute nickname for your loved one.
  • All Mine – Cute nickname for a guy who’s all your’s.
  • Amazing – awesome nickname for boyfriend.
  • Amazon – for a guy who’s very admirable.
  • Amour – for a guy you love.
  • Angry Bird – for a guy who’s face always in angry mode.
  • Apple – cute nickname for boyfriend.
  • Appu – Indian nickname for sweet boyfriend.
  • Arnold – nickname for guy who spends all time in gym.
  • Atom – Nickname for boyfriend who has small height.
  • Babe – pet name for a guy you have relationship with.
  • Baboo – a funny nickname for a cute and adorable boy.
  • Baboo – An affectionate name for a guy you love.
  • Baby – nickname for boyfriend who you love a lot.
  • Babylicious – pet name for a boyfriend who looks great
  • Baby Bear – Very cute nickname for boyfriend.
  • Baby Boo – cute nickname for boyfriend who you like a lot.
  • Bae – nickname for your lover.
  • Baby doll – nickname for used for handsome guy.
  • Baby face – nickname for guy who looks younger than his age.
  • Baldie – funny nickname for a guy who’s going to be bald in future.
  • Baby Lamb – for cutest most adorable boyfriend.
  • Baby Lips – for a guy who have sweet and soft lips.
  • Bad Boy – nickname for rebel boyfriend which suits him well
  • Baby Love – perfect name for a guy you love most.
  • Baby Puff – nickname for good looking and handsome guy
  • Bambi – For a cute and stylish guy.
  • Banana – A boyfriend that bruises easily.
  • Bea – nickname for most precious guy.
  • Beagle – nickname for calm and intelligent boyfriend.
  • Bean – nickname for small and adorable boyfriend.
  • Bear – for a big guy with fuzzy personality.
  • Bear – for strong and big guys.
  • Beardo – for a guy who have an beautiful beard.
  • Beast – nickname for big and daring boyfriend.
  • Best – for your best friend.
  • Bibbles – A boyfriend who oozes of positive vibes.
  • Big – for a guy who’s tall with muscular body.
  • Beloved – for a guy who love so much.
  • Big Boy – cute nickname for big guy.
  • Big Foot – common nickname for huge guys
  • Biggy – nickname for tall and big guy.
  • Birdy – nickname for sweet and soft guy.
  • Biscuit – nickname for boyfriend who’s with fantastic character
  • Bittoo – cute nickname for younger guy.
  • Blossom – affectionate nickname for sweet guy.
  • Blue – for a guy who has beautiful blue eyes.
  • Blueberry – sweet nickname for your handsome boyfriend.
  • Bomb – for guy who looks very hot.
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  • Brightness – boyfriend who brings best things into your life.
  • Brown eyes – Does he have sexy brown eyes?
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  • Bubbles – for funny and energtic guy.
  • Bud – cute nickname for friendly and sweet boyfriend.
  • Bug – for troublesome guy.
  • Bull – nickname for strong and aggressive guy.
  • Bun – Short and sweet nickname for boyfriend.
  • Bunny – for a guy who has soft and sweet personality.
  • Burning – best nickname for hot guy.
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  • Captain – nickname for special guy.
  • Caretaker – for caring boyfriend.
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  • Chinnu – cute Indian nickname.
  • Chocolate – sweet nickname for african-american guy.
  • Chocolate – Sweet nickname for cute and handsome guy.
  • Chook – cute nickname for romantic boyfriend.
  • Chubby – for fat and chubby guy.
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  • Chubby Bunny – A boyfriend who is fat and cute.
  • Chubby Cheeks – nickname for a guy who has cute chubby cheeks
  • Chubs – funny nickname for chubbby guy.
  • Classic – for outstanding boyfriend.
  • Coco – sweet nickname for childish guy.
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  • Confidence – for a guy who stays always in confidence.
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  • Cosmo – for a fashionable guy.
  • Crush – nickname for very special guy.
  • Cuddle Bear – Nickname for huge sweet and lovable guy.
  • Cuddle Boy – You just want to cuddle him.
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  • Cuddly Wuddly – For a boyfriend that is so cuddly and you just want him always.
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  • Cute Bug – nickname troublesome cute boyfriend.
  • Cute Bunny – cute nickname for adorable guy.
  • Cup cake – cute nickname for sweet and special guy.
  • Cute Face – nickname for handsome and cute guy.
  • Cute Monkey – cute nickname for funny and adventures guy.
  • Coldy – Cute nickname for cold guy.
  • Cute Pants – cute nickname for adorable guy.
  • Cuteness – nickname for cute and adorable person.
  • Cutie Pie – sweet nickname for charming boyfriend.
  • Daddy – nickname for boyfriend who’s just like father to you.
  • Daredevil – best nickname for daring and adventures guy.
  • Darling – for a boyfriend who you love heartly.
  • Dashing – A boyfriend who is ridiculously good looking.
  • Dear – Cute nickname for guy who’s very close to you.
  • Diamond – cute nickname for boyfriend who’s very precious for you.

French Nicknames for Boyfriend

  • chérie – It means “Sweetheart”
  • bébé – It means “Baby”
  • ma vie – It means “My Life
  • ma chérie – It means “Sweetie”
  • Mon roi – It means “My King”
  • Mon chéri – It means “Honey”
  • âme – It means “Soul”
  • fiore – It means “Flower”
  • tout – It means “Everything”
  • Mari – It means “Husband”
  • lapin – It means “Bunny”
  • rosa – It means “Rose”
  • perla – It means “Pearl”
  • Beau – It means “Handsome”
  • fiamma – It means “Flame”
  • chiot – It means “Puppy”
  • ape – It means “Bee”
  • Or – It means “Gold”
  • bacca – It means “Berry”
  • freddo – It means “Cool”
  • angelo – It means “Angel”
  • genio – It means “Genius”
  • porto – It means “Heaven”
  • petalo – It means “Petal”
  • gelée – It means “Jelly”
  • bonbons – It means “Candy”
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2018.05.24 20:51 SpartanOfThePast [EVENT] Privatizing Aerolíneas Argentinas

Aerolíneas Argentina

Aeroparque Jorge Newbery International Airport
Privatization of Aerolíneas Argentinas
The board of Aerolíneas Argentinas has announced a privatization timeline for the airline that will see it seek to consolidate low budget domestic travel before seeking a partner for a 30% stake with an option to purchase an additional 20% stake in 3 years time. It is hoped that privatization and acquisitions will continue the trend of better corporate governance and increase profitability. The first step in this plan is the acquisition of a small domestic low budget carrier Flybondi. Flybondi is a relatively new Ultra Low budget carrier with around 8% market share of the domestic market. Aerolíneas Argentinas and its subsidiary Austral Líneas Aéreas currently have a market share of 72% of domestic air travel in Argentina. Austral Líneas Aéreas, the low budget subsidiary of Aerolíneas Argentinas currently control 25% of the domestic market and is the market leader in low budget flights. With a number of profitable years since nationalization, the Argentinian government continues to look for ways in which they can find synergies and continue consolidating the fragmented domestic market.
Austral has long been looking for a viable acquisition in the domestic space, and with the rise of private Ultra Low Budget airline Flybondi since its founding in 2017, Austral believes that they have found a strong acquisition. A low interest government load will be provided by the Argentinian government to fund the $115 Million USD all cash offer to purchase Flybondi. Flybondi has strong corporate governance with experience executive team that understands the industry, however its small size limits its profitability. Aerolíneas Argentinas currently has yearly revenue of $2.4 billion USD with profits of $72 million USD, while its smaller subsidiary has yearly revenue of $630 million USD with profit of $8 million USD. The acquisition of Flybondi with yearly revenue of $175 Million USD and profit of $2 million USD is estimated to create yearly synergies resulting in savings of $15 million USD per year. The combined Austral Líneas Aéreas and Flybondi will be renamed Fly Austral and is expected to see revenue grow to $850 Million USD and profits of $35 million USD early within five years. In regards to strengthening corporate governance, Julian Cook former founder of Fly Baboo SA and CEO of Flybondi will be brought in as the CEO of newly formed Fly Austral while Flybondi director Michael Cawley (former Ryanair COO) will be brought in as a board member of Aerolíneas Argentinas
The second phase of this privatization timeline will be the search for a viable foreign partner to take a 30% stake in Aerolíneas Argentinas. This will be at a 15% premium to the market and is expected to bring in $600 Million USD in cash which will be set aside for the development of a third hub in an international airport, preferably in the western hemisphere as well as for expanding and modernizing the current fleet. Initial talks are rumored to have occurred with fellow Sky Team members Aeromexico and Delta Airlines, although it is believed that the government is open to other potential partners. It is hoped that this investment will not only strengthen Aerolíneas Argentinas status as a regional airline, but provide better governance and increase profitability. Potential investors are also invited to take part in a corporate bond sale by Aerolíneas Argentinas of $1.2 billion USD which will also go towards the purchase of new planes and the upgraded of flight equipment, large-scale advertisement campaigns, salary increases, and so forth.
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2016.04.10 17:15 Josetheone1 [Serious] How is Online Dating in the UK for you?

I'm wondering if the experiences I've had through online dating in the UK is universal and I want to hear everyone's experiences.
I'm bisexual, so I've experienced both ends of the spectrum of dating males and females but I've also lived in North America (Nevada and parts of Canada) for periods of my life and dated there.
From my experience in the UK, it's very hard to actually get people to commit to a physical date? I've talked to loads of women and even more guys who seem really interested but are hesitant to exchange numbers and actually meet. While I was dating in the US/CAN this wasn't a problem, people often just say Hi, followed by their number and you begin texting them.
For this reason I've had a lot more dates in the US/CAN something like 3x more. I've had one UK partner and it wasn't due to online dating, and I've had maybe 4 encounters over 3 years via online dating, using tinder, grindr, okcupid, baboo and facebook i guess.
I've pretty much given up with trying to find a relationship via online dating while in the UK but what have you all experienced?
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2013.12.11 23:24 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm Jean Schulz. My husband drew the PEANUTS comic strip for 50 years and I'm happy to talk with you and take your questions.

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I'm wondering why Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America couldn't stay that way when your husband passed. Was there some agreement that ended due to his passing? I loved that place. Seeing the characters and all. You know, I'm going to clip that out and send that to the people at Mall of America because it was not a decision in their favor. But these are business deals that it's just difficult to even describe. And I've actually forgotten what happened, but typical american business deals. It had nothing to do with him passing, it really had to do more with contractual terms and my husband never owned the copyright to his comic strip, it was owned through United Media, but there was a contract for X number of years with Camp Snoopy and it's so convoluted I can't even remember. So they probably were unhappy that they did let it go, but it's big American business these days.
What was your favorite thing about your husband? Well I think I have to say that he was SO complimentary and so loving to me. it didn't matter what I did - if I found him at the office, that evening he would say "I just loved hearing your voice on the telephone today" and then he would say "every time you walk into the room I fall in love with you again." I'd cook an ordinary dinner and he would say "Thank you so much."
In the back of my mind I would think "Did he learn that somewhere? Is he just saying that because he read somewhere to compliment your wife once a day to have a happy marriage?"
But he was so sweet. And it was so wonderful to feel that adored.
And I can still feel that from him.
He also helps me find things. I would always lose things, and would think "Sparky will help me find it." And he has. So he's still taking care of me.
As a life-long Peanuts fan, I have mixed emotions of excitement and hesitation over the upcoming Peanuts film in 2015. I love that the world may come to appreciate Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the gang the way I did as a young child, but I feel that the majority of the movies and TV shows were special because Charles Schulz held creative control and was able to stay true to the characters. I sincerely hope that the filmmakers will respect this legacy while presenting Peanuts for a new generation. Do you have any feelings or thoughts on the upcoming film? You know, I have to say that I really appreciate your perspective and sensibility because obviously we have the same feelings. And that is one reason that it's taken so long before we did a movie. After my husband passed away, we just felt that nobody else could do it. There were several half hour specials taken mostly from the strip and kept very close to the strip without Charles Schulz individually inputting on them, but the team that is working on it, you couldn't have said it better because they are very sensitive to the tradition they are working in and believe me, they want to make this as close to Charles Schulz' sensibility as possible. We can't imagine what he would have thought or inputted or created for it, but I am very hopeful that it is going to be a movie that fans will truly enjoy and feel that we have put our 110% best effort into keeping it in the tradition. But it's a risk, I think we all knew that there was a certain risk to doing something new. Yet we eventually (it took a long time) wanted to do this. The original script and idea came from Sparky's son Craig Schulz who's in his 50s and his son Bryan who is a scriptwriter and his writing partner Neil Uliano, and they've written and sold several scripts, so the 3 of these family members did the script. And the BlueSky team that is working on it is very very sensitive. But the director, Steve Martino, is very very sensitive. I cannot speak more highly about his sensitivity to the material he is dealing with, and I think that's the best we can hope for, so I am certainly feeling that the question is right on and they are working their hardest. And it's more than just working hard, you also have to open up your heart and mind to let the right stuff come in.
Ms. Schulz: Was your husband a (deeply) religious man? What inspiration did he get from living in that way? Was (a god) important to have in his life? Why? How so? I think that he was a deeply thoughtful and spiritual man. Sparky was not the sort of person who would say "oh that's God's will" or "God will take care of it." I think to him that was an easy statement, and he thought that God was much more complicated. When he came back from the army he was very lonely. His mother had died and he was invited to church by a pastor who had prepared his mother's service from the Church of God. Sparky's father was worried about him and was talking to the pastor and so the pastor invited sparky to come to church. So Sparky went to church, joined the youth group and for a good 4-5 years he went to Bible study and went to church 3 times a week (2 bible studies, 1 service). He said he had read the bible through three times and taught sunday school. He was always looking for what those passages REALLY Might have meant. Some of his discussions with priests and ministers were so interesting because he wanted to find out what these people (who he thought were more educated than he) thought. When he taught Sunday school, he would never tell people what to believe. God was very important to him, but in a very deep way, in a very mysterious way.
Were the characters in the strip based on real people/children? They're based on Sparky's (my husband's) observations of the world and of children in the world. But the names of the characters come from real people. There was a Charlie Brown in art instruction schools in Minneapolis when he worked there (he worked there as an instructor that looked at the lessons that came in through the mail - it was a correspondence course. He took the course when he was about 18 and then he went back to work for them when he came out of the army. This friend of Sparky's said that people never called him Charlie, they always called him Charlie Brown.) There was another fellow named Linus, and Lucy had her name early on, but she got her last name about a year later when Sparky and his wife Joyce moved to Colorado SPrings and he ran into a fellow who rented an office in the same building walking up the stairs and this fellow was called "Van Pelt" and he was someone that Sparky had been in the army with, so he used that name, but at first Linus and Lucy did not have a last name.
Shermy was there a lot in the early part of the strip, but sort of faded away and you see Shermy appear when they need a lot of characters. He sort of has a brush cut. Sometimes it's hard to identify the characters when there are a bunch of them... anyways Shermy was a friend of Sparky's and they knew each other from 12 on, played a lot of baseball together, and Shermy was a violinist and went on to have a career there and his mom taught piano. Sparky said he used to sit on the back porch waiting for Shermy to finish his piano lesson so he could come out and play, and he heard Beethoven in her house, which was probably (because he didn't come from a cultured family) quite a big discovery, that there are people who have this higher culture.
Schroeder who ends up playing Beethoven was a caddy - I've forgotten at the moment whether it was his last name or his first name, but they called him Schroeder. He was a caddy at the golf course when Sparky was a teenager who also caddied. He said they got 25 cents a bag. Not a lot for carrying a bag all day.
Hello Mrs. Schulz! Your husband is still an inspiration to myself and millions of others. What is your favorite scene in "A Charlie Brown Christmas"? Thank you. Well I love the whole theme, and then some of the scenes around it of Snoopy decorating his dog house, and then Charlie Brown saying "my dog's gone commercial!"
It's just because it's such a funny juxtaposition with the kids and the school play and the Christmas tree and then you have a sidestory where even your dog is disappointing you.
If the characters had been allowed to age and grow up, what do you think they would be doing for a living? Oh boy! That's a good question. You know, it's funny but there is a play, I may go down and see it in June, I think it's called "Utterly Filthy", where the hero of the play is Pigpen, which is a great title. It's 40 years later and all the characters have grown up. But I haven't seen it yet, so I can't tell you what the playwright is imagining.
But you sort of think Linus is probably teaching at some level. Lucy is probably running a software company (I'm making this all up, I have no idea) and Schroeder might be a conductor. I'm anxious to see this play and see what he proposed, though, because Pigpen is his favorite character.
And Charlie Brown? He's such a soft, easy, guy that he'd be doing something like being an oceanographer or studying marine mammals or something? He has so much compassion. He might run the Humane Society. That would be perfect because one of the people Sparky truly loved was the person who ran the Humane Society in Santa Rosa. He would take in all the spray pets that nobody would want, and Sparky admired him so much because of his level of compassion for the animals. We live out in the country and we have rattlesnakes, and I would ask him to get rid of them and he would say "that rattlesnake isn't hurting anybody". So yes, Charlie Brown is going to run the Humane Society.
Hello Mrs. Schultz. Thank you for doing an AMA. Your husband's work has had a tremendous imprint on memories of my youth. I have read that "Peanuts" was a title unilaterally selected by an editor for the comic strip and your husband did not care for it. Any truth to that and, if so, what was his title of choice? Well that is true. Absolutely true. He would have liked it to be called "L'il Folks." He had done a panel comic for a year and a half in the St Paul Pioneer Press and I'm sure that's what he submitted this as when he submitted the 6 weeks of strips to the Syndicate in New York, but they didn't want to use that because there was a previous comic artist, Tack Knight, was still living and he hadn't drawn the strip in a long time but he still owned the name "Little Folks."
Also there was a time when you used the word "Peanuts" to describe little kids. So a Syndicate editor came up with that. The editor said that he couldn't use "L'il Folks." Sparky suggested "Good Old Charlie Brown" and they said no.
I think they were probably right. I've had people ask me, 40 years after the comic strip started, thinking that Peanuts was the name of one of the characters. But as a conglomerate word, Peanut captures that gang of kids in a way that "Good Old Charlie Brown" would not have. Because it is more of the gang, the grouping that is important. Charlie Brown is the main character (although Snoopy has become a linchpin) but Peanuts really captures it. And he still didn't like it! So there he gets the cranky.
What other comic strips did you or your husband enjoy? Calvin & Hobbes fans? Oh absolutely! If you read the comics and were fortunate enough to have it in your paper, and some papers still have Calvin & Hobbes now (I've seen it in international papers). Of course Sparky liked older comics. He loved Popeye and he could draw a really good Popeye when he was in highschool. And Li'l Abner, and he said that when Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae got married, that was a big mistake because you need that tension. Part of movies and plays and books is tension between characters and they sort of lost that tension. Maybe they became a crabby couple, I can't remember. All cartoonists love Lilttle Nemo, but the comic strips that he liked - Cathy (not so much for the drawing but for her situations), THE FAR SIDE (he thought it was so funny), he liked a lot of the New Yorker cartoonists too. Lynn Johnston he thought was a beautiful artist with a current comic strip that kept up with day to day and the kids were growing older, and Mutts by Patrick McDonnel, and there were many more. We have a friend whose strip is not widely syndicated, Drabble is the name of the strip, and LuAnn. And he might have read other comic strips that he might not have said much to me about.
How do you feel that much of your husband's work are classics? Halloween isn't Halloween without the Great Pumpkin, Thanksgiving needs the gang drawn as Pilgrims to put me in the mood, Christmas always has Charlie contemplating the meaning of Christmas while shopping for a tree. I think it's amazing that all of those things have become part of our culture. He did not set out to write the great American novel, or to do a comic strip that will last 100 years, but I'm used to it now, especially because we have the museum and that's what I have to focus on now. I think when people asked him "did you ever think your characters would become part of the culture" it puzzled him a bit too and he didn't have a very good answer for it. Of course you're surprised because you didn't intend to write a novel that would describe the world, but I think his answer was something like "I just tried to put everything I had into the comic strip and do the best I could every day." Also, I think that he had a real respect for his readers, he never wrote "down" to them, and you'll notice when he did silly puns it was always Snoopy who could get away with silly things. I think the fact that he respected his readers and wanted to write the comic strip at the highest level that he could. So I think that all those things kind of make up it. But as far as it becoming a classic, all of those things are pretty magical in a way.
Thanks for sharing your husband with us for so many years, Mrs. Schultz. Here's my question - Do you think the Peanuts themes from the past are relevant today? How do you think a 21st century Peanuts would be received? Oh absolutely! I still think people struggle with self-worth issues, my goodness yes. Even more now because everybody is picking at you, it seems. I lover her, does she like me, that is never going to stop. Even if you get to something like the trickster Lucy, we think of her as pulling the football but she's also the crank who's bursting your bubble all the time, I think those themes are universal. That is something that I don't know if he ever said "I'm going to make a group of characters and themes that will last for 100 years" but because they came SO MUCH from his heart and his unique Midwest background in the Depression when things were tough and everybody worked hard and people came together- those themes are still valid. Even though the world has changed and become much more materialistic than when he was a boy and everyone is much more worldly, all of those universal human characteristics aren't going to change. But people are talking about how our short term thinking is evolving because everyone is thinking in bytes. But not for a while.
What did you think of the musical Snoopy? I personally love it. It's got such great songs. I love it too! I think in some ways it's better than "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." I have a record of it in italian and I love to listen to it in italian because I know the words in English too. It's WONDERFUL. You're right on. Snoopy is great.
Who was your personal favorite Peanuts character and why? Well, it's very hard to have a favorite character but what I always tell people when they ask me that is I associate with Sally. I don't think I'm quite as dingy as her, but I call myself "clueless" so it may really be that I'm more like her than I know.
But maybe the reason I associate with Sally is because I used to call Sparky my sweet baboo - you say baby and baboo came out - and Sally torments Linus with that. So then I stopped calling him that, but he probably should have regretted that because it was a pretty nice term of endearment.
But the characters are all so well-rounded. Even Lucy even though she is so mean also has a very vulnerable side. And sometimes philosophical side! But it's hard to pick one character, but I associate myself with Sally.
Hello, Mrs. Schulz. Thank you for taking the time for this AMA. With the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas coming up in 2015, are there any plans in the works to mark the occasion? Oh you bet there are but I just don't know what they are! Somebody wrote to me and said that there are plans for performing A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Play with additional group singing next Christmas which I thought was wonderful news. I believe they are doing it a little later this month at Carnegie Hall. It's a fuller version I believe, I don't know exactly, but that will be done in 2014, it may be on the road in 2015. I said to the person who told me "I'm going to forget this, so when you tell me this again it will be like new information." But you bet they will be celebrating it!
The Twin Cities love Charles Schulz! But did he like us? Did he enjoy his childhood in St. Paul, and did he ever come back to visit as an adult? Yes I think he felt he had a perfect childhood. He was an only child, and his parents did not go beyond the third grade, but his father had a barbershop and was able to keep the shop open, so I think it was a wonderful example for Sparky to live with, someone who had to manage his own shop and several employees. His mother did not work and they had quite a bit of family around so even though he was an only child, they had enough of a circle of family who he remembers that he probably learned a lot from. He enjoyed going on the streetcar with his mother, and playing in the neighborhood, and playing hockey in the backyard. He did go back sometime in the 60s before we were married. After we were married there was an around the world and back again exhibition of comic strips and memorabilia that took place in the old train station which had been refurbished into a public area and that was a lot of fun. I think that would have been in 1995, and he did go back then and met up with a bunch of his old friends. More friends from high school and the Church of God. So he had a good time then.
Snoopy was always writing versions of "it was a dark and stormy night", was that based on something else Mr. Schulz wrote? No, that is a famous line from a novel "Paul Clifford" and the author has 3 names - Edward Bulwer-Lytton - and all literature people know it, it's been used again and again. He simply picked it up and had Snoopy do it, and now people think it's Snoopy's line. He somehow came across it, and used it for Snoopy, and when people would say "how did you come up with the Great Pumpkin and Dark and stormy night" he came up with the Great Pumpkin, that holidays came along so quickly in the fall, what if a kid got confused about the holiday and thought what if the pumpkin was like Santa Claus and bringing them something? And he tried it and people liked it. He would say the same thing about "it was a dark and stormy night" - obviously he liked it and it suited Snoopy because it's such an overblown expression, you are going to think it's something dark happening, and sometimes Snoopy is writing really silly things. So that juxtaposition appealed to him, and people liked it, and of course literature people would immediately know where it came from. People were always writing to him saying that they were glad he had picked up that bit of reality and put it in his comic strip. When he drew the musical notes for Schroeder, he always used actual musical notes, and the first time he did that somebody wrote him and said "I can't believe you put a little bit of Beethoven's something symphony" (*it wasn't always Beethoven, there were a lot of musical strips) - he realized that when that person wrote to him, people recognized and appreciated authenticity and you are writing for them. You are writing those Beethoven notes in your silly little comic strip for that person who is a musical expert. Appreciating your audience is important. It shows respect for them.
What's your very best life advice? I guess (it sounds so trite) but I think that it would be this whole thing (which would have sounded so impractical to me 40 years ago - I would have said "it's so easy for you to say") but I think that you have to follow your passion.
That is 90% of it. Because if you don't like where you are and what you're doing, you're not going to do it very well and it is not going to work out well for you. But in general, I think that people are afraid to let themselves go and even think what is it that they would really like to do. But I think that has to be it. That has to be what the life advice is, because by being happy and being positive, you are creating a world that is different and better. And I know that sounds really saccharine, but I mean it in a really practical way.
Hello! I've always wondered: what music did Sparky enjoy? Did he listen to any music while working? He did occasionally. And I wasn't always in the studio, but he had an old record player and a big selection of records. He didn't always listen to music, sometimes he listened to talk radio and sometimes he had the television on, but not always, but he liked the old honky tonk country westerns, you know Merle Haggard and Scruggs. He also did like classical music. And the thing about classical that was so interesting was that we have letters in the museum from Sparky to Frank (one of his army buddies) that say "You won't believe it Frank, but I'm learning to like classical music." Apparently when he was in the army he would make fun of or razz people who liked classical but at art instruction school, his coworkers were all college educated and so they read literature, and one of them said to me "He didn't know anything about classical music, but once he started listening to it, he amassed a bigger record collection than any of us." He had the ability to focus and concentrate that I can't understand. He used to be able to whistle classical pieces and guess what people were whistling, and there are probably 4 classical themes that I could say or semi-sing. He must have had a dozen. He had an amazing focusing ability.
Snoopy's face has evolved over the years into a rounder face. What's the reasoning behind the decision to revert back to the longer face from earlier days? So when Sparky started, Snoopy was VERY very angular. And he just became rounder and rounder just naturally. It wasn't anything that Sparky said he looked better rounder, it was just his drawing. When Sparky was alive, he never liked what he drew yesterday (and other artists will understand this). So when licensees who make the toys were making product, he wanted them to continually update the design with what he was drawing currently. So licensees did that. But we all loved the old Snoopy, not the REALLY early Snoopy but the 60's Snoopy. And I can remember saying to him once "I think it's cute" and he said "I didn't like it" in reference to those earlier designs. It was his creation and he had the right to do that. But after he passed away, and it's been 12-13 years now, we have slowly come to an agreement that most of us like that 60's or 70's model with a slightly longer nose, and our audience likes it, so that's what we've reverted to for the most part. Personally I don't mind it being rounded but I think it's very important that the nose has definition between the forehead and the snout so there's a crease there. But he wanted the product to keep up with what he was drawing, and his drawing changed just naturally because that happens, you would not be an artist if you copied the same thing year after year for 50 years. Part of being an artist is trying to evolve. But sometimes you'll see the 60's or 70's model being labeled "vintage Peanuts" - that's what it is.
Do you have any plans to have exhibits from the Museum to tour the country? Yes, we do have many, and I believe (I'm not a website browser) but I believe on our website we have a traveling exhibitions page or section. And if you go to it you can see where they are and where they are coming. Currently we have at least 4 different shows traveling, many of them are made up of reproductions of strips that are very high quality so that you can see on them linework that's drawn over and corrections and so forth. It's impractical to travel originals because of the requirements of the building they are in and the cost. We have one that's called "Peanuts naturally" that has lots of hands-on elements for children and adults, and we have a show of originals in Hollywood, Florida which I believe is just finishing up. Typically works on paper can be out in the light for 3-4 months, so that's why a lot of shows in galleries will be there six weeks or 2 months. The Hollywood Florida one should run through the holidays.
And then we have a very wonderful show in Tokyo. And that is in a museum with 15,000 square feet, the Mori Art Center, and it's in an area of Rappongi Hills, and the building and the art gallery are on the 53rd floor of this wonderful building. They have over 100 originals and probably 1000 artifacts - Sparky's baseball glove from when he was a kid, Hockey sticks, hockey clothes, they've reproduced his studio in a smaller version - so that people get a wonderful view of his life and history. Peanuts is very popular in Japan, so it was worth it for them I think to pay that money because they are able to share it with so many people and have lots of admissions.
There's a "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" show in the gardens of Columbus Ohio, and "To the Moon: Snoop Soars with NASA" and it's in Greendale, South Carolina. That show talks about the Apollo mission, when the modules were called Snoopy and Charlie Brown, which is taking people back 40 years.
And then the "Peanuts Naturally" one that I was telling you about is in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and there's a smaller version of that show at Canton, Ohio, so they are ALL over. There are different venues.
Link to
What is your favorite Peanuts holiday special and why? :) Well I suppose that I'd have to say the Christmas one. Although I think we've done some follow up Christmas shows - Charlie Brown's Christmas Shows and It's Christmas Again - but what amazes me about the Charlie Brown Christmas is if I don't watch it for a while because I don't tend to watch it on DVD, I like to watch it on television, I'm amazed all over again because I will say "oh! I had forgotten that." I think that's nice, that 40 years later that something can still be a little bit surprising to you. But I like all of them because I have memories for all of them. I was not married to Sparky when the first 2 were made, but the Thanksgiving one I can remember going to Los Angeles for a screening somewhere, and when they were doing the other shows, I remember other things about them. The Christmas show still makes me think it must have been a good show because it can still surprise me.
Is Linus' attachment to his blanket based on a real observation or rather something that many children have. I know my son takes his all over the place. He is three. Yes, Sparky always used to say that Linus' blanket came from the fact that their youngest daughter Jill who was born in '58 could not go anywhere without her blanket, so it absolutely came from his family.
Hi Jean! I love Peanuts. How did Charles come up with the idea for handling adults... particularly the "wha wha wha" voice. There were no adults in the comic strip. If you go back to the VERY early comic strips, you'll see an offstage voice where an adult is obviously saying 'time for dinner' (I'm making that up) but there were no adults in the strip, and Sparky used to say when people would ask him why there would be no adults he would say "the panels are too short and they wouldn't fit." But the truth is that it's abstract, it's not reality, and the minute you put an adult it in it, it becomes a real strip. And so when they did the first Christmas show, Sparky and the team would talk all these things out and they talked about adult voices. Sparky would say "no we can't have adults in it" and Bill Melendez made up a trumpet with mute on it, and he got someone to do that and thought that was a great sound, and it's funny how that sound has become iconic. Because you hear people say "oh wha wah" because it's the voice you don't want to listen to.
Bill also made Snoopy's voice. He made some noises on the tape, and then sped it up. So it was all seat of the pants stuff. And then it became classic, because it worked.
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If a gelada queen doubts her king's influence, she'll happily play the field. But when she gets caught, it's up to the alpha to fight for what's his. From th... How to kiss with tongue - There'll be no awkward fumbling to spoil the mood if you master this smooth move. Step ... Sex robots may very soon be part of normal life for many people. A pretty cool and equally creepy depiction of what a futuristic female ‘sex robot’ might loo... Booba New Year episodes and all best episodes compilation 37 funny cartoons for kids. Subscribe and watch more new cartoons A very new... Get the Club Baboo Puzzles app for Android on the Google Play Store: Learn Dinosaurs for kids with Club Baboo! Buy official Club B... The Team Baboo Channel is created by me, Anna. My baboo partner James and my son Mycko are my models and topics sometimes. Sometimes they are funny and entertaining or sometimes just annoyed from ... Instale agora o DRIVE da sua mesa digitalizadora WACOM que estava parada um bom tempo! SOBRE O VÍDEO: Fala galera beleza, finalmente consegui achar e sou uma... The Filipino Cultural Dance Troupe Wagga Wagga NSW Australia performing Tinikling (Bamboo Dance) This was performed at the Wagga Wagga RSL club during a wedd... Learn Dinosaurs for Kids Scary Dinosaur Cartoon Compilation A 30 minute compilation of our best Dinosaur videos for kids. Learn Dinosaur names and sounds w... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.